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30th September  cloudiness  There is no worry of rain.

Tonight is this!
plum wine(umeshu)!
It is sweet and refreshing taste with hints of plum.
I was totally drunk tonight!!


29th September  cloudiness  The clouds will clear out in the afternoon。

We had this wine tonight.
I am totally drunk!!
Good night, I'll see you in tomorrow.


28th September  cloudy with occasional showers

I have just won!
Signature colored paper of FUNKY MOKEY BABYS!
They are famous singer in Japan.

Japanese music

27th September  shine  There is a chance of showers in the evening.

Ishikawa child Japanese music ensemble

Hayaku - A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

26th September  shine  clear autumn sky

Mr.Joost and Mr.Eric!
Thank you for your wonderful videos.

A Moment in Tokyo

25th September  cloudiness  It's windy out there.

cycle parking

24th September  cloudiness  The sky looks threatening.

Funny picture reached!
I have never seen this approach in Kanazawa city.

Autumnal Equinox Day

23rd Sptember  rain  gradual clearing

Today is the national holiday, Autumnal Equinox Day "Shubun no hi".
In Japan, Autumnal Equinox Day is the middle day of a seven-day Buddhist ceremony period.
And on Autumnal Equinox Day, the sun rises in the due east and sets in the due west, and the day and night have the same length.

cluster amaryllis

harvest moon

22nd September  rain  driving rain

Today is harvest moon.
The many Japanese enjoy the full moon and offer it dumplings and Japanese pampas grass.
We were not able to see the full moon in Kanazawa, because it was a pity it's raining.


21st September  cloudy then sunny  It's hot and humid.


This is the photographs from the guest using Shibaya.
Rishirito (Rishiri Island) is small island near the northern tip of Hokkaido.
There is Mount Rishiri in that island center.
The guest has the face towel of Shibaya at the top of Mt. Rishiri!!
When it climbs a mountain, he is always drying the sweat and a runny nose with this towel.

Respect-for-the-Aged Day

20th Sptember  cloudiness  a chilly morning

In Japan, today is a national holiday called Respect-for-the-Aged Day.
It was established to show respect for elderly people, who have contributed to society for many years.
Japanese gentian is a flower presented on Respect-for-the-Aged Day.

afternoon snack

19th September  shine  clear autumn sky 


Today's afternoon snack were famous confection of Sendai city called "haginosato".
I have a huge sweet tooth!

purple Okinawan sweet potato

18th September  shine  balmy morning

Beniimo, a kind of vegetable made in Okinawa, is enjoyed by many for its very distinctive flavor.
Beniimo' natural sweetness is very delicious.

homemade cookies

17th September  rain  rain chicken coops


Here are some homemade cookies.
Try some!!

dish baked au gratin

16th September  rain  a chilly morning




Today's guests was high school student's sports team.
In response to your request, we made the gratin.

The sky in Kanazawa city

15th September  cloudiness  There is crisp air of autumn in this morning.

every time it rains

14th September  shine  There is a crisp air.

It seemed to have rained at the dawn.
There is a nip of fall in the air with every time it rains.


13th September  rain  It's raining so heavily.

The rain stopped and the blue sky is out in the afternoon.
The mornings and evenings are cool to some tune.

good friend

12th September  rain  It's just spitting.

They all went to different high school.
They all always take care of each other!


11th September  shine  The heat returned.

This is a yellowtail.
My uncle caught it off the coast of Uchinada this morning.

 The special today is raw yellowtail "sashimi"!

Ishikawa gate


10th September  shine  It seems like it's going to get hot today.

The Ishikawa gate of Kanazawa Castle is engaged in repairs to help preserve.
Unfortunately, it is covered with boardwalk now.

elevator (lift)

9th September  cloudiness  a sullen sky

The front door of Shibaya is on the second floor.

You must avoid climbing the stairs with a heavy luggage.
Please take the elevator(lift) to the front desk of 2nd floor.
Please just let me know!

Typhoon No9

8th September  rain

It rained off and on all day due to typhoon.
But no typhoon damage was done because it swerved off from Kanazawa city.

training seminar

7th September  shine  It's supposed to rain in the afternoon.
A typhoon is on its way to Kanazawa City.

The Kanazawa city hotel inn union training seminar was a lecture by small and medium enterprise management consultant Mr.toda.
It is evolve to become a challenge.
I have to give it his all!

Flower Arrangement

6th September   clear in the morning, and cloudy later

I arranged the entrance with a new flower this morning.
A flower's life is short in this hot weather.


5th Sptember  shine  it's just muggy.


I visited the family graves.
Usually, people have it at the bon holiday.
However, I have become today by the work-related matter.

Sports Festival

4th Seputember  shine  It will be in the midst of hot day.

A sports festival called Nenrinpic will be held from 9th to 12th October in Kanazawa.
It is expected that accommodations will be crowded.
Please be forewarned.

good rain

3rd September  shine  There are fluffy white clouds.

The weather is getting worse and from 8:30AM to about 10:00AM, we had good rain after a long interval.

shelf fungus

2nd September  shine  We're going to have another hot day.

What's that?
This is shelf fungus called sarunokoshikake.
So, mashrooms named as chairs of monkeys.



1st September  shine  It's hot and humid even in September.


This is a very popular meal at home in Japan called Nikujaga.
Niku means meat, and jaga means potatoes in Japanese.



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