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Japanese Bath

12:30PM 31th January Cloudy

There is snow on the spot garden of the Shibaya's bath.
The snow is falling lightly now, and it looks so pretty.



1:00PM 30th January Sunny

I'm glad that you guys came!
This will be part of being young...



3:00PM 29th January Cloudy

Since it was very cold, Icicles hung from the roof.


Winter light-up

4:00PM 28th January Cloudy

Free to enter Kenroku-En garden at night!
Branches beautifully hung up with ropes are also lit up in a snowy scene!
Feb 3-5, 2012 (17:30-21:00)
Feb 10-12, 2012 (17:30-21:00)
Place: Kanazawa-Jo Castle Park and Kenroku-En
*Admission free


Ten-seconds Cooking

10:30AM 27th January Sunny

This is simple and delicious Chinese Shrimp Crackers.
Ten-seconds and done!


snow shoveling

2:00PM 26th January Sunny

Kanazawa city got 27 centimeters of snow.
We are clearing the road of snow.


driving snow

9:00PM 25th January Snow

The snow is falling thick and fast.
How much snow will we get by tomorrow morning !?



3:30PM 24th January Sunny

My son's classmates came over unexpectedly!


yesterday and today in Kanazawa

3:30PM 23rd Junuary Snow

Just, it began to snow.
The temperature difference between yesterday and today is around 7 degrees!


glorious spring weather in Kanazawa

3:00PM 22th January Sunny

*today's high: 11 degrees C  *today's low: 4 degrees C  *depth of snow: 0 cm
Looks like Spring has sprung in Kanazawa today.


culture and traditions     Kanazawa

8:30AM 21st January Cloudy

Every year, an exhibition of flower is taking place in Kanazawa city.
Kanazawa city is known as
city of old culture and traditions.



3:00PM 20th January Sunny

We just bought a new printer.
Finally, software of printer has been set up.
Way to go!!  We can alsocopy and scan with this printer.


dried bread-like pieces of wheat gluten

1:00PM 19th January Cloudy

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
This is popular souvenirs in Kanazawa.
"Fu", bread-like pieces of dried wheat gluten is very traditional Japanese food.


a feeling of spring

3:00PM 18th January Sunny

Even though it was late January, it felt like spring, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.


What a relief!

2:00PM 17th January Cloudy

My daughter found the high school which commutes from this spring.
What a relief!
Now, she is enjoying cooking.


Kanazawa Higashibetsuin

4:30PM 16th January Cloudy

The Higashibetsuin(branch temple) is near from Shibaya.
Lay sermon is on Sunday morning here.



3:30PM 15th January Cloudy

This is Japanese styled Bar called "Izakaya Hananomai" near Shibaya which serve many types of foods and drinks .
The English menu has not prepared at this shop.
But there is menu with pictures of the food.
The budget will about 3000yen per person.


snowy trees

7:30AM 14th January Sunny

The snowy trees absorbed the sun and is very beautiful.



4:00PM 13th January Rainny

This year as well, the calligraphy of schoolchildren is offered in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.


General practitioner and Pharmacy

11:30AM 12th January Sunny

This is a general practitioner near Shibaya.

Is this a hotel?
No---!  Pharmacy!
The doctor doesn't dispense his own medicine.
He writes a prescription, so We have to go to the pharmacy with it.


Bakery Kanazawa

10:30AM 11th January Rainy

This is a bakery called "Native & Nature’s Market Place Bakery".
Though there are many kinds of bread at this bakery, I like baguette bread the most.


mountain scenery

11:00AM 10th January Sunny

It's cleared up today.
So I was able to admire the mountain scenery.


apartment construction

5:00PM 9th January Cloudy

This is the spectacle of new apartment construction in front of Shibaya.
Construction of the second floor began.


trattoria la cala (Fukui City) 

2:30PM 8th January Sunny

We forgot to get pictures of dishes.

Because it's delicious and we focused on eating!



Today's Weather in Kanazawa

4:30PM 7th January Rainy

*today's high: 3.5 degrees C  *today's low: 0.4 degrees C  *depth of snow: 0 cm


pastry chef

10:30AM 6th January Cloudy

This is the sweets that my daughter made.
She has dreams of becoming a pastry chef !?


living room

4:00PM 5th January cloudy

This is Scenes from living room (Japanese-style).
Everyone are lying on the Tatami mats and watching TV.
What do you think about this?


Hokuriku expressway

10:30 AM 4th January Snow

This is today's Hokuriku expressway.
The cars need studless tires in snowy conditions.


2:00PM 3rd January Cloudy

We placed luck on the altar to wish for the safety of our families and success in business.


first calligraphy of the year

11:00AM 2nd January Cloudy

"Kakizome" is the first calligraphy writing of the New Year.
We write auspicious words with a brush.


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