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Kanazawa station design

1:30PM 30th April rain

These are the Kanazawa station design idea of Shinkansen(bullet train).
Which one do you think would look best on the Kanazawa city?


8:00AM 29th April shine

She was in charge of receptionist at a Japanese dance recital today.
Was she able to serve one's purpose???

Double cherry blossoms

2:45PM 28th April cloudy

Blossoms of Somei-yoshino, a kind of cherry tree, are almost gone.
But now Yae sakura (Double cherry blossoms) are in full bloom.
A pink color seems to be a model of a fashion show on the days when it was fine.

foehn phenomenon

11:30AM 27th April shine
The day's high was 28 degrees Celsius because of a foehn phenomenon.

It was the heat of No.1 this year.


8:30AM 26th April shine

I think my daughter is skillful with her fingers.
She is devoting every spare moment to making something.
However, she is now studying for her exams.....
what will her future look like!?


1:00PM 25th April shine

Now, seedlings begin to sprout at spot garden of Shibaya.
It can be seen on the bathroom.
Please relax and have fun!

International Couple

11:30AM 24th April rain

What was your first close encounter like?
The two met in the Shibaya!
You two make a beautiful couple and always will for all the years to come.

Rice planting

2:00PM 23rd April rain (Shiinoki Cultural Complex)

This process is rice planting.
Rice planting is the act of transplanting rice seedlings from the seedbed to a rice paddy.
It's called "taue".
In Kanazawa city, it usually starts at around this time.


2:00PM 22nd April cloudy          (cherry tree in leaf)

My daughter returned home safely from a school trip.
That is the best souvenir for me.

moon of Kanazawa city

11:00AM 21th April shine

In the photo, the moon is very confusing.
But the tonight moon in Kanazawa city was big and very clear.

school trip

1:00PM 20th April cloudy

The spring is season of school trips in Japan.
My daughters went to the Kansai area(Kyoto,Osaka,Kobe) for the school trip this morning.
It's trip of three days and two nights.

JR Kanazawa station

1:20PM 19th April cloudy (JR Kanazawa station)
It's almost beyond the middle of the April, and it's still very cold.

Japanese cake of Kyoto

2:00PM 18th April shine

I got souvenir"yatsuhashi" from a friend, who visited Kyoto.
Yatsuhashi is one of the most popular Japanese cake in Japan.

"Mochi with HANAMI!"

10:10AM 17th April shine

We dressed in kimono, and attended a Kanazawa Ryokan & Hotel Cooperative Association special event "Mochi with HANAMI!".
Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to be here today.

peach branch

2:30PM 16th April cloudy

The peach branch blooms when cherry blossoms become full-bloomed.
In Shibaya, the peach branch have started to bloom.

dinner time

11:30AM 15th April shine

This is a very common sight in Shibaya.
We sometimes eat dinner with the guests of Shibaya.

Japanese quinces and cherry blossoms

11:50AM 14th April shine

The cherry blossoms is in full bloom now!
In Shibaya, my father arranged Japanese quinces and cherry blossoms to an entrance.

carp streamers

3:30PM 13th April shine

We decorated carp streamers indoors.
[Family of carp streamers]
*The top of the carp streamers is a streamer("Fukinagashi").
*The black carp streamer is a father.
*The red carp streamer is a mother.
*The other carp streamers are chirdren.

cherry-blossom-viewing party

1:30AM 12th April shine

There are on the observers' left my parents.
They are feeling fine at a cherry-blossom-viewing party.

ramen shop

11:00AM 11th April rain

The well-worn track that the Japanese orders in the ramen shop is the ramen, and meat dumplings and fried rice.
The rich soup is a feature of this ramen

thrift shop

11:45AM 10th April shine

I went to the thrift shop with the Chinese international student who is staying in Shibaya.
She start living on one's own in Kanazawa and attend in the Hokuriku colleges.
In this shop, there were a lot of refrigerators, washing machines, cleaners, furniture, tables, and microwave ovens, etc.

free admission

11:00AM 9th April rain

The cherry blossoms of Kanazawa are bloom in 20% now.
In accordance with bloom,
Kenroku-en Garden has just started a free admission.

Dates:9th April ~ 17th April
Hours:7:00am ~ 9:30pm
*Light-up time:6:00pm ~ 9:30pm

Special Event "Hanami de Mochituki"

2:00PM 8th April rain

We (Kanazawa Ryokan & Hotel Cooperative Association) will hold a special event.
The purpose is to support reconstruction of the areas hit by the great East Japan earthquake and get a new lease on life.
Let's enjoy making Mochi with HANAMI! With us!

*Making rice cakes
*Japanese Traditional Guitar(Japanese lute music performance)
*picture-card show
*Japanese Traditional Dance Exercise(NOSS)

Dates of the event: Apr 17th

Time: 11:00am-2:00pm

Place: Matsugae Ryokuchi Park

Entry fee: free of charge

Where to apply: ryokan shibaya

Rinto (in the kanazawa station)

11:30AM 7th April shine

It is called "Rinto", it'd be quite expensive-looking.
This is wholly-redesigned fashion zone in Kanazawa station.

Kanazawa station

10:30AM 6th April shine Kanazawa station
At last, it became the climate of "spring season".

cherry blossom (osaka)

10:30AM 5th April shine

This is condition of cherry blossoms in Osaka on today.
They seem to be almost in full bloom.
Kanazawa's cherry blossoms will bloom about one week late!

bean-starch vermicelli soup

10:45AM 4th April shine

I made bean-starch vermicelli soup, because it was sunny but cold today.

Isaza from Noto

11:00AM 3rd April shine

This is Gymnogobius isaza.
Isaza is to be swallowed whole, not chewed.

Swallow the whole thing! Don't spit it out!

Oyster from Noto

11:30AM 2nd April cloudy

The oyster of boxful received from Noto.

My son is oyster shucker!?

The texture is really freshly.
kanazawa Ryokan Inn Kenrokuen ninjya Higashicyaya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Matsumoto
The fried oysters are ready. Ole!

Kanazawa / Uchinada coast

11:40AM 1st April  shine

Today is high atmospheric pressure overlies,
and temperatures have reached 17 degrees centigrade.
I drove my car to the Uchinada coast.



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