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2:00pm 31st August Sunny

Coin-operated parking in front of shibaya is demolished at last.
And, the construction of apartment of the twelve floors above ground will start from tomorrow.


Loach Prime Minister

2:ooPM 30th August Sunny

Japan has a new prime minister.
He named oneself "Loach Prime Minister".

It's a quiet but rebuild ordinary people's lives being covered with mud.
Do not forget Fukushima.
Political views was declared.


soft serve ice cream

1:00PM 29th August Sunny

I ate a soft serve ice cream because the late summer heat was intense today.
There are gold leaf on top of it.
The gold leaf doesn't taste but I seem to me like beautiful.
Gold leaf is used in a number of different fields including screen making, cuisine containers and edible use and cosmetics and all.


autumn flavor

11:30AM 28th August Sunny

When the Obon (around mid-August) passed, I feel the first touch of autumn.
Autumn is only just around the corner.



2:00PM 27th August Sunny

This is souvenirs from Ireland alias "Fairyland".
I feel mysterious and fantastic atmosphere.
Thank you.


Kanazawa Asano river

10:30AM 26th August Rainy

This river(Asano river) overflowed three years ago.
The flood of the road came one after another to the Kanazawa city yesterday.
The heavy rain and the flood alert was given this morning.
I become worried about that river and came to see.
There are impurity of the river and smell are terrible plight.
I think that it's all right, because the sky is brightening up in the west.


guests' request

1:30PM 26th August Rainy


In response to guests' request, my daughter danced Japanese dance tonight.
She say, "I dance it anytime if I take guests' request!"


rice plant

2:00PM 24th August Sunny

The rice plants are starting to turn.
After one month, it will be harvested.


Cucurbita pepo

3:00PM 23rd August Cloudy

What are these?
These are pumpkin for ornamental purposes.
Another name it is known by is "Toy pumpkin".


West exit of JR Kanazawa Station

2:00PM 22nd August Cloudy

This is a monument in West exit of JR Kanazawa Station.
I was thinking that it was made of concrete, but it was actually stainless steel.


Scout Association of Japan

5:00PM 21st August Cloudy

My son made vase of freshly-picked wildflowers in the camps. Great!

The son also came back safe and sound.


Winter Cherry

12:00PM 20th August Cloudy

Winter cherries are one of the summer feature in Japan.


Bon went by

11:30AM 19th August Cloudy

Bon went by, and suddenly got really cold in Kanazawa.


Guest from Germany

2:00PM 18th August Cloudy

To Rika mama of Germany,
Taisuke is travelling happily!
Please there is nothing to worry.


Scout Association of Japan

4:00PM 17th August cloudy

The activities in this summer of Kanazawa troop 1(Venture-Scout) is to go to Myoko Plateau of Nagano Prefecture by bicycle.
It is a schedule of three days and two nights.

We are off!
Have a safe trip!


Bon Festival of the lunar calendar

11:00AM 16th August Sunny

Today was Bon Festival of the lunar calendar.
We visited our ancestral graves and offered the flower and the incense stick.


Heat Disorder

5:00PM 15th August Sunny

The lingering summer heat is still intense.
A lot of people are transported to the hospital by Heat Disorder in Japan.
We must take care to Heat Disorder.


lose weight

4:00PM 14th August Sunny

Did you lose some weight?
She say, "Yes!, I want to become thin, I cut back on the between-meal snacks."


Obon season

4:00PM 13th August Sunny

From August 13th to the 16th is Japan's Obon season.
Transportation and lodging facilities are jam-packed.
Please have a safe trip!



3:00PM 11th August Sunny

I arranged ikebana as I think mostly about how I can make it look coolness.
Do you feel coolness about this flower arrangement?


white aubergine

12:30PM 11th August Sunny

The white aubergines is called “Shiro Nasu”in Japan.
The white colour is due to the absence of Nathnin.
We ate it as "dengaku"(eggplants with miso).
Will get very soft upon cooking and you can enjoy their deliciously natural sweet and creamy taste.


delicacy of touch

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Kyoto
2:00AM 10th August Sunny

    kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Kyoto
She's so dexterous!
But, study is very clumsy...



kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Kyoto
8:00AM 9th August Sunny

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Kyoto
It's time for fireworks!
We set off fireworks in front of Shibaya.



3:00PM 8th August Sunny

Today's clouds looked just like "Macyokun" that appeared exactly in the TV.


Kanazawa's Duck

2:30PM 7th August Sunny

What are you looking at there?


Yukata (Summer Kimono)

2:00PM 6th August Sunny

They went to a fireworks display wearing Yukata (Summer Kimono).
Cute! That fits well!!


Japanese pack rice

2:00PM 5th August Sunny

"Rice of HOKAHOKA" is made of 100% Yumemiduho rice produced in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Softly cooked with traditional cooking way and aseptic pack Luster and fragrance are distinctively good.
You can eat it easily when being warmed with a Microwave.


high school baseball tourney

10:30AM 4th August Sunny

The annual high school baseball tourney will be held at Koshien Stadium from August 6th.
The hanging display to root for the local baseball team is in the town.


cicada 's shell

2:00PM 3rd August Sunny

I found a cicada 's shell to the trunk of the tree in the nearby Shinto shrine this morning.
When I see this, I feel the change of the seasons.


glass wind-chime

11:00AM 2nd August Sunny

I made a glass wind-chime called Furin in Japan.


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