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31th December  rain  There is a chance of snow in afternoon.

Thank you for the message.

I start this blog in September this year, and am accepting foreigner's customer positively.
Though there are a lot of insufficient points, I want to make efforts to insure customer satisfaction.
It was a pleasure to have you at Shibaya.
I really appreciate it and I'm looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon.
I wish you a good new year.

year-crossing noodles "Toshikosi soba"

12月30日  shine  it will cloudiness this afternoon

Did you know that in Japan on the last day of the year ( Omisoka )
we have a custom of eating soba (Toshikosi soba )?
Many Japanese people eat it on New Year's Eve and wish for health and longevity in the year to come.
What if you join us for Toshikosi soba at Shibaya?

Guests from Netherlands

29th December  shine  Today is bright sunny day.

     They was very tall and Cool!
    It looks like they like beer.
    Please careful not to drink too much.
    Best wishes for a happy new year.
    We are looking forward to serving you again.
    Thank you.  


"Toso" or "o-toso"

28th December  rain  It might be raining all day.

When Christmas ends, We start to prepare for the New Year.
We call the period from January 1st to 3th "SYOGATSU".
"Toso" or "o-toso" is traditional sake to which the spice of the medicine was added.
Toso is drunk to flush away the previous year's maladies and to aspire to lead a long life.  


27th December  cloudiness  Cloudy mornings turn to clear afternoons?


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is intensifying the attraction of foreign tourists.
It's understood that Ishikawa Prefecture (Kanazawa city) also started intensifying.

[We would like to ask you for your kind cooperation by filling out this questionnaire so that we can further improve our tourist-friendliness and achieve tourist satisfaction.]


Shibaya's guests are willingly accepting this questionnaires.
We thank you for your time and courtesy in responding to the questionnaires.


26th December  rain  It's just spitting.

This is "UNIQLO" in Kanazawa.
"UNIQLO" is nationally known chain store and it is expanding to abroad .
It has grown up to the company that represents Japan.

I think the prices at "UNIQLO" stores are very reasonable and the quality of them is very good.
There are a line in front of the cash desk at all times.
I bought the shirt of Heattech.
Do you know "UNIQLO"

"Kohakucyou "

25th December  shine  Fair, later, occasionally cloudy

Arable land of Kanazaw city is be about 10 minutes' drive north
from Shibaya(Kanazawa staithion).

There is a sea in the west, and a mountain in the east.
The migrating birds that called "Kohakucyou " is seen there at this time.

Christmas tree

24th December   cloudiness  It will shine in the afternoon.

The world's largest class Christmas tree has been setting up at Osaka Prefecture in Japan.
It is about 27m in height, and bulb of over 100,000 are used.
Under the Christmas tree, there is a special stage.
Christmas song and a lot of performances are being introduced at there.

Black ramen

23rd  cloudiness 
It's cloudiness now, but according to the weathe forecast, there may be rain.


This is a "black ramen" of Toyama Prefecture Takaoka City.
This ramen contain thick noodles and a richly flavored peppery soup.
I thought it was an unusual taste.

This is the sungan.
I thought this is bobbin but when I ate it, it was very delicious.

Print Club sticker  "PuriKura"

22nd December  cloudiness  There is still a meltwater in the pavement.

Print Club sticker( "PuriKura" for short) is
the machines that lets design and print out stickers with your photos.
"PuriKura" is fast and easy,usually cost about 300yen.

Names or cute phrase can be written on the pictures before they are printed.

"PuriKura" is popular among especially junior-high-school and high-school girls.
You can find PuriKura at gamecenter all over Japan.

Shibaya's lunch

21st December  cloudiness  Finally, the weather is getting better.
The snow mark is disappearing at weather forecast for the next few days.


This is a lunch that a daughter in a freshman of junior high-school prepared.
I accepted this lunch with thanks. jumeefaceA205LjumeefaceA205R2

Poster of Ishikawa Prefecture

20ht December  graupel  be gripped by cold weather?

  Ishikawa gate of Kanazawa castle in this morning.

   I found an interesting poster.
  kanazawaga city is located in Ishikawa Prefecture.
  Ishikawa Prefecture is like the shape of the thumb of the left hand.
  I see...

Confectionery at Kanazawa's New Year  "Tsujiura"

19th December  graupel  It's been snowing on and off.

     There is no snowfall in the main road.
     However, it is like this when entering the alley.        


This is a sugar confectionery that can be eaten only at the New Year.
It is made from sugar and rice cake flour
And, there is a small paper fortune in the center.
We families also are foretelling the new year on the New Year's Day.  

New Year's card

18th December  graupel  The strong wind blows, it thunders, and it is snowing.

I began to write the New Year's card.
The New Year's card is sent as a greeting for the new year in Japan.
We write and send it in December, to be delivered on New Year's Day.
The Tiger of the Oriental Zodiac in 2010 is drawn in most New Year's cards.

accumulation of snow in Kanazawa city

17th December  cloudy, later, occasionally hailstone


  I was surprised to get up this morning.
 There was a snowfall in the roof of the house of opposite.  
 Hailstone is coming down sometimes intensely also now.



16th December  Occasional hailstone  The flow of the rain cloud is fast.


It started to hailstone.
Suddenly all was dyed pure white with surprising swiftness.
The snowy season is here.

Japanese cake

15th  cloudiness  The sky in the west is pitch-dark.
             It looks like it could start raining at any moment.

Many traditional Japanese cake that brings luck remain in Kanazawa.
"Goshikinamagashi" is a Japanese cake for Kanazawa's marriage.
The bride go the rounds of courtesy calls with it.
It shows the blessing of five kinds of universes.


sun      "sasara"         

moon     "manjyuu"

mountain     "igara"

sea     "uzura"

soil     "mushiyoukan"

They can be bought at kanazawa station for 140yen a piece.

convenience store

14th December  cloudiness  The passing of the weather is intense at this time.

I stoped at a convenience store in Toyama Prefecture Takaoka City.
I was surprised because I've never seen the gym wear of
the elementary school is sold at the convenience store.


13th  December  cloudiness  gradual clearing

"Okonomiyaki"is a thin and flat pancake cooked on the hot plate.

Mixes the okonomiyaki flour and the egg and tenpura grounds with the chopped cabbage.


Puts it on the hot plate.


Puts meat and seafood on it.       Both sides are burnt.

Puts sauce and mayonnaise and dried bonito and green laver on it.
It's ready!!

Baby from Australia

12th December  rain  rain heavy at times



       11-month-old boy.
     He's outgoing and real friendly!
     He's soon become the toast of us.

     After full of bellies,he have got a minor development!
     His future is deep drinker???
     When he grows up come back. Thank you.


12th December  rain then cloudy  It's getting cold.   

I bought some "Year-End Jumbo" lottery tickets!!
One lottery ticket cost 300yen and the jackpot is 200 million yen.
The winning number is announced on December 31.
I seek the dream for 20 days.

Shinto shrine

10th December  shine  Forecast of rain from tomorrow.


Shinto shrines have a "torii"(gateway).
There is a pair of stone-carved guardian dogs.
This is an animal of fictitious of the talisman against evil.

A stone-carved guardian dogs on the right side have't the horns, and the mouth is open.
A stone-carved guardian dogs on the left side have the horns, and the mouth is shut.

Moreover, there is a horse,too.
Horse was thought god's vehicle, and dedicated in ancient times.

Please look when you visit the Shinto shrine!

HOSHIGAKI  dried Japanese persimmon

9th December  shine  Weathermen are forecasting rain in the evening.   


HOSHIGAKI is traditional Japanese dried fruit.
The skin of the astringent persimmon is peeled off, and exposes it to sunlight.
So, the astigent taste is going off and sweetness comes out.

You will be able to find this in the storefront in Japan at this time.

HABOTAN  flowering cabbage

8th December  shine  glorious day

This is a plant for the New Year that is called "HABOTAN".
It is felt that the New Year is just around the corner when this plant is seen.
We put arrangement of this flower in the entrance during the New Year period.
When it is arranged at the entrance of SHIBAYA, I will introduce it.


7th December  rain  It's just spitting.

"Sobamesi" is a mix of the pan-fried noodles and the fried rice.
When you want to eat both the pan-fried noodles and fried rice,
"Please eat up."


6th December  rain  It's drizzling.

I'm standing often in kitchen with the son at lunchtime of the weekend.
He became oversensitive, caused the eating disorders,
and there was a painful, difficult time.
However, he is settling down now.
I think that cooking saved us.

Naporitan and cabbage roll that he made for family.

bonsai plant

5th December  shine  bright morning

"bonsai" is potted plant of the diminutive trees.
The bonsai that is one of the Japanese traditional arts
seems to be popular also in Europe.
Typical bonsai subjects are pine trees;
but many other types of trees also can be used.
There is a tree as a bonsai because there is no soil in shibaya.

        plum tree                    Nandina

rice-cake making

4th December  shine  sunny but cold morning

The rice cake is made with a mortar"Usu" and a pestle"Kine".


Usually, the rice cake does a white color.
This is a rice cake containing the grass called "Yomogi".

In Japan, in ancient times, the rice cakes were considered to be gifts from the gods.
At the New Year, we eat traditional soup with rice cakes that is called "Zouni".
Let's come to Shibaya, and eat "Zouni" together!!

Guest from England

3rd December  cloudy  It looks like rain after a long interval.

       She's intellectual and nice body.
     absolutely beautiful!!
     Please come next time with him.
     I'll be waiting for you. Thank you.


beef barbecue restaurant

2nd December  shine  stay fine for a week or more


      Delicious and Heavy Lunch  700yen

There is a good smell coming from window at the lunch time.
It is smell of the grilled meat shop that is on the back side of Shibaya.
I am invited to that smell and visiting it many times.
This shop roasts meat the old way.
"Korean-style grilled beef" 

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