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Japanese father

28th February  cloudy then rain  glacial

rah!  Japanese father!  Break a leg!!

Flower Arrangement

27th February  cloudy  It's trying hard to rain.

The guests will be able to enjoy spring aroma in Shibaya.

Kimono rental shop

26th February  shine  It's fine but very cold.

This is Kimono rental shop called "kokoyui".
It is 5 minutes walk from Shibaya.
Please you walk Kanazawa putting on Kimono.

             http:// kokoyui


25th February  
occasional flurries  drop about 10 degrees since yesterday

We received traditional chocolate "Charlemagne" of Belgium.
It's the the first time that we eat the food of Belgium.
We all enjoyed tasting everything.
They were very fine flavored and tastes good!
Thank you.

shrines and temples

24th February  shine 
The temperature was 19 degrees Celsius and this year maximum temperature.

With just a little walk from Shibaya, there are lots of little shrines and temples.
I think that it might be a good idea to take a walk in them.


23rd February  shine  The mercury reached 17 degrees.

This is breakfast menu in this morning.
The fare is 800 yen.
Please enjoy taste of Kanazawa!

peel of burdock

22nd February  shine  warmth of spring

What is placed on top of this plate?
It's peel of burdock.
It was so yummy!!


cherry-blossom viewing banquet

21rd February  shine  a warm day   

Today, there was the meeting for cherry-blossom viewing banquet in Guest House Pongyi.

Dates of the event: 10th Aplil (rain date: 17th Aplil)
Enrollment fee: 500 Yen       
Venue: "Chinsyoen" under Ishikawa gate       
Where to apply: ryokan shibaya

We look forward to your active participation in this event.

backstairs gossip

20th February  shine  Looks like a genial spring.

This is grannies' backstairs gossip who is normally-observed in Japan.
Japanese cake and green tea are essential item for them.
Eating and drinking, they talk and talk for hours!
It might be secret of their energy sources.

Ferrari F430

19th February  shine  phantom spring

I and son has found Ferrari F430 in the parking lot at the school!
My son was strongly excited.
We finds it quite surprising that F430 is now on the streets in Kanazawa City.
It is worth at least over 20 million yen.
"If you can afford this car, you can afford house in Kanazawa city."

Kanazawa station east exit

18th February  cloudy  


This is clock made of fountain in Kanazawa station east exit.
And, the display changes at intervals of ten seconds.
Funny, huh!?

Bar in Kanazawa "hitoha"

17th February  occasional flurries

This is a bar I come to with my friends once in a while.
It's in the geisha area location.
The bar is a civilized place to relax and sip a cocktail.
If you prefer a quiet drink, I would recommend this bar.

cherry blossoms of Kanazawa

16th February  shine  phantom spring



The best time to view cherry blossoms of Kanazaw is usually around 10th April.
It is expected that tourist spots and accommodations of Kanazawa will be crowded with people who come to see the flowers.
A continuous stream of advanced orders has already been seen.
Cherry blossoms are short-lived!

rooftop billboard

15th February  shine  

The long recession has forced many rooftop billboards in the Kanazawa area to close down.
I think that Japan is struggle through an economic slump with no signs of recovery.

Homemade Valentine's Chocolate

14th February  cloudiness  so cold but snow-less

How many chocolates are you making at all?
Whom will you give that much?
Mother is concerned about you.

Japanese dance

I took moving images with the digital camera for the first time.
I'm sorry, this moving images is hard to see.

Thank you for coming to see the Japanese dance recital.

National Foundation Day

11th February  shine  so cold

Today(February 11) is National Foundation Day.
The day for commemorating the founding of the nation and for fostering patriotic feelings.
In Japan, the national holiday is being 15 times in all .
National Foundation Day is the 3rd in this year.
The next national holiday is 'Vernal Equinox Day.
The national flag hangs at the national holiday.


10th February  occasional snow  The cold weather have a relapse.

This is an amaryllis gotten at the end of last year.
The pastel orange-colored flower begins to bloom, as you can see.
Does Mrs.K watch this!?

Meat Day

9th February  rain  We have a chance of snow.

Today, February 9th is day of meat in Japan.
NI means 2, February
KU means 9, day number 9 of the month
NIKU also means MEAT in Japanese. 
Therefore, dinner of tonight is this!


8th February  shine  sunny but cold day

Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park are beautifully illuminated at night of 10-13 February.
It creates a fantastic atmosphere and attract many visitors.
If you are going to Kanazawa in winter, enjoy this fantastic scenery!


7th February  cloudy with intermittent rain The snow still remains in the field.

The fish dish of tonight is this!
*Pacific cod Saute with Mascarpone
*stir-fried butter of watercress
*edible primula
watercress! yum-yum !!

Horse Mackerel

6th February  shine  kanazawa station East Exit

The sliced raw fish "sasimi" of tonight is Horse Mackerel.
Fresh horse mackerel has been served as sashimi in Kanazawa city.
Don't you want to try this?

beef barbecue restaurant

5th February  cloudiness  a warmish day

This is beef barbecue restaurant called "Sakura hanabi".
It is 2 minutes walk from Shibaya.
It's a very stylish restaurant, and it's hard to imagine that it is beef barbecue restaurant.
You may have as many a variety of foods as you can eat, free of charge, with an order of lunch.
This lunch is 1000yen.
you will feel that you are full and content.

the first day of spring

4th February  shine  a warm day

Today marks the first day of Spring – a date often hailed often as one with equal amounts of night and day.
Today was a warm day that I feel like finally winter has gone and spring is here.


3rd February  shine  The temperature climbs.

http:// English blog coarse

There is an article about this blog in here.
This article says, I have an unyielding spirit.
That's not to say that I have an unyielding spirit.
I can do because I don't know anything about English.
I'm quite rough-and-ready and minus thinking creature.
I couldn't have done it without the support of many people.
"Endurance makes you stronger."

Tokyo Asakusa Angelus

2nd February  shine  It's 5 degrees Celsius now.

This is the cake of the famous shop in Asakusa(Tokyo) called "Angelus".
We ate this cake for a snack.
The children were greatly pleased and scarfed it down!


1st February  rain  temperatures is increase

The snow part was over.
The snow is melt into raindrops.
The alley is wracked as you can see.



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