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building under construction

31th May  shine  Today is Bright and sunny!!


Previously, There were large leisure facilities.
It was finally demolished, and construction started though it was the vacant lot for over a year.
What is built up?  It is a fun for me!

Guest from Tokyo

30th May  cloudiness  mostly cloudy

He is come to Shibaya on business from Tokyo.
He gather edible wild plants between jobs.
This is Japanese butterbur.

I cook wild vegetable that he gathered.

Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby)

29th May  cloudiness  feel cold and turn on a heater

What are you people doing?
You seem to be having fun.

Yes, We are serious!

What is this? I see you expect horse racing.

The Tokyo Yushun (Japanese Derby) will be run on Sunday 30th May over 2400m at the Tokyo racecourse.

strawberry jam

28th May  cloudiness  Possible rain is few, but it is cold.


The strawberry season is nearing an ends at Kanazawa.
They made jam that to eat a lot of the loved strawberries.

baby's guest

27th May  rain  It is raining also today.

Is this kangaroo?   She wore very lovely baby shoes.

No, no.
The small object is a cute baby of 4-months-old.
Come again.


26th May  rain  Today, temperatures are unusually low.

This is a typical type of traditional sake from Korea called "Maccori".
It is brewed from rice and wheat in earthenware pots.

I will not get drink tonight.
However, because this was gotten, I had inadvertently drunk.
It's mellow taste and I have drunk a lot.

le 25 mai 2010 au Jardin Paul Bocuse, Ishikawa, Japon

25th May  rain  rain quite steadily

Shiinoki Cultural Complex

*Amuse-bouche    *Asperges blanches moelleuses,sauce Hollandaise
*Côte de porc rôtie au thym,son jus,compotée d'oignons blancs
*Tarte fondante au chocolat noir et créme de menthe , Café

paper lantern "chochin"

24th May rain  It has been raining for a day without letup.

The chochin paper lantern is a traditional form of illumination in Japan, made from washi paper.
Chochin are hung outside inn and, we celebrate the Hyakumangoku Matsuri of the Kanazawa city.


23rd May  rain  It raining off and on all day.

Sumo is Japan's national sport.
Today was closing day of the Grand Sumo Tournament.
The national athletic meeting of the high school student sumo wrestling was held in the Kanazawa city.

Flower Arrangement

22nd May  cloudiness  It will be cloudy all day long.


We had everything ready for the guests!
It is the beginning of busy day.

overlooked sightseeing spot

21st May shine  balmy day

Ishikawa international salon    
Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange

"Jyonanso"  Old Yokoyama baron mansion

Both admission are free.
Please call on it if you have time.

contraseasonal fireworks

20th May  cloudiness  cloudy with occasional showers

ha1.jpeg  ha2.jpeg

hanabi1.jpeg  hanabi2.jpeg
We set off contraseasonal fireworks with guests.
This is sparkler(sparkling firework).
Japanese fireworks are more colorful and beautiful.
Let's enjoy fireworks with us in summer.

Shiinoki Cultural Complex

19th May  rain  It has been raining for all day long without letup.



I went to the Shiinoki Cultural Complex on today!
The Shiinoki Cultural Complex in Kanazawa has been used as a government facility since 1924.
Though renovated, the complex consists of the Ishikawa Office of a Consortium of Universities, Jardin Paul Bocuse French restaurant, as well as an art gallery and seminar rooms.

Kanazawa photos

18th May  shine  becoming partly cloudy in the evening


     http://Kanazawa photos

     Dear bill, Nicely done.
     Only you could have done it!
     Thank you so much

season of fresh greenery

17th May  shine  Bright and sunny again.


I think that in almost all parts of Japan the best seasons are spring.
In the spring there are beautiful green leaves and a variety of flowers and everything's rosy.
This is a Shibaya's bath in this morning at 6:00AM .

Guests from Israel and Australia and Japan

16th May  shine  sunny for a day of today

We palled up quickly.
But, we didn't speak English or Japanese.
He from Nagano Prefecture said,
"I think that's perfectly OK if there was a mind"...

Maisongrace Ange

15th May  shine  cloudless May sunshine


This is sweet treat in Yokohama City which has a cultured smell of sweet perfume.
They was so delicious that We devoured them all in no time!

 http://Maisongrace Ange

Kanazawa university hospital

14th May  rain  gradual clearing



This is Kanazawa university hospital.
This hospital is one of the biggest or the best in the city.
We are possible to seeing a doctor when we take a letter of introduction.


13th May  rain  It's very cold for May.


Garbage is collected free of charge in Kanazawa city.
However, food scraps, pets, and cans, etc. are must separating.
The problem of waste is really serious in Japan.
An increasing number of local governments begin charging local residents for garbage collection.
To dispose of this broken suitcase, We have to pay 500 yen for the Kanazawa city.

"ikebana" flower arrangement

12th May  rain  It's just spitting.

          Paeonia lactiflora and Gerbera

    This year's temperature is ↑↓ .
    A recent temperature is like the roller coaster.
    The flower might be surprised, too.

Rakuten travel course

11th May  rain  rainy day all the way through

The Kanazawa city hotel inn union course for the current year is "Rakuten travel course. "
The first course was held today.
I have to give it his all!

Japan's photo

10th May  cloudiness  It is an overcast weather today.

     http://japan photos
This is Japan's photo sent from Canada's guest.
It's beautiful and really moved me!
Please feel free to look around. 

Mother's Day

9th May  shine  warm May sunshine

<a href=
Mother's Day in Japan is almost the same as that in the United States.
The second Sunday in May is a day to respect and thank mothers.
On the day of Mother's Day, it is most common in Japan to give carnation to mothers.

Mister Donut

8th May  shine  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy

I ate Mister Donut with children for snack today.
Abbreviation name in Japan is "Misudo", and there are about 1,300 stores throughout Japan.

Clivia miniata

7th May  rain  It's first rain in a long while and the temperature fell rapidly.

Walk up the front steps of shibaya, the Clivia miniata flower have now come into bloom.


6th May  shine  There is a chance of rain in the evening.

My father taked a full day to clean the Japanese Baths today.

Children's Day

5th May  shine  The fine day carry on for a long time!

            Koinobori              Hanashōbu "Japanese iris"

           Shōbuyu                      kashiwamochi  

May 5th is Children's Day in Japan, and Children's Day is a Japanese national holiday which takes place annually.
At the Children's Day, these include bathing with iris leaves in the water and eating rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves called kashiwamochi.


4th May  shine  cloudless sky

   It is a cleaning of the outside wall and the window.



3th May  shine  bright morning

Temperatures in Kanazawa have reached 26 degrees centigrade today.
It was such a nice, warm day today!!


2nd May  shine  warm May sunshine

Sweetfish“Ayu” is called the “Queen of clear stream”.
The flesh of the Ayu has distinctive and sweet flavour.

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