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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

Painting and Flower arrangement

31th  shine  things will take a dark turn

Painting and Flower arrangement of Shibaya.
Hakusan and Shibayabagata in Ishikawa Prefecture are drawn in this painting.
And this painting represents the beauty of nature.

Korean food shop

30th January  shine  sunny but cold day

This Korean food shop is 5-minute walk from Shibaya.

     "Ishiyakibibinba"            "Purukogidon"

Lunch menu of 880 yen.
There is South Korea coffee service after the meal.

Anglerfish hot pot  "Anko nabe"

29th January  cloudiness  occasional flurries

Anglerfish hot pot in Shibaya last night.
In Japan, anglerfish hot pot is a popular winter dish.
You are able to eat most of anglerfish's parts.
They are called "7 tools", which is the liver, the fins, the ovary, the meats, the stomach, the gills and the skin.
You shouldn't even throw away the bones, because you can get good soup from them.
Though the face of anglerfish is grotesque "No part of them should be thrown away!"

snow crab "zuwaigani"

28th January  cloudiness occasional rain  The wind is so strong.


This is the king of the crab that is called snow crabs.
These were cooked in Shibaya last night.

Snow crabs get a different name according to where they are caught.
In Ishikawa Prefecture they are called "kanougani", while those landed in Fukui Prefecture are known as "echizengani".
Also, they are called "matsubagani" in Kyoto and Hyougo.

Crab is one of the Japanese people's favorite winter foods.

sweet treats of Hokkaido

27th January  shine  All day today,it will be good weather.

This is sweet treats that received from the guests in Hokkaido.
Do you know Hokkaido?
Hokkaido is a prefecture that is located in the northernmost of the Japanese Archipelago and is the largest.
And, Hokkaido is famous for good quality beans, milks, and butter.

whale sashimi

26th January  shine  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy


This is the whale meat.
“Kujira Tataki”, that is whale meat chopped with a knife ready for sashimi.
It eats with ponzu sauce that puts ginger.
Ponzu sauce basically is soy sauce of various citrus juice.

Whale meat and muktuk is only occasionally seen in the Omi-cho Market.
I think about the menu by receiving the recommendation goods of the fish shop every day.

Plum blossoms

25th January  cloudiness  occasional flurries

This is bonsai plant of plum trees.
Plum blossoms in the room of Shibaya is full-bloomed.
It seems to mark the coming of spring.
Plum blossoms typically bloom in February and March in Kanazawa.
If that helps, cherry blossoms in kanazawa bloom in early April.

Simmered fish "nitsuke"

24th January  cloudiness  It is relatively warm this morning.

001[1]  004[1]
This is rare fish that is called "Mizuuo".
The every part of the body is covered with the mucus of gelatinous quality.

007[1]  037[1]
In Japanese cooking, fish is often simmered in soy sauce based broth.
This is recipe called "nitsuke".

Put dashi, sake, soy sauce, mirin, and ginger slices in a large pan.
Put on high heat and bring it to a boil. Place the fish in the broth.
Put on a drop lid and simmer the fish for about 15 minutes.

congratulatory gift of passing

23rd  shine  It was snowing at dawn.

My son said,"I want to get something in congratulation of passing."
Mother fearfully heard.  " What's that? "
It was this frying-pan made of aluminum.
The son is cooking with a friendly grin.
"Oh,Great!   It's like the cooking TV program!!"


22nd January  shine  light snow falls at dawn

"Hirekatsu" at Shibaya.
Hirekatsu is pork, but all of the fat is trimmed before battering and frying.
Hirekatsu is not traditional Japanese food, however, many Japanese love Hirekatsu.

Cut fiber of meat and season with pepper and salt.

Coat with flour thinly on both sides.
Dip in eggwash.
Coat with bread crumbs.

Heat oil at about 170 degrees and fly coated pork with it.
Fly both sides well.

shoe polishing

21st January  rain  It's just spitting now.

This is a desiccant of shoes that have efficacy as "Odor Remover","Prevent Funguses","Dehumidifies","Enviroment".

There are at this time of the year a lot of snows and rain in Kanazawa,so Shoes get wet.
We launch a trial service of desiccant.

Japan Airlines

20th January  shine  sunny but cold morning     

Japan Airlines is one of the representative business of Japan.
The Japan Airlines filed a petitioned for protection with the court under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law on January 19.
Liabilities are about 2,322,100,000,000 yen!!

The Japan Air Lines hotel is seen from the window of Shibaya.
What is going to happen to the hotel?

group medical examination

19th January  shine  it will probably be warm

We can get on a voluntary basis the annual group medical examination.
I got group medical examination last month, and the result was received today.
The body of me that have spent virtually a half century is getting better weak.
I think there is nothing more valuable than good health.

octopus ball machine

18th January  shine  Nice weather we're having.

This is a octopus ball machine of home-type.
My daughter is making it by using octopus dumpling powder, the welsh onion, and sausages,konjac.

If you changed powder,you can easily make anything.
For instance, sponge cake...

This octopus ball machine is purchasable at about 1000yen in Japan appliance dealer.OK     

adding up

17th January  shine  The snow will be became slushy.

I start compiling the financial data about last year's cash journal.
After all, remain grim!!
This work might be fast if it uses the personal computer....
But I don't know how to do it.  

senior high school examinations

16th January  cloudiness  The snow accumulation doesn't increase.

It is a day of the son's high school examinations today.
The number of entrance exam for high school of the Ishikawa prefecture at current year will become about 86,000 people.
This number has increase by about 5500 people more than the previous year.
RelaxI'm sure you're up to it

Yokohama ramen that sit in kanazawa

15th January cloudiness  Yesterday's snow hardens the alley.

This ramen uses pork and soy sauce as the base for soup.
And noodles are thick noodle.
The bowl comes with slices of roast pork, nori seaweed, and spinach.
I felt that this was an unusual taste in kanazawa.

Bath of Shibaya on winter

14th  snow  about 30 centimeters of snow in Kanazawa City

I removed snow first thing in the morning.
The snow this morning was light and appreciated.



At this time,
You can watch the snow fall while taking a bath in an hot spring of Shibaya.
The bath of Shibaya is a warm water of abundant minerals.
And it is effective in relieving fatigue.
You can enjoy this bath free of charge.

"We hope that travelers will be able to relieve their fatigue in this bath of Shibaya."

breakfast of our family

13th January  fine occasional snow  big windy day

This is a breakfast of our family in this morning.
My daughter awoke early in the morning because of the sound of a strong wind, and cooked this breakfast .
I can do my best by this.

Currently, the snow is falling thick and fast.
How much will the snow pile by tomorrow morning?  

"sushi" vinegared rice topped with raw fish

12th January  rain  Forecast of rainy day all the way through.



  "Sushi Tora": Today's lunch had a lunch here.
This shop is located next to Shibaya.
The lunch of 6 Nigiri Sushi and seaweed-wrapped rolls,cooked dish and miso soup is 800 yen.
This is recommended!!

And,You can eat Kanazawa's local specialties "Jjbuni" at 1,000 yen.

rice cake "Yakimochi”

11th January  shine  It'll be clear in the morning, and cloudy later. 

   We eat the rice cake a lot in winter.
  This is a rice cake "Yakimochi” that the peanut entered.
  I'll treat you to rice cake.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

10th January  rain  It's just spitting.


The artworks of schoolchildren in Kanazawa city is now being exhibited
at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
It was more full of dream and hope.
The exhibition will run from January 6th to 17th.

Guests from Australia

9th January  cloudiness  mass of clouds cover the sky

They was drinking the plum wine that I made though one tells oneself that"this is very good".
And ate also "Okaki".
Okaki are traditional Japanese rice cracker with is delicately flavored with soy sauce and/or salt.
Please enjoy the travel of Japan of 46 days and better watch out for yourself.
We'll see each other again some time.
Thank you.

Daughter's sewing

8th January  cloudy with occasional showers

    MY daughter is spending 2 hours at a desk.
   "What are you doing ?" "studies?" "assignment?"
   Oh, studying of sewing !!

Kanazawa social insurance hospital

7ht January  cloudiness  cloudy with a chance of rain



It's 5-minutes drive from Shibaya(Kanazawa staithion).There is a Kanazawa social insurance hospital.
The hospital conform in all its aspects to beige and moss green, It was like I was in hotel.
Four beds were put on the sickroom like the semicircle. And, space per person was wide.
Kanazawa city is number of physicians per 100000 population and number of beds stand high in Japan.

Cantonese cuisine

6ht January  cloudiness  occasional flurries




Kanazawa's Chinese dishes (Cantonese cuisine).
The restaurant of the Chinese cuisine is few though there are a lot of restaurants of the Japanese food in Kanazawa.
In this shop,it is possible to eat by the budget of about 2000 yen per person.

good-luck amulet "Omamori"

5th January  rain  The blue sky is seen but it is raining. 



We buy good-luck amulet "Omamori" at first visit to the Shinto Shrine .
Omamori are charms to bring good fortune and expel evil.
There are a variety of charms, including those for safe driving, business success and good health and safe delivery and in examination success.


Guests from Chile

4th January  cloudiness  feel warm

Japanese bathrobe is very becoming on you.  
They use chartered bath from now.
Please, soak away fatigue in a bubbling jets bath.
I'll be seeing you again.   Thank you.

household altar

3rd January   rain  occasional sleet


This is a household altar of shibaya.
Household altars are found in many Japan homes for conducting everyday services.
People place rice wine "Sake" and rice cakes and more on the altar during the New Year to wish for the safety of their families and success in business.

Calligraphy "kakizome"

2nd January  rain  Sometimes mixture of snow and rain

Calligraphy is one of Japanese culture.
The writing for the first time in the New Year is called "kakizome". (traditionally on January 2)
Most of the elementary schools and junior high schools do kakizome as homeworks on winter vacation.
We write auspicious words with a brush.

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