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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

Guest from Niigata prefecture.

1:00PM 31st May Sunny

Guest from Niigata prefecture.
Watch your step going home.


Now is the last chance for a good look at the azalea.

8:00AM 29th May Cloudy

Now is the last chance for a good look at the azalea in Kanazawa.
You should not miss the azalea blooming season in late spring!


This is a snack to go with beer.

8:00AM 28th May Rainy

My daughter made snack to go with beer to me.
Look too good to eat!


Today was warm May sunshine.

11:00AM 27th May Sunny

Today was warm May sunshine.
The fine weather of May is called "satsukibare" in Japan.
I think that this time of year is basically the best time.


The town in Kanazawa is enveloped in the festival mood.

8:00AM 26th May Sunny

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Matsuri is scheduled a week from now.
The town in Kanazawa is decorated with paper lanterns
and enveloped in the festival (Matsuri) mood.


Congratulations on your win!

3:30PM 24th May Sunny

Congratulations on your win!
The guest won the high school track and field meet.


It's the excursion's season.

2:00PM 23rd May Sunny

During the season of new green leaves,
You can see many elementary school's excursion, junior high school's excursion and high school's excursion.


Amaryllis is covered with bloom.

1:00PM 22nd May Sunny

Amaryllis bloomed magnificent flower again this year.


An annular eclipse of the Sun is visible in Japan!

7:30AM 21st May Sunny

On AM7:30 May 21, 2012 an annular eclipse of the Sun was visible in Japan.
This is the sky in Kanazawa at that time. ( from the Shibaya's rooftop )


go to mountain stream fishing

1:00PM 20th May Sunny

Guests went to mountain stream fishing.
They fished Japanese char, Japanese dace and rainbow trout!


grilled meat on a electric hot plate!

2:00PM 19th May Sunny

We enjoyed grilled meat on a electric hot plate tonight!


Yume Milk Kan is a famous farm.

2:00PM 18th May Sunny

Yume Milk Kan is a famous farm where you can have rich-tasting ice cream.
You can contact with animals here.
Access:30min from Shibaya. by car
Fee: Free
Reservation: not necessary




3:00PM 15th May Rainy

Nowadays, the pine-trees weren't seen much anymore in the streets.
I think it's line of beauty!


Guest from Finland

1:00PM 14th May Sunny

At the pasta shop!


Mother's Day  Moondust

3:00PM 13th May Sunny

   The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day.
   The carnations are the symbol for Mother's Day.
   I have decided to purple carnations.


Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Matsuri

3:00PM 12th May Sunny

Back to the Edo period!

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Matsuri is the biggest annual festival in the region. Many events are held over a period of three days in June. It first started in 1952 to praise the great work of the first lord, Toshiie Maeda, and was derived from an old municipal event. Now, it’s getting bigger and bigger, becoming well-known as a typical show of Kanazawa culture. You can see families applauding their kids or parents in antique-looking costumes, couples being served Matcha green tea at the Hyakumangoku tea ceremony at Kenrokuen, or local employees dancing in their summer Kimono. Every year, people are always looking forward to enjoying these three days! 1,500 Tohro lanterns with lovely Kaga-Yuzen patterns will definitely attract you! Follow the lights floating on the water along the Asano-Gawa River, or just wait at the bank to see one coming after another! It’s all up to you! This Friday night at the river draws a good crowd every year! Share an atmosphere of fantasy with the local people!

"Kaga Yuzen Tohro-Nagashi" Floating Lanterns 
1st June 19:00~21:00

"Hyakumangoku Gyoretsu" Costume Parads 
2nd June 14:00~18:10

"Hyakumangoku Odori-Nagashi" Marching Dance in Summer Kimono 
2nd June 18:00~20:00

"Hyakumangoku Takigi-Noh" Torchlight Performance of Noh 
2nd June 18:30~21:00

Let's enjoy all together!



JR expressway bus

2:30PM 11th May Cloudy

Kanazawa ⇔ Osaka  JR expressway bus


Flower Arrangement

2:00PM 10th May Cloudy

     Flower arrangement in Shibaya!


Nanao Line train

10:00AM 9th May Sunny

This is Nanao Line train called "touhakun".
You can go to Nanao of Noto by this train.


Green leaf in Kanazawa

2:00PM 8th May Sunny

Many guests visited Shibaya during Golden Week and we got too busy.
We finally returned to normal!

Kanazawa is the season of a beautiful green leaf now.




Kanazawa Shibaya

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