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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)


31st August  shine   extremely hot days with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees

Today is the final day of summer vacation.
My daughter is hard at work on one's homework


30th August  shine  day of real summer heat


In order to keep the accommodation fees 5% low, we currently don`t accept any credit cards.
We would like to give 5% card commission back to our guests instead of paying it to the card companies.
Thank you for your understanding.

yukata party

29th August  shine  The foehn phenomenon is causing. 



This is aspect of today's yukata party.

matsutake mushroom

28th August  shine  Hot humid weather continuing for many days.

Hot humid weather continues for the many day.
But, the matsutake mushrooms called the king of fall flavor are displaying at the shops.
This matsutake mushrooms are from China.
Domestic matsutake mushrooms account for less than ten percent of the market and they are very expensive.


27th August  cloudiness  Humidity level is high.





Karaoke began in Japan and spread throughout the world.
And karaoke boxes are all over the Japan now.

The KARAOKE PARADISE is 5 minutes walk from Shibaya.
It is on the third floor of the amusement facility called Homuran.

Let's go to the karaoke to get rid of stress!

black watermelon

26th August  cloudiness  It's cloudy today.


This is black watermelon called kurosuika.
There is no longitudinal pattern and a black coat is a feature.
The crisp and juicy flesh and
the overflowing fruit juice are the charms.

Guests this summer

25th August  shine  windy at times

In spite of appreciating yen, there was a lot of use from all over the world.
I really appreciate it.
We will build efforts tried hard to make a better ryokan.

lingering summer heat

24th August  shine   The lingering summer heat is intense every day.

summer cold

23rd August  shine  We're going to have another hot day.


To prevent the summer cold from becoming worse,
I got the medicine in the hospital today.

rustic bench

22nd August  shine  It is shine also today.


Here are the bench guest took at the Kenrokuen garden.

White Shrimp "Shiroebi"

21st August  shine  It's hot and humid.



Shiroebi is very popular crustacean in Japanese cuisine.
However it is not as known as other shrimp.
It is mainly caught between depths of 40 and 200 metres off the coasts of Toyama Bay.
Its tempura is very delicious. Please try eating!


20th August  shine  the mornings and evenings are relatively cool

Air conditioner sickness?
Suffering from the summer heat?
I have a runny nose and a headache.

Guest from England

19th August  shine  scorcher 

I was commissioned from England and I found the stuffed animal of this Hello Kitty.
She have now received a Hello Kitty at England.
I'm glad I was of help to her.
I hope I can see you again sometime soon.
Thank you very much.


18th August  shine  fair skies

Today 's snack is the cake of frandore.
This cakes is low-sweet and convenient to eat, and very delicious!


straight perm

17th August  shine  cloudless blue sky

<br />

It is in fashion now to have a straight perm in Japanese girls.

Uchinada coast

16th August  cloudiness  cloudy with occasional showers



Uchinada coast of today.
The surf is up and the bathing season is like over.

gust from spain

15th August  shine  It has been very hot since this morning.


A baby is "little noa" who is from Spain.


14th August  rain  It's just spitting.

Japan's Obon season is from August 13th to the 16th.
Many people receive company holidays during the Bon period and go back to their hometowns, and people visit their ancestral graves.
Moreover, many people enjoy traveling.
For these reasons, expressways and trains and sightseeing area are crowded.

Food mall at Kanazawa station "kutsurogikan" 3F

13th Agust  cloudiness  The chance of rain is 10 percent!

"Kutsurogikan" 3F
  Japanese food      grilled chicken

      ramen         Shabushabu



12th August  rain  prepare for an approaching typhoon

    Tonkatsu-bento and Hirekatsu-bento and Mix-bento
This is bento of Wakura located in Kanazawa station Ajiwaikan.
By the way, it is supper of my home tonight.

Tatami salon

11th August  shine  A typhoon is on its way to Kanazawa city.

Breakfast scenery in tatami salon this morning.

Summer cuisines

10th August  shine with a chance of showers in the afternoon 

sweetfish"ayu" spaghetti squash"soumen kabocha" "kinjiso"



9th August  shine  fair sky





We enjoyed the occasion thoroughly with guests.
This chance excites me and it encourages me a lot.
We're grateful for you all.
Thank you so much!


8th August  shine occasional rain   have a shower?

After the shower, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky at 6:30PM.

boon companion

7th August  shine  a long spell of hot weather

        My father and daughter
       two peas in a pod

Food mall at Kanazawa station "kutsurogikan" 2F

6th August  shine  possibly turning to rain in the evening

"Kutsurogikan" 2F is supermarket and apothecary's shop and kaitenzushi and donuts area.
          supermarket "100 MART"
*This supermarket's daily dish and susi section drops their prices at the 7:30PM.
This is when you have your chance!!

     apothecary's shop "matsumotokiyoshi"

      sushi boats          donuts


5th August  shine  scorching sunlight

Crab is one of the Japanese people's favorite winter foods.
Summer crab is also meaty and delicious!


4th August  shine  hit a new high temperature for this year

Smell of lily is hanging in the air at the entrance of Shibaya.

box stoop

3rd August  shine  day of real summer heat

This is on flights of stairs up of Shibaya.
We decorated this today.

Guests from Spain

2nd August  shine  The midsummer day is 18 days in a row.

"Origami" is a unique Japanese art in which various forms such as flowers and animals are created by folding square paper without the use of glue or scissors.

She is 13-year-old girl from Spain.
She is making origami very well, and a splendid rose was made up!
Thank you.

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