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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

Japanese bathrobe "Yukata"

31st March  cloudiness  It is falling sky.

Shibaya have started selling Japanese bathrobe(Yukata).
new - The price is 2500yen.
(made in Japan, 100% cotton)

These are yukatas used at Shibaya now, and it is still possible to use.
used - The price is 500yen, including obi.

These make popular souvenirs!! 

mineral-rich artificial hot spring of the crystal stone

30th March  shine  be fine but bitterly cold morning

The snow melted and Camellia japonica have now come into bloom.
You can watch this scenery while taking a bath.

Please soaked to mineral-rich artificial hot spring of the crystal stone, relieve the weariness of the journey.

snow! snow!

29th March  cloudy in the morning, and rain later.

  Winter came again.
  The temperature is decline, and light snow falls.
  Please come wearing a lot of warm clothes.

scenic restaurant

28th March  cloudiness  It looks like it's going to rain in the afternoon.

Kanazawa kokusai hotel is one of the scenic hotel in the Kanazawa city.
Kanazawa's town can be looked at from the top-floor restaurant in a hotel.

Japanese Cuisine can be tasted in this restaurant
and this Japanese Cuisine tastes as good as it looks.

        http://kanazawa kokusai hotel


Japanese policeman

27th March  shine  sunny but cold day

This is Japanese policeman.
I found it in the intersection near Shibaya.
It is a curious sight. And, what they are doing is not understood.
What gives?

Guests from foreign

26th March  rain  mixture of snow and rain

There was guests from many foreign countries tonight.
Thank you for using Ryokan Shibaya.


25th March  rain  It's cold this morning.


This is my favorite pot-sticker in the Kanazawa city.
It is that are easy to chew by the bite-size.
I always eat 15 pieces.

Flower Arrangement

24th March  cloudiness  cloudy with occasional rain

          Newly arranged flowers.

computer games

23rd March  cloudy  it looks like rain


Are You on a date with that game?
They stopped talking to each other and only spend so much time on computer games.
I think that games must have some kind of influence on children's minds.
It's a difficult state of affairs.

traditional culture of Kanazawa

22nd March  shine  The temperature is the normal range.

The Kanazawa city is teaching children the hand drum, the drum, Okawa, the samisen, and the song free of charge for preservation of traditional culture of Kanazawa.

Traditional culture sustains childrens and builds self-confidence.
We make arrangements to see this at free of charge.

kiddie breakfast menu

21st March  come the first spots of rain
A strong wind blew from yesterday to this morning and there was a yellow sand phenomenon.

   This is kiddie breakfast menu in this morning.
   The fare is 800 yen.

   *Grilled salted salmon, Kelp boiled in soy sauce
   *burnt ham, potato salad
   *shrimp fried egg
   *flavored laver, friend of rice
   *fruit cup
   *miso soup, Rice, orange juice

Guests from Singapore

20th March  shine  It'll be clear in the morning, and cloudy later.


Thank you very much for returning your questionnaire. 
We thank you for your time and courtesy in responding to the questionnaires.
Please take care of oneself and give birth to healthy baby!
Thank you and come again with baby. 

mat salon

19th March  shine  sunny but cold day

It's midnight.
The guests is crazy about the talk at the mat salon of Shibaya.
Thank you. Have a nice day.

"bonbori" papaer lamp

18th March  shine   clear in the morning, and cloudy later 

"Bonbori" paper lamp for cherry-blossom viewing began to queue up.
Just waiting to the flowering of cherry blossoms.

The start of the cherry blossom season in Kanazawa may be around early April.
Please enjoy seeing the cherry trees in full bloom.

Shiinoki State Guesthouse

17th March  cloudiness  The wind is crisp.


On April 10th, the Shiinoki State Guesthouse will open in Kanazawa City.
Mr. Jardin Paul Bocuse's restaurant and cafe are scheduled to enter for the first floor and the second floor.
The Shiinoki State Guesthouse is located near Kenrokuen garden and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.
This opening coincides with cherry-blossom viewing season in Kanazawa, therefore, the Kanazawa city will be crowded with many people.
And, it is likely to become Kanazawa's new sightseeing spot!

graduation ceremony

16th March  cloudiness  cloudy with a chance of rain


I attended my child's junior high school graduation ceremony today.
Please set a goal and try hard to reach your dream!


15th March  cloudiness  It looks like it could start raining at the afternoon.

I have a weakness for sweets.
So I go to see a dentist on a regular basis to keep my teeth healthy.
The dentist found a small cavity in the my tooth.
I need to go to the dentist's thrice another time.

distilled spirit "shochu"

14th March   shine  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy

This is a spectacle of last night's dinner.
They were drinking a lot of distilled spirit "shochu".

The shochu is a distilled liquor of a Japanese tradition.
Shochu is made of spirits distilled from fermented rice, potatoes, wheat or the like and retains some of the original flavor. Being distilled, it contains more alcohol than sake (25 to 35%).

Finnish student

13th March  Cloudy, later, occasionally rain


Penmanship experience of Finnish student Mate.

spaghetti (pasta)

12th March  shine  good weather           


This is a lunch spaghetti(pasta) that the son made for the family.
When He was young, He was picky about food.
However, It has gradually just died out when he come to cook for myself.
The eggplant is one of them.



11th March  shine   The sky is starting to clear up.     

    This is a breakfast of Shibaya this morning.
     *horse mackerel, cut open and dried
     *fried egg
     *food boiled in sugared broth
     *first frying, and simmering, vegetables
     *vegetable salad
     *miso soup, Japanese pickles, Rice, fruit

sewing machine

10th March  rain  It looks like it's not going to stop raining.


  The sewing machine is falling into disuse at home in Japan today.
  However, my daughter was begging for it.
  This sewing machine is great for beginners.
  Immediately, she made the apron and bags.

broad bean

9th March  snow  It seems back to winter again.



This is broad bean of Kagoshima Prefecture Ibusuki.
The guest brought it from Kagoshima Prefecture.
Very delicious when I boiled and salted it.
Thank you.

plum blossom

8th March  cloudiness  It's so cold outside.

  Bonsai of plum blossoms is in full bloom now in sibaya.
  It's attracting of the stares of passers-by.

birthday cake

7th March  rain  It has been raining without letup.


   The number of candles has increased so much!
   Happiness increased, too!!   Thank you.

Japanese flower arrangement "ikebana"

6th March  a spatter of rain   leaden skies

This is traditional Japanese flower arrangement, called "ikebana".
In Shibaya, welcome guests with this beautiful arrangement of flowers.


5th March  occasional flurries  sunny for the afternoon


This is cartoons and magazines space of sibaya.
The guests can freely see these.
Cartoons of the kind seen in Japan today got their start in the newspapers of late 1800s.

Does the Japanese cartoons acquire high popularity in other countries?

Japanese doll

4th March  cloudiness  occasional flurries

This is a Japanese doll in Shibaya.
Japanese dolls wear kimono, Japanese traditional clothes.
Their hairs are done up in the Japanese coiffure.
Japanese dolls are generally quite expensive because each part of the dolls is made by hand and silk is used for their kimonos.

Dolls' festival

3rd March  cloudiness  It is obscured sky.

March 3rd is the day of the Dolls' festival in Japan today.
Families with girls display a set of hina dolls at home and make offerings of Hishimoti and Hina-arare and the peach branch is decorated.

Three colors (white, blue, and the peach of the water caltrop rice cake and Hinaarare) show the bud (blue) and the life (peach) of the earth (white) and trees of the snow respectively.
There is a meaning of being able to receive the energy of nature to eat this three color cake and to grow up healthily.

Japanese-style bedding

2nd March  cloudiness  showery weather


This is scene that spread bedding on the tatami.
Customarily, Japanese sit directly on tatami-mat floors and sleep on them as well, with futon mattresses.
The good thing about a futon is that you can fold it up and you've got an empty room.

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