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1:00PM 31st July Sunny

There were sunflowers at my friend's house balcony.
Nowadays we almost never see sunflowers in the town.


afternoon tea

7:00AM 30th July Rainy

My daughter made many cup cakes for afternoon tea.
I'll gain weight again?


nourishing food

11:30AM 29th July Cloudy

This is nourishing food of summer.
That settles it!


Electric cable

11:00AM 28th July Cloudy

Why is Japan full of an electric cables?
Electric cables are not buried beneath the streets of most city in Japan.
Hmm. Is not beautiful!


abalone of Wajima

1:30PM 27th July Cloudy

This abalone was captured by the professional woman divers(ama) of Wajima(Noto Peninsula).
They are a delicious shellfish with a sweet fragrance, a mellow, sweetness and nice texture.
We can accept order of this abalone.
Try the taste!


brother and sister

11:00AM 26th July Sunny

Here's something we don't see every day.
The brother is teaching sister mathematics.


sudden rain

2:00PM 25th July Rainy

It was sudden transformation from sunny to rainy.


flower arrangement

2:00PM 24th July Sunny

Summer flower arrangement in Shibaya.


Saturday night in Kanazawa

11:30AM 23rd July Cloudy

The young people standing around in the corner.
Is this scene you can only find in Japan?


shopping mall

9:00AM 22nd July Rainy

The leisure land has been built on the site of the shopping mall.


grandmother and grandchild

11:00AM 21st July Cloudy

Usually, the grandmother dress the grandchild in Yukata.
But, in our house, the granddaughter dress the grandmother in Yukata.


cloud like smoke

2:00PM 20th July Sunny

The typhoon passes away, and caused a foehn phenomenon.
The temperatures have risen because of the strong sunshine and there was a cloud like smoke.


feeling of unwellness

10:00AM 19th July Rainy

I ruined my health, and stayed in bed for 2days.
I can't control by myself, and went to hospital today.
Maybe the heat has gotten to me...
Please remember to take good care of your health!


student preparing for an exam

3:00PM 18th July Suny

They are students preparing for an exam . . .



1:30PM 17th July Sunny

The day of scorching sun have been in Kanazawa.
But, the typhoon is approaching.
When you come to Shibaya, please have a safe trip.


2:00PM 16th July Suny (city hall)

In Shibaya, every guest room has its own refrigerator.
It's useful for hot summer.


Shibaya entrance

8:00AM 15th July Sunny

This is sight entering the eye, when you come from Kanazawa station.


Obon in Kanazawa

11:00AM 14th July Sunny

Obon is one of the most important Japanese traditions.
In most regions, Obon is celebrated around August 15th.
However, Obon season is from July 13th to the 16th(the lunar calendar) in Kanazawa city.
So, I went to visit graves today.


appearance of shibaya

1:30PM 13th July Sunny

The front face road width of Shibaya is about five meters.
This photograph was taken from parking area across the street.


retort curry

11:30AM 12th July Suny


Retort curry sauce is very popular in Japan because it is very easy to cook and tastes good.
And You can buy it at supermarkets or convenience stores.
Just putting it into boiled water and pour it on rice five minutes later. It's ready!
If you take one's retort curry, you can eat it in Shibaya.


happy occasion

12:30PM 11th July Suny

The many children always gather at SHIBAYA.
It's from their childhood.
And it's happy occasion for me!


summer homework

2:30PM 10th July Sunny

This is son's summer homework of housecraft.
"You prepare family's supper(three times) on your own."
That's his usual gig!


coming of summer

2:30PM 9th July Sunny

The rainy season ended!
It ended 15 days earlier than in an average year.
The ever since records began in 1951, it is the 3rd earliest.


Extremely hot day

2:00PM 8th July Sunny

The temperatures over 35 degrees C!
It was "Extremely hot day" for the first time this year.
So, The hot pavement sent up shimmers.
*Summer day (The daily maximum temperature is 25℃ or more.)
*Tropical day(30℃ or more)
*Extremely hot day (35℃ or more)



8:30AM 7th July Rainy

It was steady rain today.
The plant grows up steadily and the potential vitality is felt.



11:00AM 6th June Sunny
The Japanese government has appealed for people to save electricity.
The many companies are already working on ways to saving electricity of 15%.
Shibaya is running business as usual and we don't feel any inconveniences.
However, we are asking guests to eliminate an unnecessary electricity.
Thank you for your corporation!


ice pillar in Omi-cho Market.

9:00AM 5th July Sunny

This ice pillar is a summer scene in Omi-cho Market.   
It's 60 centimeters high and weighs 30 kilogram.
Shoppers enjoy feelings of coolness.



8:20AM 4th July rainy

When a Japanese person says "rainy season," we thinks "hydrangeas".
You can find hydrangeas quite a few in town at this time.


rainy season this year

2:00PM 3rd July cloudy

It looks like rain any time but it doesn't rain.
It looks like rain never falls but suddenly it do rain.
The rainy season this year in Kanazawa goes like this.


Kanazawa Ishiura shrine

1:00PM 2nd July Sunny

Ishiura shrine is located between Kenrokuen Garden and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.
The worshippers are going through big loophole and pray for good health.


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