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31st January  snow  about 55 centimeters of snow

This is spot garden of bathroom.
It's completely covered with snow.

My daughter leaned out of the window and enjoyed making snowmen.
Actually, I also enjoyed it.

snow! snow! snow!

30th January  snow  a subzero morning

On today, the temperature was below zero.
It's been snowing like crazy since last night.
there is about 40 centimeters of snow on the ground.
Train get blocked by the snow。
Thus, guests' arrival time is running late.

driving snow

29th January  snow

What a snowstorm!!
The roads are frozen hard.

guests of tonight

28th January  snow  City Hall

You guys worked hard today.
Aren't you tired?
Just eat a lot of dishes, relax and have a break.

snow of tonight

27th Junuary  snow  coldest day

It got much colder tonight.
The snow is falling thick and fast.
Tomorrow morning, does the snow shoveling wait for me?

Goddess in the toilet

26th January  snow  return of cold wave

In Japan, the song called "Toire-no-kamisama" has become very popular now.
"Toire-no-kamisama" means goddess in the toilet in English.

My goodness, there's
a goddess at the toilet
that's why if you clean the toilet
You can become beautiful like the goddess

My daughter made "Toire-no-kamisama".


25th January  cloudiness

The courthouse of Kanazawa stands next to Kenrokuen Garden. 
It started demolition work.
And, it's rebuilt in the same place.
What kinds of buildings?
I can hardly wait for completion.

"Japanese room"  "tatami room"  "washitsu"

24th January  shine  agricultural suburb


We were questioned on 8 tatami room for 4 people and 6 tatami room for 3 people.

Guests can use it on this understanding that there are bit tight.
Accommodation fee is 3000 yen per night.(include tax and service)

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Jan Fabre

23rd January  cloudiness
"The Man Who Measures the Clouds”
There is "The Man Who Measures the Clouds" of Jan Fabre when looking up into the sky from a big window.

"Blue Planet Sky"
I went to 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa today.
21st Century Museum is receiving many visitors from not only Japan but all the world.
If you came to Kanazawa city, I think must-visit to it.

Home page

22nd January  rain  gentle rain

We are now busy establishing Home page.
It's scheduled to open on spling.
For me, it's difficult and amusement at the same time.

Kakiage soba

21st January  cloudiness


The lunch is Kakiage soba today.
Kakiage soba is deep-fried, batter-dipped vegetables served with buckwheat noodles.
In Japan, people usually enjoy hot dish in winter.

coldest season

     alley of Shibaya
     main road of Shibaya
20th January  occasional snow
Today is coldest season called "daikan" in Japan.
The period spanning January 20th(daikan) through February 3rd(setsubun) is Japan's coldest time of the year.
Can hardly wait till the spring...

parking space

19th January  cloudiness

We are replying to guest's inquiry.

Could you please save us a parking space?
*Yes, You can use a parking space free of charge.
 It's on the first floor.
 Please feel free to use it

new plates

18th January  cloudiness


We got new plates for spring.
Soon, we tried out this plate at lunch.
May I suggest this?


17th January  cloudiness  short-lived glow

Five-colored of footprint," meaning "five towns,"
This is the flags seen in the town of Kanazawa.
It was made so that guests walk around on five towns.

accumulated snow

16th January  cloudiness occasional snow
There is about 15 centimeters of snow on the ground in this morning.

The sight of road in city.      The sight of route 8.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

15th January  cloudy with rain
21st CenturyMuseum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

The artworks of schoolchildren in the Kanazawa city are now on exhibit at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art also this year.
I can see them put a lot of effort into there.
This is daughter's piece.

calligraphy work
Japanese cake made with papier-mache
Yummy, yummy!!!

businessy dinner

14th January  cloudiness occasional snow

This is businessy dinner in tonight.
This half board is 6800JPE.
Of course, anyone can order it!

this morning

13th January  cloudiness
This is the Kanazawa city's streets in this morning.
The roads are icy and the brakes went out! 


12th January  rain
the view from the third floor window

A 75-year-old mother is struggling with DS!


11th January  shine
It's so cold outside that the roads are frozen solid.

I found icicle-hung eaves.
It's unusual on the area around here in recent years.

Gorgonzola pasta part2

10th January  snow  icy cold

We cooked gorugonzora-pasuta also tonight!

egg and tomato fried food

Gorgonzola pasta

9th January  rain occasional snow


My son take on the challenge of making the Gorgonzola-pasta.

Today's Weather

8th January
In sharp contrast to yesterday,
Today is unbelievable weather.

cold spell advent

7th January  snow
This morning is the coldest day so far this winter.

The foreign tourist who had visited Kenrokuen garden from Europe(France and Spain, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Russia) was the largest ever 16,385 people in 2010.

birthday cake

6th January  rain  light snow falls

"This is the birthday cake my daughter made."
"Is it?"
"It's nice!"


5th January  rain  It will look out on sleeting rain.


We got an influenza vaccination today.
Last year was flu vaccine shortage.
But the Japanese health services are well-preparing to deal with the influenza outbreak this season.

First visit to Shrine

4th January  cloudiness  occasional rain

We went to the Shibata Shinto shrine in Fukui Prefecture to New Year's visit to a shrine today.
And we prayed for happiness and good health for the year.

the first writing of the New Year

3rd January  shine  enjoy fine weather

Kakizome is the first calligraphy writing of the New Year.
We write auspicious words with a brush.


2nd January  rain

I'm very tired at year-end and new-year parties.
I can't help getting old!
Good night.

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