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report of the loss of (that one has lost) an article

2:00PM 30th September Rainny

She had a loss of the purse while sightseeing in Kanazawa.
I had her in tow to the police and submitted report of the loss of an article.


Kenrokuen Garden

2:00PM 29th September Sunny

There is only one ‘Autumnalis’in Kenrokuen Garden.
Best time to view is in November and December,
And flower will bloom little by little till around March next year.
Please find it, if you will go to Kenrokuen Garden.



2:00PM 28th September Sunny

In Kanazawa city, there are 2 rivers (Saigawa and Asanogawa) that flows through the city.
Along Saigawa, cosmos is just in full bloom.


Hotel Nikko Kanazawa

12:00PM 27th September Sunny

Hotel Nikko Kanazawa is a 1-minute walk from Shibaya.
If you want to enjoy the luxurious atmosphere, I recommend there.
Lunch is 1500yen.( include tax and service)


construction work

11:00AM 26th September Cloudy

The construction of a new apartment started in front of Shibaya today.
That spectacle will change day by day.


lobby's flower

1:30PM 25th September Sunny

This is lobby of Shibaya.
It's become gradually cooler and the flower came to keep long. ^-^


autumnal sky

12:30PM 24th September Sunny

Now is the time when we are getting deeper into autumn.
I think that this particular season has the best weather of the whole year.


training machine

2:00PM 23rd September Sunny

She bought training machine for a beautiful leg with her pocket money.
How she will have changed a month later?
I'm looking forward to it. ^-^♪


Three-day weekends

12:30PM 22nd September Rainy

Three-day weekends will start tomorrow.
It is expected that public transportation will be crowded.
Please have a safe trip!


vending machine

1:30PM 21st September rainy

There are many vending machines in Japan.
All over Japan, you can find it.
Sibaya has also the vending machine of alcohol and refreshing drinks.
Is Japan the only country with this many vending machines?


Mabo tofu souse bowl

8:00AM 20th September Rainy

"Mabo tofu souse bowl" is one of Japanese rice-bowl cuisine.
This is guest's order of tonight.
Soy-Grilled Buri Kama (Yellowtail Collar) and salad are throw-in for you.


temperature difference

4:30PM 19th September Rainny

The temperature difference between today and yesterday is around 10 degrees.
Better watch out for yourself!


Japanese dance recital

10:00AM 18th September Sunny

She danced at the Japanese dance recital today.
This move is a tiny fraction of that time.


Sport Masters Japan

3:00PM 17th September Rainy

Sport Masters Japan 2011 is taking place in Kanazawa city now.
It's sporting event for the senior generation(over 35 years of age).
So, accommodations of Kanazawa city are crowded.


roadside tree

1:00PM 16th September Sunny

The roadside trees are planted on almost all roads in Kamnazawa city.
The roadside trees used mostly in Japan are ginkgo tree, cherry tree, and zelkova tree.
The pine trees are planted on this road.
It is rarely.



2:00PM 15th September Sunny

It is still hot every day in Kanazawa.
How long will this heat last?


North Korean escapee

3:00PM 14th September Sunny

The North Korean escapee arrived at the port of Kanazawa.
By this little wooden ship...


cornerstone-laying ceremony

11:00AM 13th September Sunny

The cornerstone-laying ceremony for a new apartment took place in front of shibaya.


harvest moon

2:30PM 12th September Sunny

Today is called "cyusyu no meigetsu" in Japan.
We celebrate the harvest moon with some rice dumplings.
In Japan, we were told that a rabbit live on the moon when we were child.
What about your country?


new complex building

3:00PM 11th September Sunny

The new huge complex building called "Korinbo Ramoda" was opened in Kanazawa city.
There were long lines of people waiting to buy goods.
We think that it will help stimulate the local economy.


athletic meeting

2:00PM 10th September Sunny

In Japan, there is a school event called Sports Day.
Today my daughter's junior high school held an athletic meeting.
Children did their best and their athletic meeting was exciting.
Many schools and organizations hold athletic meets around autumn of this time.


Flower Arrangement

11:00AM 9th September Sunny

I exchanged the flowers of the front door today.



1:00PM 8th September Sunny

The bookstore called "Kanazawa beans" is a greatest bookstore in Japan.
It has 800,000 books.
The building and a benches or the cash register counters have a shape of the bean.
It's attracting an increasing number of people.


agricultural cooperative (Japan Agricultural)

3:00PM 7th September Sunny

I often go and get vegetables and flowers at this agriculture cooperative store.
Farmers sell their products to this cooperatives or on wholesale markets.


harvest age

11:00AM 6th September

Today was the first fine weather in quite a while.
The rice turn a shining golden color.
And it's exactly harvest age.



3:00PM 5th September Cloudy

Watermelon's season is nearing an end.
But, in a grocery supermarket on the second floor of Kanazawa station,
I found these very amusing watermelons.


typhoon No.12

2:00PM 4th September Cloudy

The typhoon has surely passed.
In Kanazawa, the typhoon delayed the train, but did no damage.


preventive shot

1:30PM 3rd September Cloudy


My daughter got a preventive shot against carcinoma uteri.
We have to take it three times a year.
By doing so, we can prevent the carcinoma uteri from breaking out by immunization.


typhoon No.12

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
5:00PM 2nd September Rainy

A typhoon is on its way to Japan!
Please give attention to the path of a typhoon if guests are supposed to come tomorrow.



Japanese style room

11:30AM 1st September Sunny

This is arrangement of flowers in the Japanese style room.




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