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driftwood art

12:30PM 30th June Sunny

This is a flower arrangement made on driftwood.
It's one of my father's hobbies.


Pool of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

1:30PM 29th June sunny

Hot! extremely hot day!!
This is a pool of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art that never absolutely stifling even if keeping diving.



11:00AM 28th June sunny

This is garlic that displayed at the greengrocers.
90 yen each!
So big and fresh!
I think that it's an absolute steal at this price and bought a lot of it.


Arrangement flower

7:30AM 27th June cloudy

Arrangement flower of today.
This is nut of pear tree.
My father grow them in his own field.



1:00PM 26th June cloudy

This pasta has a funny shape!
This is in-process mistake?



1:30PM 25th June sunny

The annual shipment of watermelons has started in Kanazawa City.
It have crisp and juicy flesh.
Please try it when you come to Kanazawa!


Japanese apricot fruits

2:00PM 24th June cloudy

In the Shibaya's entrance, smell the sweet smell of Japanese apricot.
Umeboshi of Japanese traditional preserved food is made from this Japanese apricot fruits.


pyrethrum coil

2:00PM 23rd June Sunny

Japanese pyrethrum coil is called Katorisenkou.
The Katorisenkou used to be a common sight in the Japanese summer (my childhood).
But, nowadays you almost never see that anymore.
I think that it caused phenomenon by the introduction of air-conditioners.



1:30PM 22nd June sunny

We cleaned the bath with bath industry.
Cleaning the ceiling was an arduous task that took hours.
But, we have to forestall mold on the bath during the rainy season.



11:00AM 21st June sunny

     What do you think this is?
     No, it's not food.
     The answer is... fireworks!


Guest's from Netherlands

11:30AM 20th Jun cloudy

I went to Noto's " chirihama beach driveway" with them today.
I didn't know anything about him, but he is a famous Dutch graphic designer.
Some of these things has been designed and is based on Japan.
I had a very good time. Thank you.


Son's Pasta

4:00PM 19th June sunny

Today is Sunday.
My son made us pasta.♪
It is pasta of zucchini, bacon and hen of the woods.
You're improving!

Deep emotion!!!

11:30AM 18th June rainy

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya Higashicyaya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Matsumoto
17th May 2010
18th June 2011
It's been almost a year since we last met them.
Yes, they came back Shibaya again!
That's something!!!
I'm deeply moved, welcomed them at my sister's house.

ayu fishing

11:00AM 17th June suny

The long-awaited release of ayu fishing came in Kanazawa.
As has happened in the past, a lot of people enjoyed fishing.

Alien Baltan

11:00AM 16th June cloudy

This product is "Alien Baltan" made from "Kutani Pottery".
You can make this "Alien Baltan" in the Kutani Pottery hut.
Please, let's try it!

Kaga vegetable

1:00PM 15th June clouday

Fifteen kinds of vegetables grown in Kanazawa since World War have been designated as “Kaga vegetables”.
This pumpkin is one of these things.
Today, they were shipped for the first time in this year.

Chūkadon (bowl of rice with a chop-suey-like mixture on it)

13:00PM 14th June suny

Chūkadon has become an important part of Japanese rice-bowl cuisine(donburi).
It consists of a bowl of rice with stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms, and thin slices of meat on top.
Would you like some shibaya's Chūkadon?!

snack time

15:30PM 13th June cloudy

Ankoro is a traditional Japanese cake consisting of mochi covered with red bean paste.
It's wrapped in bamboo leaf and priced at 350 yen per package.
It's sold at Kanazawa station and is my recommendation!

today's sky

11:30AM 12th June cloudy

It's heavy gray sky.
And it looks like it could start raining at any moment.

Japanese confectionery "kintsuba"

3:30PM 11th June sunny

Kanazawa traditional sweets "Kintsuba" is made from azuki beans(red beans) and shape is perfect square.
If you have a sweet tooth, taste try this!

noodle shop

11:30AM 10th June cloudy

The Sanuki udon noodle shops are now spreading all over Japan.
It's cheap and tastes good!
The noodle is priced at 280-480yen.

The tempura is priced at 80-180yen.
If you find this noodle shops, don't hesitate to try it.

Guests from France

3:30PM 9th June cloudy

They are enjoying a world tour for one year.
On the way, they conduct visits to Kanazawa, and they stayed in Shibaya.
Better watch out for yourself.
Thank you very much.



6:30PM 8th June suny
In front of shibaya, there is coin-operated parking.

The apartment of the twelve floors above ground is constructed there.
The construction for it starts on September 1st 2011, and will be completed in September 30th 2012.

New Homepage

11:00AM 7th June suny

Thank you for prompt comment about New Homepage.
We will correct it whenever possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with comment or suggestions you may have regarding New Homepage.

Mount Utatsu

11:00AM 6th June suny

Mount Utatsu is a quiet walking course that local people love.
Please visit there if you have time.

Flower Arrangement

3:00PM 5th June cloudy

The contrast between flower and floral organ is fascinating!?

High atmospheric pressure

11:00AM 4th June suny

High atmospheric pressure covers Kanazawa.
And the mercury reached 27 degrees.

Port of Kanazawa

9:00AM 3rd June sunny         (port of Kanazawa)    

My son went fishing with friends.
This port of Kanazawa is an excellent place to do a little fishing.


2:30PM 2nd June cloudy

Origami is the Japanese art of paperfolding.
"Ori" is the Japanese word for folding and "kami" is the Japanese word for paper.
How's the Origami going?
Can you make an Origami crane?

conversational English

1:00PM 1st June rainy

I taked lessons in conversational English of Kanazawa city hotel inn union today.
I have difficulty remembering English.
How can I improve my spoken English?!



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