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30th June  shine  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy

This is Vuvuzela that exists in my home.
It is not Japan, it is Spain!
Because, my son is rooting for the Spain.

World Cup

29th June  rain  it will shine this afternoon

We enjoyed watching World Cup soccer game Paraguay/Japan on TV.

voluntary guide in Kanazawa “Maidosan”

28th June  cloudiness  Right on! the rainy season sky

Senior local guide called 'Maidosan' may be hired free of charge in order visitors to understand its local history and cultures.
The yellow jacket says "Maido-san, Kanazawa" ("Welcome to Kanazawa" in local dialect.)

bicycle rental

27th June  shine  very hot with the temperature reaching over 30 degrees Celsius

A bicycle rental service called 'Kaiyu' will launch in Kanazawa city, on Saturday and Sunday and holiday from July 17th to October 31st.
Charges is 500yen for one bicycle a day.
Please visit the port town and the beach by bicycle.

"bicycle rental.net"  

Toronto's photo

26th June  rain   steady rain

      http://Toronto photos
This is Toronto's photo sent from Canada's guest.
I was felt that Toronto was different from Kanazawa's town.
I'm very surprised that the policeman had put on shorts, and the demonstration also is an absolutely impossible spectacle in the Kanazawa city.
Thank you for the many pictures of your city.


25th June  shine  I got up bright and early in the morning to watch World Cup soccer games.

The amaryllis received last year is blooming beautifully again this year.


24th June  shine  glorious day


Hydrangea is a popular flower often seen in "tsuyu" (rainy period in early summer).
Hydrangea is loved by the Japanese people as its brilliant colors are refreshing in the gloomy rainy period.


23rd June  rain  steady rain

In Japan, all areas except the Hokkaido have a hot and very humid rainy season called the Baiu that lasts from early June to late-July.
Kanazawa city is in the middle of rainy season now.
So, be sure to take your umbrella with you!

cute baby guest from Netherlands

22nd June  cloudiness  Humidity level is high.

Oh, what a cute baby!

paddy area

21st June  rain  It rains like cats and dogs.

wet paddy rice growing landscape
In the Kanazawa city, reach peaceful suburb in only 10 minutes by car.

In the Kimono

20th June  cloudiness  It's supposed to rain in the afternoon.

Japanese-dance teacher and daughter.
Where are you off to in the kimonos?

Guests from Fukui Prefecture

19th June  rain  gradual clearing

Dinner spectacle tonight.
They are high school female student sports team.
Let's have a lot of dishes and enjoy!

dinner preparation

18th June  cloudiness  gray morning threatened rain

We are preparing to make dinner.
It is use of the high school student tonight.
I'll be ready in 20 minutes!
Time to run.....

Flower Arrangement

17th June  shine  It seems like it's going to get hot today.

‘Sea Treasure’ has large, wide-petalled, sparkling white flowers, each accented with a sliver of rosy peach at the throat.
Tall, willowy but sturdy stems.
It is wonderfully fragrant!

Kaga vegetable "Kaga yasai"

16th June  rain  drizzling rain

This is thick cucumbers from Kaga "Kaga futo kyuuri".
Kaga vegetables are indispensable to kanazawa's cooking.
There are 15 Kaga vegetables, and "Kaga futo kyuuri" is one of the Kaga vegetables.
These vegetables are familiar home cooking vegetables as well in Kanazawa.

I made lightly pickled vegetables in salt with this.
The pulp is mellow and juicy.

Tai Chi

15th June  shine  Precipitation is forecast at the evening.


Many elderly people are practicing tai chi in the basements of Kanazawa station.
It is doing twice a week, of course my mother also is participating.
The best of health to you!

Guests from Belgique in yukata

14th June  cloudiness  It looks like rain any time now.


Beautiful women in yukata today!!

Japanese vermicelli "Somen"

13th June  shine  The weather will become worse.

Somen are thinly cold Japanese noodles,and it's a popular summer meal in Japan.
There's nothing like Japanese vermicelli during the summer!!


We started free service of the yukata for everybody who wants to wear kimono for the first time.




Because I will support you even if you have never tried Yukata before, It's okay.
You can wear it anywhere you like, for example going out, for a walk, on fireworks, festivals, etc.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to help you out with any questions you might have.  
Please have fun and enjoy the wonderful yukata!
Please experience Japan unique and fascinating culture!

                 Yukata inquiries Mail form    



dishes of "Udo"

11th June  shine  occasionally cloudy

These are dishes of last night's "Udo".
     stalk region                green ends

                fritter  "Tempura"

    stir-fried "Kinpira"        cooked dish

wild vegetables "udo"

10th June  shine  hot weather

This is wild vegetables called "udo" that it was grown at Hakusan in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Udo is a fragrant plant that has a distinct flavor, and it contains various nutrients.

My parents are preparing udo.

Ama-Ebi (Sweet Shrimp)

9th June  shine  It was raining last night.

What in blazes are you eating?           

Here it is!
"Amaebi"-Raw Pink Shrimps caught in the Sea of Japan! 

The juicy taste and a rich sweetness fill the mouth when one gets a bit of "Amaebi".
The best way to enjoy Amaebi is to have it the simple way by eating Amaebi sashimi with Ishikawa's local shoyu (soy sauce) which goes nicely with seafood.
Amaebi is found in the deep waters of Sea of Japan and you can not only enjoy the sweet flavor of it but also it's shiny pink color.

loquat fruits

8th June  cloudiness  There's a 40 percent chance of rain.

The loquat has been sent by the guest.
The loquat the size of lemon were very sweet.
Just before rainy season, loquat fruits become available in Japan.
Thank you. Mr.S
I hope I can see you again sometime soon.

hamburger steak

7th June  shine  It is not nearly as sunshine as yesterday.

This is a hamburger steak that my daughter made last night.
The daughter is wag and a tomboy but she's dexterous.
Hanae! That means a lot to me.  Thank you! 

breakfast preparation

6th June  shine  stay fine for 7 days

We are in the middle of preparations for breakfast at 5:30AM,
because the guests in this morning eats it at 5:50AM.
We will make the utmost effort to meet and respond to the various needs of our guests.
Please feel free to tell us!!


5th June  shine  It seems like it's going to get hot today.


The son arm-wrestled with the guests.
It was my privilege to have known guests so well, and I really appreciate.
Thank you.

Kanazawa Horse park

4th June  shine  Temperatures are expected to be around 24degrees.


The event is held in the Kanazawa Horse park on June 20th.
I'll take you if you are interested in it.
Please feel free to ask us!

http://kanazawa hose park

check day 

3rd June  shine  good weather has a long time

Today is check day of fire alarm apparatus.
fire alarm apparatus . elevator . high-tension electricity . building ...
We are meticulously careful to your stay safety. 

Flower Arrangement

2nd June  shine  Today is balmy day.

I arranged flowers that made yellow the main on today.


1st June  shine  It's a sunny day without a cloud in the sky.

The Hyakumangoku Matsuri festive atmosphere envelop the Kanazwa city.
Road traffic is reroute during the festival.
The closed to vehicular traffic happens around the station in the Kanazawa city on June 5th.



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