Ryokan SHIBAYA in Kanazawa - Japanese Style Hostel

at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

Shibaya 's entrance  arrange flowers

31th October   The fine day carry on for a long time.            


Newly arranged flowers at the entrance of Ryokan Shibaya
My father is growing this flowers in the mountain.
Lately, he is busy with maintenance of this flowers.

sashimi (raw fish)

30th October  The day of the clear autumn sky continues.

     sashimi   ”gasuebi”

Can you eat sashimi?
I am getting this fresh sashimi on the Omi-cho market every day.
I buy only the quantity needed. 
so, Shibaya's meal is reservations necessary.

Tradition of Japan "Shichi Go San"

29th October     Fresh fine autumn day          

      "Shichi Go San"
          The Seven-Five-Three Festival
             Three years old    Five years old

                   Seven years old
                  Children to our family
This is a traditional Japanese event to celebrate children's growth
and pray for their future health and well-being. 
Shichigosan means the age of the child.

Ishikawa Prefectural government

28th October  splendid fall weather

          Ishikawa Prefectural government
  The Kanazawa city is the seat of the Prefectural government
                         in Ishikawa Prefecture.
  Though there is a Japanese who doesn't know this...

"Kabayaki"  broiled eel

27th October   dousing rain


                   broiled eel


                  broiled liver of eel

The nutritional value of eel is high.
"Kabayaki" is the best way of cooking eel that the Japanese found.
Please reserve it when you want to eat the "Kabayaki".

"sento"(public bathhouse)

26th October     occasional flurries



The number of "sento"(public bathhouse) guests in town
                  is decreasing every year.
However, in exchange for it,
The deluxe public bathhouses called a "super sentou"
                  is made everywhere in Japan .
I go to a nearby super-sento about once a month
                  to refreshing in body and spirit.
The fare is about 700yen per person.

Guests from United States

25th October   fair skies  fluid clouds is seen       



     Guest from the state of Idaho in United States
    Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are
    bright,colorful and fashionable.
    Please look at the toe.
    stylish and pretty ~~  Thank you. 

Geisha Party!! 

24th October  heavy gray sky

   Geisha Party!! in Kanazawa    17th Oct 2009



Guests from Netherlands

23rd October  clear sky

   Shiba Curry Dinner is convenient, tasty and popular
   to the shibaya's guests.                   
   They said that "okonomiyaki" was also delicious.
   Cheers with the "shochu".
   I'm happy when they tell me they like the taste. 
   Thank you. 

"Takoyaki and Yakisoba"

22nd October     overcast sky

"Takoyaki" Octopus Dumpling and "Yakisoba"pan-fried noodles
in Kanazawa "Takohachi"

You can find a "Takoyaki and Yakisoba" shop quite a few in town.
Many Japanese people love it !

religious meditation

21st October   splendid fall weather


   Let's go make an attempt on religious meditation !!   
A religious meditation for foreigners will be held at the Daijoji temple.

   Religious meditation is used to obtain serenity of mind.

        Date : Sun, 15 Nov 2009 (11:00 - 17:00)
      Admission : Free !
    You will be provided English guide,
     lunch and the transportation between
     the JR Kanazawa Station and the Temple.

Sponsored by Kanazawa Ryokan & Hotel Cooperative Association
      E-mail info@yadotime.jp

white frog

20th October   cloudy with a chance of rain

                I saw white frog.
        "household god"?  "good-luck"?
   The frog is transform oneself from fairy green to white
    before it hibernates.
   The frog is not a pea green all the year round.

Guests from Spain

19th October  bright morning

   A devoted couple was jolly and very youthful.
   I yearned to them.
   He taked plenty of sugar and milk in hot green tea!!
   "How's the taste?" 
   "Oh, it's really delicious." he said with a laugh.
    Thank you.

Grandchildren's Day

18th October    occasional flurries

                                my teddy bear
         Today, the third Sunday in October is
      "Grandchildren's Day" in Japan.
      The day's symbol is the teddy bear.

     Many department store sales floors are decorated
     with teddy bears.

Birth flower

17th October         clear sky 

                        spring bloom
    autumn berry         winter prickle

            Birth flower on 17th October
            Barberry "Megi"
         floral language.....hyperactivity

new influenza

16th October         fair skies


              ” new influenza virus


    The new influenza was found
   in the junior high school to which my child goes.
   Can't get the new influenza vaccine before the flu season !
   To prevent infection, wear a mask and hand-wash and gargle .

saihai boots

15th October       fair skies



               "saihai boots"
   They're all the rage now by young people in Japan.
       The leg looks long and slender.
       Unfortunately, It is impossible I put on the boots.
       If I was twenty years old younger......


14th October  cloudiness



            rice cooked with chestnuts
        It is a typical autumn food.

Guest from Australia

13th October    cloudiness

Eighteen-year-old she is lively and very charming and powerful !
She went scurrying around Kanazawa's town by bicycle all day long.
I hope to see you again. Thank you.

"Kaiten-zushi"  sushi boats 

12th October   shine  Health-Sports Day
               (second Monday of October)

   Health & Sports Day was decided in commemoration
  of the Tokyo Olympiad in 1964.



            "Kaiten-zushi"  sushi boats 
sushi loaded plates rotate on a belt conveyer in the shop 
It is possible to eat by the budget of about 2000 yen per person
and often patronized for my family.


11th October  cloudless blue sky


               Hakusan mushrooms
              Pot dish of nameko and tofu

Business dinner

10th October   a spatter of rain
    10th October with high probability of shine ??


dinner menu for businessman   


    sashimi  cuttlefish      



     roast beef   





     chub mackerel


   fish sausage & celery salad                                                                                                                               



    rice & miso soup
       & Japanese pickle




Guests from Spain

9th October  radiant sky  The typhoon blow over.

       Honeymoon? asked it.
       They reddened cheek.
       Her shy face looked really beautiful then.
       Please enjoy the travel in Japan!! Thank you.


8th October   Strong winds and heavy rain


       typhoon damage
       The strong wind knocked down flower pots.
          broken flower pot 

Shibaya's Entrance

7th October      cloudiness
        The typhoon No.18 is approaching.
 Winds are picking up a bit as the typhoon approaches us.   


               Newly arranged flowers
        at the entrance of Ryokan Shibaya

Guests from Australia

6th October  cloudy with a chance of rain

       They came to Kanazawa at the honeymoon!!       
     I wish you much love and happiness. Thank you.

F1 restaurant

5th October         Cloudy skies





    seat in F1 restaurant enjoyed one's noon meal
             3800 yen

2009 Japanese GP

4th October      fine morning
   The sky in Mie Prefecture Suzuka City.
   extremely hot during the day and very cold at night




          The 2009 Japanese GP held
       at Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture.
       We are camped to see the race.

The sky in Mie Prefecture Suzuka City

3rd October  cloudy morning  
             The sky in Mie Prefecture Suzuka City.

Business dinner

2nd October  be likely to rain  Better bring an umbrella.

    Business dinner menu of last night



  fish broiled with salt





   cooked dish



  boiled Kinjisou 
   Kaga vegetable



   Rice set


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