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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

Castella and Rusk

30th April  rain  gradual clearing

            Castella                        Rusk 
This is castella "Kasutera" of today's snack "Oyatsu".
Guest's gifts.
Kasutera is hardly ever baked at home in Japan.
You can buy it in any supermarket of Japan.
Harmony of a sweet flavor of Caramel and Sponge are very delicious!!!

This is an example of food serve at Ryokan Shibaya.

            Shibaya's Dinner   
        *Sashimi (Slices of raw fish)
        *Fish dish
        *Meat dish
        *Jibuni (local cuisine)
        *vinegared food
        *vegetable salad
        *miso soup, Japanese pickles, Rice, fruit

            Shibaya's breakfast              
        *horse mackerel, cut open and dried
        *fried egg
        *food boiled in sugared broth
        *first frying, and simmering, vegetables
        *vegetable salad
        *miso soup, Japanese pickles, Rice, fruit

Advanced reservations required, because we goes to Ohmicho Market every morning to purchase fresh ingredients for the number of guests on the day.
Please feel free to ask us, if you want to eat something.
We will meet guests' requests.


28th April  cloudiness  cloudy with occasional showers

The daughter wearing kimono of my early life(30 years ago) is in a good mood!!
However, if she grows any further, my kimono will not suffice.

Accommodation plan to "Hyakumanngoku matsuri"

Accommodation plan to experience the whole world of "Hyakumangoku matsuri".

As for this plan, the pavilion ticket(2500yen) is included in the price.

check-in date: 4th June 2010
Semi-double bed room(for 2 persons) + pavilion ticket
6800yen (perperson/2nights)

check-in date: 5th June 2010
Semi-double bed room(for 2 persons) + pavilion ticket
4800yen (perperson/1night)


*Those who make reservation for hyakumanngoku Matsuri Plan through this Mail Form will be offered FREE Rental ladies'Yukata. (only three Yukata)
And of course, We will help you dress.

  Hyakumangoku matsuri Mail form    




26th April  shine  nice warm day

"First International Triennale of KOGEI in Kanazawa"

"Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide"

wing tip

25th April   shine  fair skies


This is wing tips containing cod ovum "mentaiko."
It is crisp on the outside and juicy in the middle, and it is snacks to go with the beer! 

cream puff

24th April  shine  sunny but cold day

          What is this?
          OH! Cube cream puff!!

        mango cream               sakura and red beans cream

   citron and red beans cream             sesame cream

Hyakumangoku Matsuri

The Hyakumangoku Matsuri is the main annual festival taking place in Kanazawa city.
The festival commemorates the entry of Lord Maeda Toshiie into Kanazawa Castle in 1583.
It begins with Kaga Yuzen Toro-Nagashi,other events include public tea ceremonies staged in Kenrokuen and around the city center, performances of traditional arts, folk dancing in the streets, a Miss Hyakumangoku beauty contest, and a children's dram and lantern parade at night through the city center.

Date: 4th-6th June in 2010    "Hyakumangoku_Matsuri"

'Kaga-yuzen Toro Nagasi'

The first event of the Hyakumangoku Festival in Kanazawa is the Lantern Festival (Kaga-yuzen Toro-nagashi).
The Asanogawa is one of the beautiful rivers that flows through Kanazawa. (20minutes on foot from Shibaya)
Lanterns made of Kaga-yuzen silk and also rice-paper and bamboo are lit up with candles and flated down the river.
It is create a fantastic sight!
Date: 4th June in 2010   19:00~21:00    "Tōrō nagashi"

'Hyakumangoku Parade'

The highlight of the festival is the Hyakumangoku Parade.
The parade reenacts the triumphal entrance of Lord Maeda and his entourage into Kanazawa.
At major intersections, parade spectators are treated to performances such as shishimai(lion dances)and the famous ladder-top acrobatics of the Kaga firemen.

Date: 5th June in 2010   14:00~18:10

'Hyakumangoku Odori-nagashi'

12,000 people dance on the main street in Korinbo district.
Date: 5th June in 2010   18:30~21:00

'Hyakumangoku Takigi Noh'

The traditional Noh play is performed outdoors with lights supplied by bonfires in Kanazawa Castle Park.
Date: 6th June in 2010   18:30-21:00

"Hyakumangoku.net"    Why don't you join us?

apple pie

22nd April  rain  rainy day all the way through


This is an apple pie of the shop in the Kanazawa city named "gironbo".
I like this pie whose sweetness of the apple is a delicious,reasonable price.

"patisserie gironbo"

Son, Daughter, Nephew, and Niece

21st April  cloudiness  It will clear up in the afternoon.

Childrens grew up, and doesn't need as much care.
However, they need money to do something.

We hope that we can serve you again.

20th April  cloudiness  chance of showers in the afternoon

There was use from all over the world, including Japan at the cherry-blossom season.
It was indeed a pleasure to have you at shibaya.
I really appreciate it.


19th April  shine  nice warm day

This is the narcissi in bloomed at the mountain.
Narcissus is one of the most popular flowers in the world and the most popular flower in Germany?

Hougaku Hall

18th April  shine  It finally got some sunshine.

This is Ishikawa prefectural Japanese music hall.
It is a 5-minute walk from Shibaya.

Kanazawa's dance performance was here today.


17th April  cloudiness  It is mostly cloudy with intermittent rainshowers. 


"Hanamatsuri" was held with Kanazawa's Higashi Betsuin today.
The boy scouts of us opened the shop.

Guests from North Britain and Japan(Tokyo)

16th April  cloudiness  turn wintry

Guests in foreign country, guests in Japan, and my family.

Octopus ocellatus

15th April  cloudiness  It's another very cold.

This is Octopus ocellatus that my uncle captured this morning.

These are rubbing with salt, and simmering with soy sauce and mirin.

Cherry blossom

14th April  cloudiness  call for cloudy skies all day


Cherry blossoms begin to falling.
And pink carpet is made on the ground.
The season of new green leaves is just around the corner!

Family crest "Mon" or " Kamon"

13th April  cloudiness  It's supposed to rain in the afternoon.

Mon, or Kamon, which literally means "family crest," are logos that the Japanese have used to display one’s family line and family status. There are more than 5,116 Mon, categorized into 241 types.
This is Mon of my home.

URL : http://ningyo.mokukouya.com/bon/popkamon.html


12th April  rain  It's windy, and cold.

This is juice "Katsugen" of the Hokkaido limited sale.
The shipping cost from Hokkaido are higher than these merchandise!!


11th April  rain  There are yesterday and today's about 10 degrees temperature differences.

This is Motion of Apple Computer Inc. that the guest have been using.
I saw such a personal computer for the first time.

water heater

10th April  shine  reasonably-warm

The water heater is broken due to heavy use today.
Quickly, we replaced with a new one.


Japanese-style room type 

9th April  shine  occasionally cloudy 

16 tatami mats size room

16 tatami mats size room is maximum capacity 8 persons.
There is enough space to expand one's legs there.
You will be able to relax comfortably with the family and the friend.

Kenrokuen Garden

8th April  shine  It will clear by weekend.

I came across bride and bridegroom in traditional wedding attire at the Kenrokuen garden in today.
The bridegroom wore "haori" (a half-coat) and "hakama" (a divided skirt), and the bride wore "shiromuku" (a pure white kimono).

We spread mats on the ground under the blossoms and have parties with family or co-workers at night.
This is hold a place for that.
On weekends, the ground will be overwhelmed with blue-rug!

Vernal flowers

7th April  rain  It's just spitting.

In Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park, cherry blossoms are full-bloomed.
And moreover, various flowers are full-bloomed in Shibaya!!

Semi-double room type

6th April  Perfect weather for cherry-blossom viewing!!

These are semi-double rooms for one person or two people.
*1 small sized double bed (123 cm x 195 cm)
The addition of the extra bed is also possible.




Twin room type

5th April  cloudiness  One day it's spring!

   Twin beds room L
                      When the two beds push together,
                        It becomes a double bed of 195cmx195cm.

   Twin beds room S
        The two beds not push together.

Guests from Australia

4th April  fine  finally again clear sky

   Unexpected event, English lesson!!

   My daughter can't hold one's own.

   Youthful energetic teachers!, Thank you for your teaching.


    I hope I can see you again sometime soon.

carp streamer  "koinobori"

3rd April  cloudy with a chance of showers  unpredictable weather

May 5th is Boys' Festival in Japan, part of Japanese traditional culture.
The carp streamer imitates that a dragon climbs a waterfall.
This is wishing that a boy succeeds in life, like a dragon speed.
Usually, the carp streamer flies high under the blue sky.
However,Many people who live in the town decorate the carp streamer in the room because of the housing situation.
The situation is the same with Shibaya.
Therefore, it is in the lobby of Shibaya.

Guests from Australia

2nd April  cloudy with occasional showers

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.
And, moreover, You were most kind to give me this many present.
We look forward to seeing you again on some occasion in the future.
Thank you.

cherry blossom

1st April  cloudiness  relatively warm weather

This is a Shinto shrine that is in the close vicinity of Shibaya.
There is a cherry blossoms tree there, and it have only partially blossomed so far.
Cherry trees fully blossom about a week after they start to bloom.
Therefore, cherry blossoms here will become full-bloomed on around April 6th.



Kanazawa Shibaya

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