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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

Guests from Netherlands and Dominica and Japan

31th June  shine  It's hot and humid.     

Lovely girls wearing yukata!!
They are going to the fireworks show together.

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Kutsurogikan" 1F

30th July  rain  finally got some rain

"Kutsurogikan" 1F is convenience store and cafe and bakery area.
 convenience store         cafe
       cafe            bakery

       cafe             cafe

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Torendokan"

29th July  cloudiness  The precipitation is forecast?

"Torendokan" is fashion and book area in large part.
      fashion          Kimono

     cosmetic           book

       cafe          Doutor Coffee

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Fureaikan"

28th July  shine  have a long spell of hot weather

"Fureaikan" is in Kanazawa station.
And, there is *information center *post office *ATM *automatic locker *cell-phone *cleaner *DPE *contact lens... there.

   MAPLE HOUSE        capricciosa
       (cafe)          (western food)

   german bakery       information center

     cleaner             DPE

     contact lens        cell-phone

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Omiyagekan"

27th July  shine  day of real summer heat

"Kanazawahyakubangai" is in kanazawa station.
And, it consists of five zones, "Ajiwaikan" "Omiyagekan" " kutsurogikan" "Torendokan" "fureaikan".
The restaurant in "Omiyagekan".

     kagaya            saikaro     
    (Japanese food)          (Chinese food)

   rokubeizushi          tumitei
        (sushi)             (Japanese food)

     sakanaya       kanazawamaimonzushi
   (Japanese food)             (sushi)

      Ginrei           yamasan   
   (western food)           (Japanese food)

    sanraizu        kanazawa chitose coffee
   (western food)             (coffee house)

day of the ox in midsummer

26th July  shine  The extremely hot day continues for seven days.

Today is the day of the ox in midsummer.
We eat eel on the day of the ox in mid-summer to recover from fatigue.

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Ajiwaikan"

25th July  shine  fine day

The "Ajiwaikan" of Kanazawa station is located at 4 minutes on foot from shibaya.
      otafuku          budonoki    
   (noodle/udon,soba)         (pasta,cake)

      lion            wakura
(BEER RESTAURANT)  (deep-fried breaded pork "tonkatsu") 

     kuroyuri         kaimeiken
    (oden/izakaya)         (Western diet)

  hachibanmenya        McDonald's 
  (ramen,dumpling)           (burger)


24th July  fine   There is a little wind.


This is the Kanazawa-watermelon called "Kanazawa-Suika" from Kanazawa.
They are very sweet and tasty!

Guest from Germany in Yukata

23th July  fine  extremely hot day

Beautiful women in yukata today!!

Restaurant near Shibaya "PORTE"

22nd July  fine  hot! hot! hot!

The hotel nikko kanazawa is located at 2 minutes on foot from shibaya.
There are eight restaurants in the first basement of this hotel.
All these restaurants are reasonable prices.
STORE HOURS. 11:00AM-23:00PM


      saizeria          umaimon
     (pasta,pizza)         (sushi,noodle/udon,soba)

     genpachi            kaga
   (ramen,dumpling)        (coffee,sandwich)

    hatsucyoya         danmaya
  (Izakaya/local sake)          (Izakaya)

     iwashiya         ginnokoban
    (Izakaya/oden)           (Izakaya)


Mont-bell shop

21st July  shine  oppressive heat


Mont-bell-shop is located at 2 minutes on foot from Shibaya.

It is located on the first floor of a rifare-building.
It seems to be able to buy cheaplyer than the shop in Europe.

Eiheiji (about 90 minutes from Kanazawa city)

20th July  fine   extreme heat
An increasing number of cases of heat stroke have been reported due to the extremely hot weather.

Eiheiji is one of Soto Zen's two head temples, and it is located on Fukui prefecture.


 Eiheiji time table 

Shirakawago・Kanazawa-bus Line

19th July  fine  extremely hot day    

This is timetables of the bus to Shirakawa(and Takayama).
予約制mark is that advanced reservations required.

This bus will run only three per day.
The fare will be 1800yen one-way, and 3200yen round-trip.
If there's anything I can do to make your trip more pleasant, don't hesitate to let me know.

Guest from Spain

18th July  shine  It's hot and humid.

Baby boy from Spain!
When you grows up a little more, come back again.
Thank you.

Kanazawa's sea "Uchinada beach"

17th July  shine  In most parts of Japan, the rainy season is over.

The Uchinada beach is the nearest beach to Kanazawa, and it is Great time in the summer!

The trip to Uchinada beach is easy, just hop on the Hokutetsu train.
The platform is below ground (down escalators) at Kanazawa station.

The ride takes about 20 mins, and Uchinada is the last stop.


When you get to Uchinada, come out of the station, hook a left and after 20 minutes' walk, you'll arrive in Uchinada beach.

Taxis in Kanazawa city

16th July  shine  It finally got some sunshine.

Here is not taxi stand!
This is taxis waiting for passengers along a busy downtown street"Katamachi" in Kanazawa city.


15th July  rain  rainy season is drawing to a close?  

This is population by sex/population by age of Kanazawa city.
The population of Japan is calculated roughly at 126 million.
The population of Kanazawa city is calculated roughly at 4.58 million.
Posing a danger of a decrease in the Japanese population in the long term.

World Cup player

14th July  rain  It's another raining hard.


World Cup Japanese player Honda who visited Ishikawa Prefectural government!
He was catapulted into fame in this World Cup.

That's so cool !!

average temperature and precipitation

13th July  rain  rain would last this long

The average temperature and precipitation of Kanazawa city in fiscal year 2009.

labor insurance

12th July  rain  rain chicken coops

In Japan, Various laws govern the regulation of labor.
And most violations of the Labor Standards Law impose criminal liability.
I have gone to file for labor insurance today.


11th July  rain  it's cool today.

The ballot counting of the election is performed.
Can the Democratic Party win a majority?

House of Councilors election

10th July  shine  The wind feel great!

A House of Councilors election is planned for tomorrow.
This is the candidate making a street speech for the election.
I want to support a probusiness party.

fireworks displays

9th July  shine  It will begin to rain in the evening.         

This is a spectacle of fireworks displays in last year's Kanazawa city.
In Kanazawa city, fireworks displays are held on July 31th and August 7th.
12,000 fireworks are set off in the night sky, and anticipate more than 240,000 attendees.
Many people go out in Yukata to enjoy fireworks displays.

We are pleased to inform you that we still have rooms available on both days.

Guest from USA

8th July  shine  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy

Beautiful women in yukata tonight!!

star festival "Tanabata"

7th July  cloudiness  cool morning

Today, July 7th is TANABATA, in Japan.
This festival is based on a Chinese legend, in which Kengyuu (the star Alter) meets Orihime (the star Vega) only once a year on this day over the Milky Way.
People celebrate this day by putting up big branches of bamboo with colourful decorations at home.
People also make a wish and hang a strip of paper with their wish written on it.
We can see the Milky Way in Kanazawa city tonight?


6th July  cloudiness  Cloudy mornings turn to clear afternoons. Really?

This is a flowerpot put on the stairs of Shibaya.
It is very beautiful, but I don't know the name of this tree!
What’s the name of this tree?

Honda keisuke

5th July  cloudiness  heavy gray sky

Surprise visit!!
World Cup Japanese player representative Honda showed up suddenly in the Kanazawa city today.
And, he visited alma maters Seiryo high school.

angling "tsuri"

4th July  rain  Humidity level is high.

There is a sea bream of about 38 centimeters.

My son got up early this morning and went angling.
He got a lot of sea bream.
He cooked and served it. It was delicious!!

Japanese facecloth " tenugui"

3rd July  rain  steady rain

This is a tenugui shop that is in the close vicinity of Shibaya.

A tenugui is a piece of dyed cotton cloth, about 35 centimeters by 90 centimeters.
Tenugui have always been very useful.
You can wipe your hands on a tenugui and wash your body with one and also cover your head with one.
People sometimes give tenugui as gifts at the New Year or when they move.
Let's take a look at this shop!


2nd July  cloudiness   make a forecast of rain in the night

Dinner of my home.
Sukiyaki is one of the most favorite beef dishes.
It consists of meat, slowly cooked, alongside vegetables and other ingredients, in a shallow iron pot in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin (warishita).
Before being eaten, the ingredients are usually dipped in a small bowl of raw, beaten eggs.

Japanese beef is often very fat, with marble fat, "like frost" (shimofuri).
There are quite a few regional varieties of cows, some are treated like royalty.

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