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Japanese Chess (Shogi)

3:00PM 31st May cloudy

Japanese Chess (Shogi) was played in Japan in the modern form about 500 years ago.
Japanese Chess differs from other chess variants.
The difference is that players can reuse captured pieces as their own.
Have you ever played Shogi?
Please enjoy Shogi at Shibaya!

Iris laevigata

11:00AM 30th May rainy

The iris laevigata in Kenrokuen at Kanazawa are now at their peak.
Please see the bright flush of color in there.

unseasonably typhoon

11:00AM 29th May rainy

Winds are a stronger picking up, and the rain is going to intensify as the typhoon approaches us.
We are preparing for an approaching typhoon.

woodlot work

2:00PM 28th May rainy

There was woodlot work as the event of the establishment anniversary at daughter's junior high school.
And, they learned once again about the value of greenery.

flower basket

11:30AM 27th May cloudy

I clipped the flower from friend's garden and displayed it on the Front Desk.

"chochin" paper lantern

11:30AM 26th May cloudy

We started preparations for Hyakumangoku Matsuri of the Kanazawa city.
(3rd,4th,5th Jun)

gift from guest

3:00PM 25th May sunny

   kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya Higashicyaya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Matsumoto
We received a lovely bouquet from guest.
We are extremely glad. Thank you!

odd-shaped car in Kanazawa

12:30PM 24th May cloudy

I found odd-shaped car on the way to the shopping.
Can the car pass the automobile safety inspection?
The car inspection cost of Japan is more expensive than overseas.

Bon Festival dance "Hyakumangoku Ondo"

3:00PM 23rd May rainy


There were ordinary general meeting and a get-together of Kanazawa Ryokan & Hotel cooperative association at tonight.
In a get-together was a Bon Festival dance "Hyakumangoku Ondo" as attraction.
My daughter has eaten up all the desserts at hand when finishing dancing!
Mercy!  Plate of seven!!


2:00PM 22nd May cloudy

Irises are in season now.
I then arranged it in a vase in guest room.
How does it look?


2:30AM 21st May sunny

In Kanazawa, the rainy season usually lasts for about one month from mid June.
We started preparation for the rainy season.
I think that cleaning is the most common way used to protect human body from humidity.

paid seats ticket

11:30AM 20th May sunny

The paid seats tickets of Hyakumangoku Parade(2500yen) is very popular,
and remains is running out.

Hurry! Supplies are limited so act now!

Special Offer   3rd, 4th Jun ONLY! 
    Bed + Ticket    4800 yen per person per night
    Twin bed for 2 people use or One Semi-double bed for 2 people use
                            "paid seats tickets"  


tofu in spicy Chinese sauce

10:30AM 19th May sunny

This is "Mabo Tofu" tofu in spicy Chinese sauce of a big serving of rice.
You can get it at the Shibaya for an affordable price!

lunch time

12:00PM 18th May sunny

It was such a warm and beautiful day.

The students enjoyed an excellent luncheon together with everyone on the grass.

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Matsuri Festival

11:30AM 17th May sunny

Back to the Edo period!
Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Matsuri is the biggest annual festival in the region.
Many events are held over a period of three days in June.
It first started in 1952 to praise the great work of the first lord, Toshiie Maeda, and was derived from an old municipal event.
Now, it’s getting bigger and bigger, becoming well-known as a typical show of Kanazawa culture.
You can see families applauding their kids or parents in antique-looking costumes, couples being served Matcha green tea at the Hyakumangoku tea ceremony at Kenrokuen, or local employees dancing in their summer Kimono.
Every year, people are always looking forward to enjoying these three days!

"Kaga Yuzen Tohro-Nagashi" Floating Lanterns 3rd June 19:00~21:00

1,500 Tohro lanterns with lovely Kaga-Yuzen patterns will definitely attract you!
Follow the lights floating on the water along the Asano-Gawa River, or just wait at the bank to see one coming after another!
It’s all up to you!
This Friday night at the river draws a good crowd every year!
Share an atmosphere of fantasy with the local people!

"Hyakumangoku Gyoretsu" Costume Parads 4th June 14:00~18:10

Do you want to see some Samurai in Japanese Kacchu armor?
If so, this is the best event to go to!
You will first see Taiko (Japanese drum) performances at the station for the starting ceremony.
Then, the parade heads to Kanazawa Castle.
It’s like a reenactment of the scene during the triumphal parade when the first lord Maeda entered the castle.
This costume parade is the main event of the festival. In the procession, you’ll see Samurai warriors, Toshiie Maeda (the first lord), O-Matsu no Kata (Toshiie’s wife), little princess Tama-Hime (Tokugawa’s daughter), Kagatobi (old firefighters), Shinto priests, a Shishi-Mai lion dance, and much more!

"Hyakumangoku Odori-Nagashi" Marching Dance in Summer Kimono 4th June 18:30~20:30

Private corporations or organizations send employees in summer Kimono as dancing teams.
They’ll show you Japanese traditional dances on route 157, between Kami-Tsuzumi-Machi (near the Omicho Market) and Katamachi.
There are also spaces for anyone to jump in and start dancing, so don’t hesitate if you’re feeling the rhythm!

"Hyakumangoku Takigi-Noh" Torchlight Performance of Noh 4th June 19:00~21:00

Evening Noh performance by the Kaga Hosho school.
It’s also known as the “Torchlight performance of Noh”, shown at Kanazawa Castle.
In the case of rain, it’ll be performed at the Ishikawa Noh Theater
Admission: free

Let's enjoy all together!!!

Summer day

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya Higashicyaya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Matsumoto
1:30PM 16th May cloudy

It was sweaty weather today.
The highest temperature recorded 25.7 degrees (average year 21.3 degrees) and became "Summer day".

Uchinada beach

2:30PM 15th May sunny

The Uchinada beach is the nearest beach to Kanazawa.
The trip to Uchinada beach is easy, just hop on the Hokutetsu train.
The platform is below ground (down escalators) at Kanazawa station.
The ride takes about 20 mins, and Uchinada is the last stop.
When you get to Uchinada, come out of the station, hook a left and after 20 minutes' walk, you'll arrive in Uchinada beach.

300yen shop

2:30AM 14th May sunny

300yen shop have recently appeared in Kanazawa station shopping centers.
All items are sold for 315yen (tax included).
I think that 300yen shops are very good as everything is foppery than 100yen shops.

yellow sand

2:00PM 13th May sunny

The patch of blue sky extended in daytime.
However, yellow sand falling, it was very windy. Kanazawa city was veiled in yellow sand.

flush of greenness

11:00AM 12th May rainny

May is the most pleasant time of year in Japan.
The air is refreshing and young leaves delight the eye.

Jeppe Hein

8:00AM 11th May rainny

Please hurry up! First come, first served!

We offer a free ticket of "Jeppe Hein 360° " to the first 25 people reserved with Kanazawa Yado Time.
When you don't get chosen, We will offer a free ticket of Kenrokuen Garden.
(Only for accommodation until end of June.)
For more information, please don't hesitate to ask us.


Dinner Time

8:15AM 10th May rainy

Bon appetit!, and let's enjoy!

high pressure system

2:00PM 9th May shine

Kanazawa city was covered by a high pressure system, it was hot and humid today.
However, it will be rainy tomorrow.


11:30AM 8th May sunny

My daughter is getting a ride on the back of friend's motorcycle.
If she become addicted to motorcycle, Oh, no! No wonder!

beautiful weather in May

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya Higashicyaya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Matsumoto
11:00AM 7th May sunny

It's warm May sunshine today.
May Weather in Kanazawa is one of the best times to visit.

Azaleas and Fatsia japonica

2:00PM 6th May sunny

I arranged the flower at entrance.
Red of Azalea and Green of Fatsia japonica!
Above all I love this huge contrasts.

Koi-nobori (colorful carp banners)

2:30PM 5th May shine

Koi-nobori(colorful carp banners) is swimming in May's sky.
In Japanese culture, the carp (or koi) represents courage and perseverance.
The carp kite symbolises each family's wish for boys to grow up brave and strong.

Sauce Katsudon

11:00AM 4th May shine

This is called "Sauce Katsudon".
Sauce Katsudon is the one served with special sauce that is Japanese brown sauce based.
About this dish, sauce means "Japanese brown sauce" like Bull-dog sauce or Otafuku sauce.


7:30AM 3rd May shine

The yellow flowers are blooming beautifully.
In the spring there are beautiful green leaves and a variety of flowers in Japan.


11:30AM 2th May shine

Is Sudoku a game that prevents the dementia???
My parents practice playing Sudoku for many hours every day.

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