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nippon tatami

3:00PM 31st March Rainy

Tatami are thick mats made of rice straw and they are used to cover the floor in Japanese rooms.
Japanese people often lie on the tatami and relax!
If you are coming to Japan, We would like you to experience tatami.


local bank employee

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
1:00PM 30th March Sunny

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
☆ Idols of the bank ☆


Kanazawa local television network

9:00AM 29th March Sunny

They were filmed for a special program on a Kanazawa local television network.
This was first experience for them.
And, that caused a lot of tension.


Chinese restaurant "Toh-Lee"

1:00PM 28th March Sunny

Nikko Hotel is a short way from Shibaya.
Its 29th-floor Chinese restaurant "Toh-Lee"
You can enjoy the meal with panoramic 360 degree view from 29th floor.


"JOHAN" bakery in Kanazawa

11:00AM 27th March Sunny

"JOHAN" is popular bakery in Kanazawa.
The most popular item is, it's regular product, a crescent roll called "Tsunopan".
A lot of varieties are available in the bakery with reasonable prices.
And, you can get a fee drink.
You can find this store in the underground of a fish market(ohmicho-ichiba).
Why don't you find your favourite!


elevator hall

11:00AM 26th March Sunny

This is Shibaya's elevator hall.


Baum kuchen of Kanazawa

3:00PM 25th March Rainy

This Baum kuchen expresses the trees of Kanazawa city.


Asparagus saute

3:00PM 24th March Rainy

Green asparagus and White asparagus and Half-boiled egg

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
Asparagus and egg are good for each other!


Kanazawa station robot

11:00AM 23rd March Rainy

This robot is cleaning glass of the ceiling in Kanazawa station.
The glass of the ceiling in Kanazawa station is cleaned by this eight-legged robot.



12:30PM 22nd March

She got an inoculation of cervical cancer.
This was the 3rd time and finished!


paper lantern

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
11:00AM 21st March Sunny

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
The town was decorated with paper lanterns for Hanami (cherry-blossom viewing).
The season of cherry blossoms is only just around the corner.


busy month

11:30AM 20th March Cloudy

March is a busy month.
The years go so quickly!
such as: *final return, *graduation and fit for school, *my parents anniversary, *my son's birthday, *my birthday...
...and it's also the beginning of Spring!


Blossom forecast

2:00PM 19th March Sunny

We were asked a question about Cherry blossom viewing.
It is difficult question to answer...
For the moment,
The anticipation flowering date of Kanazawa is on April 7.
The peak bloom anticipation day is on April 12.



10:00AM 18th March Rainy

"Furikake" is a dried mixed seasoning sprinkled over rice for added flavor.
This variety is simple and delicious.


go to London!

8:30AM 17th March Rainy

My son took off for London today.
I wish him the best of luck!


Kanazawa 50 meters road

3:00PM 16th March Cloudy

This road is commonly known as 50 meters road.
When night falls, a green light is emitted from this item of artwork.


commemorative photo

10:30AM 15th March Sunny

We took a commemorative photo.
We wish We will be happy forever!
Father:79 year-old, Mother:77 year-old, I:51 year-old, Son:16 year-old, Daughter:15 year-old


tax office

2:00PM 14th March Sunny

I visited tax office to file tax returns today.
Everything was crowded because tax offices will accept tax returns until 15th March.


girls-only gathering

11:00AM 13th March Cloudy

They enjoyed talking, drinking, taking photos and so on.
There were only girls.
We call such gathering "jyoshikai" in Japanese.

large hailstone

12:30PM 12th March Cloudy

At early afternoon, it began to large hailstone.


prayer for schoolwork success

8:30AM 11th March Sunny

My nephew who goes on to university and my daughter who goes on to high school.
We visited to the shrine and did prayer for schoolwork success.


graduation ceremony

3:00PM 10th March Cloudy

March in Japan is the season of graduation ceremonies.
I attended my daughter's graduation ceremony.



3:00PM 9th March Cloudy

What's with this weather? 
It seems that it is very cold and going back to winter.


English muffin

11:00AM 8th March Cloudy

This English muffin is cheap and tastes good!
You can find this bread quite a few in Japanese supermarkets.
The cost about 150 yen four-a pack.
Please taste try this! 


Purple Flower

12:30PM 7th March Cloudy

Dear Y,
Thank you for your lovely flower.
I look forward to serving you again!


Chinese restaurant in Kanazawa

1:00PM 6th March Cloudy

The Chinese restaurant called "Ryuen" takes 5 minutes from Shibaya by car.


feel of spring

10:00AM 5th March Cloudy

There's the aroma of spring that seems to come from nowhere.


white makeup

8:00AM 4th March Sunny

My daughter did white makeup for the first time.
It was made white-makeup not only at her face, but from arms and back.

She put on rouge her lips, and wear costumes, and it is done!


Doll's Festival

11:30AM 3rd March Sunny

March 3rd is the Japanese Doll Festival called Hina Matsuri.
We celebrated by eating the boxed lunch called Hina Bentou.


Bon Vivant in Yokohama

2:00PM 2nd March Rainy

These are the breads of a bakery called Bon Vivant in Yokohama.
I love bread more than anything!


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