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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

driftwood and camellia

31th March  shine  The nice weather have lasting a long time.

The driftwood and camellia are in the entrance halls of shibaya.
We would like to welcome guests with seasonal flowers.

Bonsai of Japanese plum

30th March  Shine

Plum blossoms on shibaya's entrance began to bloom.

play fighting

11:35AM 29th March shine
It's cleared up.

My mother fights against strong guest???

Edison Chopsticks

10:50AM 28th March shine
There is mountain dim in the distance. 

Lovely guest tonight!
He used chopsticks called "Edison chopsticks".
Edison chopsticks are specially designed educational products to help children learn the correct use of chopsticks.
They are made from kid safe, highly durable ABS plastic.
They are easy to learn and fun to use.
The patented design makes it intuitive for children to grasp the chopsticks.
Children as young as two can start using Edison Chopsticks!


27th March  shine  fine weather, but so cold

Oh! wonderful-looking cake!
No, no, now that I look closer, it was towels.

Japan forever!

26th March  snow  The cold temperature, and it's snowing.

This video was made by Croat.
Thank you for wonderful pictures, sounds, and all.


25th March  rain  chilly weather

The strawberry arrived from Fukuoka Prefecture today.
It's so big and sweet that have we mouth full!

frit rice cake

24th March  cloudiness  chilly morning

This is a very popular meal at Shibaya called Agemochi.

St. George's Day

23rd March  shine  chilly wind


That would be swell.
Thank you for your adding us to the day.
We are living normally and running business as usual.
But the great eastern Japan earthquake is causing the flood of reservation cancellations.
This roses encourages us a lot.
Thank you so much Mr,Eugeni!


22nd March  shine  It's cleared up.

I went on the roof of the Shibaya because of the fine weather.

home improvement center

21st March  rain  


This is home improvement center in Kanazawa.
In the Tokyo metropolitan area, there is a commodity of the shortage.
But there are a lot of it in Kanazawa.

Girl Scout

20th March  cloudy  it looks like rain

The guests from Nara Prefecture.
They are members of the girl scout.
As one of activities, they visited Kanazawa today.


19th March  shine  


We operate as usual.
Lovely guests tonight!
Let's have a lot of dishes, and take a good rest.

Kurumadai - Kuruma sea bream

18th March  shine  a peaceful day

The sliced raw fish "sasimi" of tonight is Kuruma sea bream.
Fresh sea bream has been served as sashimi in Kanazawa city.
Don't you want to try this?

Kanazawa is Safe!

17th March  snow  cold temperature

Kanazawa has not been damaged or affected from the major earthquake hit recently and related disasters at all.
People in Kanazawa on the west coast of Japan, 500km away from Tokyo are living normally and running business as usual.
We don’t feel any danger in Kanazawa.
If you need to evacuate for a while, please feel safe to come to Kanazawa,.
We are more than happy to offer you necessary cares under this tragic situation!

snow again

16th March  snow 
Temperatures will drop to below 0 and will stay there till tomorrow!


Chinese tourist

15th March  heavy gray sky
We may be in for some rain in the evening and the temperature will fall.

We started looking at ways to get Chinese tourist to Kanazawa city.

Kanazawa city situation

14th March  shine  It's so warm today.

 Dear friends and customers,

We would like to thank you sincerely for your heartfelt sympathy to us regarding the major earthquake.
However the earthquake has hit mainly the east coast of Japan.
People in Kanazawa are living and running business as usual.
Thank you very much for your concern again.

TV program

13th March  shine  a warm day

This is normal TV schedule in the newspaper.

This is TV schedule after the earthquake.
Unsurprisingly, TV programs are all news relating to earthquakes!
Rescue efforts are under way.
All tidal wave warning and tsunami advisory has been canceled now.

Pray for Japan

12th March  shine  It's cleared up.


Pray For Japan
We appreciate your interest in prayer.

Lepidotrigla microptera Gunther

11th March  snow  
A 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific side of the archipelago on today!
A large earthquake generating tsunamis that causes great damage to a wide range of coastal areas.
Mr. Eugeni, Thank you for your concern. We are OK.

The fish of tonight is Lepidotrigla microptera Gunther "kanagashira".
This fish might look grotesque, but white-fleshed fish and plain.
This fish has many spiny and it was a lot of work making clean fish.

sky of Kanazawa

10th Marce  shine
Good day in sharp contrast to yesterday.

Snow of spring

9th March  occasional snow  very cold
One day it's spring, the next day we're back to winter again.
There is an abrupt climate change at this time.
It must be rough on mailman.

convex glasses

8th March  shine  clement day

I thought that only eyesight was good.
But! I'm surprised to have needle and thread.
I can't see the pinhole!
I unavoidably plonked a pair of convex glasses on my nose.

bunch of flowers

7th March  cloudy  leaden skies


A bunch of flowers arrived from Osaka.
Dear T, thank you for good arrangement.
I'm thankful to you who have cheering for Shibaya.
I'll be counting on you.

Italian restaurant

6th March  cloudy  a chill climate 


I recommend this Italian restaurant in Kanazawa.
This is very established lunch dishes.
My son is speaking very highly of this shop!

sky in Kanazawa city

6th March  shine  
It's a bright and sunny day in sharp contrast to yesterday


4th March  mixture of snow and rain


The watercress arrived from Okinawa.
I sauted it in some butter with Balsamico Suu.
Sweeter tastes, and convenient to eat, and very delicious!

3rd March  

3rd March  snow  Today we're back to winter again.

March 3rd is Doll Festival Day (Girls' Day), the traditional Japanese festival held to wish girls both health and growth.

local newspaper

2nd March  rain  occasional sleet

Yesterday's picture letter course was described to the Hokkoku newspaper of the local newspaper.
I was concentrating on writing, I was oblivious to the photograph.
Thank you for amazing and great experiences.

7:55PM  It starts to snow!

8:50PM Wow!

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