Ryokan SHIBAYA in Kanazawa - Japanese Style Hostel

at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

"Shoji" paper door

30th November  shine  The sky is completely clear.


Because today is good weather,
We take the shoji off and pasted new paper on the sliding door.
The shoji is a sliding door that stuck paper into a rectangular wooden frame.

baked sweet potato

29th November  shine  Today is a good day to do the laundry!   


Bake sweet potato in aluminum foil!
Baked sweet potato was completed.

TRATTORIA in Kanazawa

28th November  shine  serene weather



Lunch of 800 yen
soup. green salad. pasta. herbed French bread. coffee. biscotti

Rice gruel

27th November   shine   clear sky

I make rice gruel when I've got no appetite.
Rice gruel is food to have boiled rice by the slow flame softly.

Sky in Kanazawa

26th November  shine  crystalline autumn afternoon

Kaga Mizuhiki

25th November  cloudiness  cloudy with a chance of rain

Mizuhiki is a special string made by twisting a long and thin sheet of paper
mixed with seaweed and white clay and hardened with paste

These are works that I made.
My hand became painful because of the first experience.

"How do you like the Kaga Mizuhiki, Sir?"

Eco-heater and "Oden"(Japanese hotchpotch)

24th November  shine  bright morning.


This space heater assume the role of the heater and the stove burner.
And, heating oil is used only a little.
Exactly, it is an "Eco-heater"

This heater have a lively time at a cold season in Shibaya.
The simmer "Oden" for on this.
It is very useful for the food cooked by boiling or stewing.
"Oden" is one of the Japanese dishes flavored with the use of
soy sauce, sake, sweet cooking rice wine,seaweed broth.


Labor Thanksgiving Day

23rd November  shine  cloudless sky


November 23rd is Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan.
The Japanese are hoisting a national flag in front of a house on holiday.
The Japanese national flag is called "hinomaru".

Guest from Switzerland

22nd November cloudiness  it will rain this afternoon?

She had long limbs and small face.
Exactly, it was a beautiful woman of the figure in eight-head figure .
She is possessing a purple beret baud and glasses and it was very fashionable.
Thanks for coming in to see us.

Guests from Australia

21st November  cloudiness  overcast sky
They said "To soak in the hot spring is enjoyable!!"
They was pleasant and charming, and I felt familiarity with her.
I am looking forward see you again. Thank you.

bottle shop   "sugidama"

20ht November  Fine There is a blue sky breaking through the clouds.

                5 minutes on foot from shibaya
The big ball "sugidama" to be hung under eaves in the sake brewery is
made from the leaf of the Japan cedar.
In ancient times, it was give thanks to God of sake.
Though it becomes the signboard of the liquor store now...

Guests from Australia

19th November  rain  drizzle

They did skin free of spots and had a fresh and youthful skin.
I am truly envious!
Please indefinitely,maintain the skin's youthful appearance.
Thank you.

Recently,The Guests from Australia is abundant.
Why? because the seasons in Australia are the reverse of Japan ?

snow melting system

18th November  rain  It's just spitting.

The tryout operation of the snow melting system for the road starts
already in Kanazawa.
Winter seems to be just around the corner.
Kanazawa's snow cover is decreasing for global warming.
I feel loneliness in the winter of Kanazawa where the snow doesn't pile.

Geisha parties !

17th November  rain  It's just spitting.

Geisha party on Nov 14th was the huge success.
     http://Cross Border
Next time is Dec 18th.
let's enjoy it !!

Guests from Singapore and France

16th November  cloudiness  clear up in the afternoon?

     She of Singaporean and he of Frenchman.
    They was quiet and genial.
    I was attracted to them.
    I wish you much love and happiness. Thank you. 

pan-fried noodles "yakisoba"

15th November  cloudiness  A stiff wind is blowing. 

The pan-fried noodles stir-fries the noodle made from flour,
cabbage, meat and is a dish of Japan flavored with source.
It is preparable also with shibaya!!

Pig Kimchi (son's dish)

14th November  rain  It has been raining without letup.

This is "Buta-kimchi" of a boast that my son made.




Guests from Germany

13th November  shine  bright morning      

      They speaks ”doumo arigatou" very well.
      The belt bag that he has is lovely.
      It was suiting to them.
      I wish you much love and happiness. Thank you. 

raw oyster

12th November  cloudiness  A cold wind is blowing.



              "vinegared oysters"
     I have trouble opening a lot of oysters. 
     Therefore, the son helps.
     Can you eat oysters raw?

Guest from England

11th November  rain  rain chicken coops

His long legs fell asleep because he had sat straight.
He said that he was able to sleep soundly on the tatami mats
because the tatami feels good.
I look forward to seeing again on some occasion in the future.
Thank you. 

ginkgo biloba cooking in Japan

10th November  sunny then cloudy  

Shibaya's "ginkgo biloba cooking"
 steamed egg hotchpotch        boiled foods

  rice with ginkgo biloba      grilling ginkgo biloba

Grilling ginkgo bilobas is the highest in the snack to go with beer.
Let's drink the beer together!! 

ginkgo biloba

9th November  cloudiness   relatively-warm

   "ginkgo biloba"

The leaves on the ginkgo trees have turned yellow already.
and ginkgo nuts are shed.
They are called "Ginnan".
The husk is cracked and cooked.
Tomorrow, I will be going to introduce you to some dishs.


8th November   clear in the morning, and cloudy later


     ”My daughter's birthday”
     Congratulations on your 13th birthday!!
     Many happy returns! With Love.

digital camera

7th November  clear sky  This weekend will be shine.

My digital camera has broken.
Therefore, a new digital camera was bought.
I take the photograph of Shibaya's guest and a lot of things with this camera.
When you want to appear in a photo, don't hesitate to let me know.
Please let me take your photograph with this camera!!

sashimi "Konbushime"

5th November  overcast weather  This morning is relatively warm.

"Konbushime"  Slices of raw fish rolled by seaweed.
   wrap sashimi up in seaweed               wrap it in plastic

When the overnight, it's ready.

no liquid remains and become translucent    Cod /Spanish mackerel / Sea bream

Seaweed is an alkali food which contains the potasium and fiber.
and used as a source of flavor in Japan.
please taste try it in Shibaya!!

Guests from United States

4th November  shine  dazzling sky

They are exchange students at Kansai Gaidai University
that came from United States Ohio state.
They speak Japanese very well.
They get along well and seemed very happy.
Please learn a lot in Japan!!  Thank you.

Kanazawa city

4th November  shine   Fresh air of autumn extends. 

     Position of Kanazawa city     City flag of Kanazawa city

The normal temperature of the Kanazawa city in November is
11.3degrees Celsius, and precipitation is 267.2mm.
Kanazawa City has a population of about 460.000, an area of about 470 square kilometers, the density of population is about 980 per square kilometer.

for your information,
(Takayama city has a population of about 94.000, an area of about 2.180 square kilometers, the density of population is about 43 per square kilometer.)
(kyouto city has a population of about 1.466.000, an area of about 830 square kilometers, the density of population is about 1.770 per square kilometer.)

Japanese radish "Daikon"

3rd November  drizzle  It is the same as yesterday and cold.

              Japanese radish cooking



The cooked dish is one of the typical cooking methods of Japan
with the soy sauce, mirin(sweet cooking rice wine), sugar, and sake,etc.

Guests from Belgique

2nd November   drizzle  It started to get colder.     


The guest from Belgium is the first time.
They ate breakfast (Japanese food) using chopsticks skillfully.
They use a rental car to visit some sightseeing spots in Japan.
but,Kanazawa's sightseeing put the car on the inn, and walked.
Drive with care,and have a wonderful trip!! Thank you. 


1st November  shine, but it will rain this afternoon.


Our new member.  "Healthtron"
"electric potential therapy equipment"
I believe that the Health tron is useful for the health maintenance.
expect parents health to last forever!!



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