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30th November  shine  bright and sunny



Yuzu(a small citrus fruit) were harvested in a field.
I made yuzumiso(miso paste mixed with yuzu citron), and I made Furofukidaikon by this.(boiled radish with Yuzumiso on top)


29th November  rain  thundery cloud

Pear is peak ripeness right now!

traditional performing arts

28th November  cloudiness  very cold


They practiced very hard over a short amount of time.
The traditional Japanese performing arts are popular among young and old alike in Ishikawa prefecture.


27th November  cloudiness  mostly cloudy


This is a gift you make yourself from the guests in Thailand.
This suits me, huh?
Thank you. Ms.J.

sushi boats

26th November  cloudiness  intermittent rainshowers


In Japan if you want sushi at cheap prices, come here.
Sushiro is "Good Taste and Reasonable Price".
"It is 105 yen per plate".
I recommend "Aburi sushi" there.

Aburi sushi (roasted sushi) consists of nigiri sushi with a fish topping that is partly grilled and partly raw.


25th November  shine  balmy autumn day

"Sanporoku" is the Baumkuchen in the Tokachi area in Hokkaido.
It has been made and is based on white birch.
Mr.Y, thank you.

roast pig

25th November  shine  nice weather



meat dish tonight!


23th November  cloudiness  lower temperatures

One of the Seven Wonders of Syokoji temple.(Fushiki city, Toyama Prefecture)
This ginkgo tree bears not fruit.
wonder! wonder!

snow melting system

22nd November  cloudy with occasional showers


The tryout operation of the snow melting system for the road starts in Kanazawa again this year.
Winter seems to be just around the corner!

ricecakes with horse chestnuts "Tochimochi"

21st Novemver  shine  relatively-warm


Tochimochi: In autumn, collect the buck-eye seeds which have fallen from large buck-eye trees.
After drying and peeling them, pound them with a wooden mallet.
Soak them in lye to remove the harshness. Mix them with rice and steam the mixture.
Then, pound them in a mortar to make fragrant rice cakes.

bird with damage

20th November  shine  It is balmy autumn day also today.


This bird is losing sight in right eye and flightless.
"Where are you from?"
"Where are you going from here?"
There is simply nothing I can do.


19th November  shine  balmy autumn day

Tatami are usually damaged and defaced in no time.

Please hang laundry outside to dry on warm days.

Lion Head Wood Carving

18th November  shine  it will rain this evening

Style originates from Kaga (Ishikawa Prefecture).
This is displayed in "Tokonoma" alcoves inside residences.
"Tokonoma" is alcove in a traditional Japanese room where art or flowers are displayed.

Shirayama Hime Shrine

17th November  shine  relatively-warm



The Shirayama Hime Shrine is the main shrine of approximately 2,000 Hakusan shrines in Japan.
For hundreds of years, people have come to here for prayers.

Roll Tonkatsu

16th November  shine  windless morning



This dish is a decorative version of tonkatsu, deep-fried pork cutlet.
This pork contains cheese, carrot, fish sausage, Welsh Onion and Maitake mushroom.
I think good that children put the hated food.

win a prize

15th November  rain  cold rain is falling


My daughter participated in a prize competition and won this bag.
This type of bag is prevalent among female student in Japan.

Shibaya's towel

14th November  cloudiness  It looks like it could start raining at any moment.



Ever since he met to Shibaya's towel, they've been together!
Mr.S, Thank you, year in and year out.

leaf peeping

13th November  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy

The leaves are at their peak color in intermountain region.
We enjoy the changing colors of autumn leaves.

electric carpet

12th November  rain  fall in drops

electric carpet…warm, warmer, warmest!!
When you step on the rug, your body stay nice and toasty.
This really does seem like a bright idea.

Happy incident

11th November  rain  cold rain is falling

Today, we received gifts from my blog fan.。
Mother ended the hospitalization life for two weeks, and returned.
We thank the people who have supported us.
We are very happy and it encourages us a lot.
Dear V, thank you.


10th November  rain  It's raining hard.

My mother got out of the hospital.
Their usual lifestyles are here.
She said "Sorry for all the concern I've caused."


9th November  rain  very cold

The hailstone came down in the morning, but disappeared in an instant.
The windily and registered a maximum wind velocity of 24.3 kph.

border between prefectures

8th November  rain  turn to clear afternoon

The prefecture's border with Gifu Prefectures in tunne.

Happy Birthday

7th November  shine   crystalline autumn

"My daughter's birthday"
Congratulations on your 14th birthday!!
Many happy returns! With Love.


6th November  shine  moderate autumn

My mother came a gutzer.
She required surgery to repair knee.
Everyone are wishing you a speedy recovery!

This is diet in the hospital given to her in daytime.

new rice

5th November  It's just spitting.

The new rice comes on the market.
The new rice harvested rice tastes best because it is sweeter and contains more water.
Hardworking, eat lots of rice, Japan's father!

street trees

4th November  cloudiness  Cloudy mornings turn to clear afternoons.

This is street trees.
Kanazawa city is ablaze with fall colors.

nameko mushroom

3rd November  shine  a windless morning

This nameko mushroom is freshly-collected on Hakusan in Ishikawa Prefecture.
It is amber-brown mushroom with a lot of gelatinous coating.

Gests from Tokyo

2nd November  cloudiness  cloudy with occasional showers

We are deep drinkers tonight!
"He is a self-proclaimed Jackie Chan."

Today's snack

1st November  shine  
There are nimbuses in the western heavens and it looks like it could start raining at any moment.

Today's snack is souvenirs of Tokyo.
Cheesecake and roll cake of KEITH MANHATTAN.
I'm happiness because I can eat sweet snacks every day!



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