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"Jibuni" Kaga recipe

28th February  cloudiness  call for cloudy skies

        "duck meat"             "Sudare-fu"

              "Jibuni" of Shibaya
Jibuni is a very special traditional Kaga recipe in that it uses duck meat in accordance with the original style from the old times. Jibuni stew uses specially designed lacquer, jibuwan which is wide and shallower than normal bowls which shows that Jibuni has a special place in the traditional Kaga cuisine. It's made with duck meat covered with flour, a special ingredient "Sudare-fu"-made with seasonal vegetables and shiitake (mountain mushrooms). When you consider Japanese food, Jibuni is a recipe with a difference. Wasabi is added as a condiment.
Please try Jibuni with Shibaya!!

spectacle of the dinner

27th February  cloudiness  with a chance of showers

     This is a spectacle of the dinner.
     Stomachs of everybody are full!!

pot-sticker and hot spicy tofu

26th February  rain  make a forecast of rain during a day


This is pot-sticker and hot spicy tofu of "Karyuutei" in knazawa city.
The all-you-can-eat of the dish with more than 100 kinds of goods is recommended.
The price is 1980 yen.
Six-kind lunch is all 780 yen.
You may have free refills on rice and soup.

yellowtail "Buri-Shabu"

25th February  shine  cloudless sky


Buri-Shabu is a kind of hot-pot dish,
where the yellowtail is thinly sliced and quickly cooked in a boiling pot.
It can then be dipped in a Japanese vinegared sauce.
It is very delicious!!
Please try the Buri-Shabu of Shibaya.

fried fish "OKOZE"

24th February  shine  The sky is completely clear.

Guess what
This is a fish that is called "Okoze".
It has the deadly poison in the dorsal fin, and it has a grotesque face.
However, the fat of the body is a little in the white meat, and the taste is delicious.
It has dealings all the year round by high price in Japan.

It salts, and coat with flour.        deep-fry
Tempura of vegetable that is called "Wasabina"

vernal flowers

23th February  shine  
In recent days, the glorious spring weather continues to Kanazawa.

The lobby of Shibaya is full of the fragrance of vernal flowers.
It seems to show the coming of spring.

Dancer's fan

22th February  shine  warm for February    


The dancer's fan is a fan used for the Classical Japanese dance, and it is beautiful traditional craft goods of Japan.
The difference with a usual fan is for the weight of lead to exist, and tie wood and paper with a piece of string.

Classical Japanese dance

21 February  shine  It'll be clear in the morning, and cloudy later.





A day of 13-year-old daughter started at 8 am and ended 8 pm.
She performed the dance at the recital of the Classical Japanese dance.
Classical Japanese dance is consists of three elements,mai,odori,and furi.
Now Japanese dance is practiced as a feminine refinement.
When they dance,they wear Japanese folk costumes, Kimono.

Cream puff and Sweet bun of Osaka

20th February  cloudiness  It looks like rain.

cream-filled cream puff of WITTAMER

bean-paste-filled Ampan of Hankyu Department Store

Junior high school schoolhouse 

19 February  snow  There is about 3 centimeters of snow on the ground at now.


This is a schoolhouse at the junior high school to which my childrens attend.
It is right by Kenrokuen garden, and located next to a Kaga yuzen tradition industrial hall.
The School was established in 1947, it have a history of oldest in Kanazawa.
And, it is said that the red outer walls of the schoolhouse is unusual.

one-pot dish cooked at the table "Yosenabe"

18th February  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy,
                     But the sky is dark in the west.

"Yosenabe" is a one-pot Japanese dish.
It literally means putting everything together in a pot.
You can put various ingredients, such as fish, seafood, and vegetables in yosenabe.
Please simmer until being softened by broth (dashi) made of sake, the soy sauce, the mirin, seaweed, and the salt.
Yosenabe is almost always served with Ponzu Sauce.
In Japan, one-pot dish cooked at the table is one of the popular winter dish.

pickled plum

17th February  cloudiness  It will rain today.


Umeboshi Plum is a traditional, naturally processed, pickled plum used throughout Japan for its health-promoting properties.
I cook fishes in soy sauce of this pickled plum.
This is nutritious and tasty dish.

English blog course

16th February  cloudiness  It looks like it's going to rain.


I am attending an English blog course of the Kanazawa city hotel inn union that started last spring.
And this blog was made.
At first, everything was very difficult for me.
However, I made-up with help from a teachers and participants.
I'm so grateful to everyone.
Unfortunately, this course ended today.
I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me.

Driftwood in Flower Arrangements

15th February  cloudiness  It looks like it could start raining at any moment.




This is driftwood that has been washed onto beach of a sea by the action of winds.
My father cuts down and polishes this.
Driftwood can look very good in both dried and fresh flower arrangements, father says to me.

Saint Valentine's Day

14th February  shine  It is a fine morning for the first time in many years.

Today is Saint Valentine's Day.
My daughter has been making chocolates, truffles and cookies by hand all morning.
How many you make at all?

Olympics logo and Kotojitourou 

13th  shine  sunny but cold day

    Olympics logo               Kotojitourou 
The Vancouver Olympics started finally today.
Is this Olympics logo similar to Kotojitourou? (in the Kanazawa's Kenrokuen Garden)

Kotojitourou is used also for the manhole and the stamp.
            manhole               stamp


Guests from Australia

12th February  cloudiness  The snow piled a little.

He has a good command of the Japanese language.
You have helped me in a big way, because I know very little English.
They were cute and polite.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you.  

Spring Cabbage

11th February  rain  The temperature is low.

The Spring Cabbage is started lining up at the shop in Kanazawa.
It is very soft and sweet.
This is easy salad made in a busy part of the morning.
It was a cooking for three minutes!!!

"Kinkato"  sugar sweet stuff

10ht February  rain  intermittent rainshowers

         "Kinkato" sugar sweet stuff

This is one of the indispensable decoration sweet stuffs in Kanazawa's Hinamatsuri and happy occasions.
Melted caster sugar pour into a wood pattern, and hardened, and color.
The craftsman in Kanazawa honor traditions and make sweet stuffs the way it has been done.

shibaya's elevator

9th February  cloudiness  gray-sky morning

Today was periodic maintenance check day of elevator.
To secure guest's safety, we are doing the check maintenance of the elevator as often as once a month.
Please make use of shibaya's elevator with a sense of security.

Guests from Australia

8th February  cloudiness  It's supposed to rain in the afternoon.

It is time of the dinner at Shibaya.
You would eat everything in sight, saying "Meal of Japan is great!"
In addition to rice and pickles, there are sashimi , boiled fish, beef steak and salad, crabe nabe, vinegared dishes and dessert.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Buri teriyaki

7th February  shine  It'll be clear in the morning, and cloudy later.  

"Buri teriyaki" is a good side dish in a Japanese-style meal.
Teriyaki is a way of Japanese cooking.
To make a teriyaki dish, ingredients are broiled or roasted after being marinated in or basted by teriyaki sauce.
It is the teriyaki sauce that brings the shiny look (teri) to the ingredients.

cold day

6th February  cloudiness  "Brrrr. It's cold this morning."

Though the snow did not get off so much last night, the temperature is low even if the afternoon comes, and trees on the sideline of road are freezing.
It's been years since I've seen this scenery.

Spare Rib

5th February  cloudiness  The snow will linger into tomorrow.

  bake spareribs until brown            scald the green tea

Simmer spareribs for about 40 minutes in green tea.
When the liquid is gone, it's ready. Ole!

When cooking it with green tea, rid the meat of its smell and it becomes soft.

snow again!

4th February  shine  Fair weather, later, occasionally snow

The Kanazawa city go through a cold snap again.
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the guests who will come to Shibaya,
Please come watching your step!!

Because there is break in the weather in Hokuriku District(Kanazawa city), there is a legend "Do not forget the umbrella even if you forget the box lunch."

Sushi roll

3rd February  shine  Ground is blanketed by snow this morning.



  a 023[1]    
Japanese sushi are not only the hand-rolled sushi (nigiri-zushi), Sushi rolls (maki-zushi) are also very popular.
Sushi rice and various ingredients are rolled in nori (dried seaweed).
Today is Setsubun, so I made this maki-zushi.
And, I gave it to the guests who stayed at Shibaya tonight.
Because, we eat rolled sushi to bring them good fortune, while facing in the year's auspicious direction in Setsubun day.

Doll Festival "Hina Matsuri"

2nd February  cloudiness  a sullen sky and overcast weather

       my doll, about fifty years ago

March 3rd is Doll Festival in Japan. 
When I gave birth about 50 years ago, my parents wished growth and happiness, and gave me the doll of this set.
We are displaying these sets of dolls until March 3rd in the lobby of the Shibaya Inn.
Please come and take a look at my dolls!

Green tea and hot water Machine

1st February  cloudiness  It looks like rain any time now.

     Green tea and hot water Machine in Shibaya

It is set up in every floor.
You can use it any time free of charge.
A built in cleaning system will ensure that the Tea Machine always performs at its best, and always provides you with the perfect cup of Greentea.
And, it is convenient for instant noodles because the hot water of about 100 degrees C comes out.



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