Ryokan SHIBAYA in Kanazawa - Japanese Style Hostel

at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

 Sightseeing spots in Kanazawa

      Kanazawa Station       Kenrokuen Garden      Kanazawa Castle Park

    21st CenturyMuseum of       Omi-cho Market      HigashiChaya District
  Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

       Kaga Yuzen         Oyama Jinja Shrine       Kanazawa Gold leaf

        3 minutes on foot from shibaya             
          Kanazawa Station
          Kanazawa Hyakubangai Shopping Mall
          Motenashi Dome  

       10 minutes on foot from shibaya         
          Omi-cho Market
          Kinpaku Kogeikan

       20 minutes on foot from shibaya        
          Kanazawa Castle Park
          Oyama Jinja Shrine      
          Naga-machi Buke Yashiki
          Naga-machi Yuzenkan  

       30 minutes on foot from shibaya      
          Kenrokuen Garden 
          Seisonkaku Villa
          Museum for Traditional Products and Crafts
            Kanazawa Nou Museum
          Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry
          Kanko Bussankan
          21st CenturyMuseum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
          Higashi Chaya District
          Kazue-machi Chaya District
          Geisha House (Shima .Kaikarou)
          Syamisen Playing

       40 minutes on foot from shibaya     
          Pref.Museum of Art
          Nakamura Memorial Museum
          Ninja Temple / Myoryuji Temple
          Nishi Cyaya district

       40 minutes or more
          Tentokuin Temple
          Daijyoji Temple
          Utatsuyama Craft Workshop
          Yuwaku Hot spring


From JR Kanazawa Station to Ryokan Shibaya 

Get the East gate of JR Kanazawa Station, go down the street about 100m,

and you turn right at the corner of the restaurant Takasakiya on your right.
Go down the one way street another 100m. You will find Ryokan Shibaya on your left side.

      This is the train ticket gate you get out.      

        Go right towards East Gate.

This is the veiw from the ticket gate towards East Gate.

You will see the Information Center on your left side soon after.
    You should drop by there anyway.
    You can get some imformation in English.


Now you get out of the Station building from East Gate.

            This is Tsutsumimon Gate.

        This is “Garden Hotel Kanazawa”.
     Just a 1 minute walk from the station!


  Continue to walk down the street another minute

Continue to walk down the street another minite
       and you will see this narrow street of corner.
              Make a right.


  This is the view of the narrow street right after.

Continue to walk down the street another minute
      and you will see “Ryokan Shibaya” on your left side.


“Ryokan Shibaya” is only 3 minutes walk from the Station!


  from JR Kanazawa station  Just 3minutes walk from east EXIT
            by Car

 10-15 minutes from Kanazawa east or west interchange.

 Head to Kanazawa station.

   from Komatsu airport

 40-60 minutes  in the limousine bus. ¥1,100

 Remousin bus is connected to all flight to Komatsu.

 Please get off with  Kanazawa station.


●By train●  
 ◆Tokyo - 3hour & 40minutes - By way of Jouetsu Shinkansen Echigo-yuzawa 
       - Kanazawa  
 ◆Tokyo - 4hours & 15minutes -By way of Tokaido Shinkansen Maibara
                    - Kanazawa
 ◆Osaka - 2hour & 27minutes - Hokuriku line - Kanazawa
   ◆Kyoto - 2hour & 10minutes - Hokuriku line - Kanazawa
 ◆Nagoya - 2hour & 55minutes - Hokuriku line -Kanazawa
 ◆Takayama - Takayama Line - special express/1hour &  25minutes - Toyama
                          - Hokuriku Line/40minutes - Kanazawa
   ◆Wajima - 2hour & 10nutes - Noto central bus - Hokuriku line - Kanazawa
●By bus●  
 ◆Tokyo(Shinjuku) - Highway bus/8hours - Kanazawa
 ◆Osaka - Highway bus/4hours & 40minutes - Kanazawa
 ◆Kyoto - Highway bus/4hours & 19minutes - Kanazawa
   ◆Nagoya - Highway bus/4hours - Knazawa 
   ◆Takayama  - Highway bus/2hours & 10minutes - Kanazawa
   ◆Wajima - Hokuriku Railway bus/2hours - Kanazawa
●By car●  
 ◆Tokyo - Kanetu Expressway - By way of Fujioka J.C.T- Joshinetsu Expressway
                    - By way Joetsu J.C.T - Hokuriku Expressway- Kanazawa east IC    
 ◆Osaka - Meishin Expressway - By way of  Maibara J.C.T - Hokuriku Expressway  
                    - Kanazawa west IC     
 ◆Takayama - R41/1hour & 30minutes - Toyama IC -Hokuriku Expressway/1hour 
                    - Kanazawa 


 Hot water of mineral

            bubbling jets bath                
One of the best things in this traditional Japanese inn is the bath in the basement.
A piping hot, ONSEN-like bathtub with bubbling jets that guests can reserve for private use.
There is also a small bath unit for private use on the 3rd floor.  




              Private bath room

How to use bath
*Bring both bath towel and face towel with you from your room.
*Remember everybody has to be naked in the bath room.
*Bring only your face towel with you into the bath room.
*You are supposed to rinse or clean lightly your body before entering bath tab.
*Do not put your towel into the bath tab water.
*Do not use soap in the bath tub.
*Do not unplug the drain in the bath tub when getting out.
*Dry your body with the towel before you get out of the bath room.

 Please enjoy your stay




                 Japanease-style room
                        Tatmi room



                    Western-style room    



      Laundromat       Internet  


New Homepage
We have made a new homepage.
Please enjoy it the same time as this blog.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or comment you may have regarding New Homepage.

Special Offer
Reservation benefits through a new homepage:

  1) Long stay Discount 3 nights or more: 10% discount
  2) Group Discount 8 persons or more: 10% discount

Nothing changes Kanazawa!
We operate as usual and with us is guests.
20th March 2011

Kanazawa is Safe!
Kanazawa has not been damaged or affected from the major earthquake hit recently and related disasters at all.
People in Kanazawa on the west coast of Japan, 500km away from Tokyo are living normally and running business as usual.
We don’t feel any danger in Kanazawa.
If you need to evacuate for a while, please feel safe to come to Kanazawa.
We are more than happy to offer you necessary cares under this tragic situation!
17th March 2011


Dear Friends of Kanazawa
We would like to thank you sincerely for your heartfelt sympathy to us regarding the major earthquake which hit mainly the east coast of Japan.
People in Kanazawa on the west coast of Japan are living normally and running business as usual, but sharing great sorrow with the people in disaster area.
We don’t feel any danger in Kanazawa. Kanazawa is safe.
However some areas on the east coast are still in a tense situation.
Wish us a luck!
Thank you very much again for your concern
14th March 2011


Thank you for your interest in our inn!
Walking only 3 minuts away from east exit JR Kanazawa station.

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Welcome to Ryokan Shibaya in Kanazawa

Ryokan Shibaya is the family-run Business inn
only 3 minutes walk from JR Kanazawa Station,
surrounded by nice Japanese restaurants such as Sushi and 'Izakaya' bars.
One of the best things in this traditional Japanese inn is the bath in the basement. A piping hot, ONSEN-like bathtub with bubbling jets that guests can reserve free of charge by private use. 

            Artificial hot spring of HEAL STONE

Enjoy this bath, brimming with natural hot-mineral spring water, quietly by yourself or chatting with friends as you soak your way to utter relaxation.



In order to keep the accommodation fees 5% low, we currently don`t accept any credit cards.
We would like to give 5% card commission back to our guests instead of paying it to the card companies.
Thank you for your understanding.

  Traditional Japanese-style room Homepage Rate


  16tatami mats size room 

Room Rates

     Stay Only

For 3 persons

5300 yen===> 4800 yen

For 4 persons

5000 yen===> 4200 yen

For 5 persons

4700 yen===> 3800 yen

For 6 persons

4400 yen===> 3400 yen

more than 7 persons

4100 yen===> 3000 yen



 8 tatami mats size room    

Room Rates

     Stay Only

For 1 person

5900 yen===> 5200 yen

For 2 persons

5300 yen===> 4200 yen

For 3 persons

4700 yen===> 3200 yen



 6 tatami mats size room  

Room Rates

     Stay Only

For 1 person

5700 yen===> 4800 yen

For 2 persons

4900 yen===> 3800 yen







  Western style-room    Homepage Rate


 Twin beds room L

Room Rates

     Stay Only

For 1 person

5300 yen===> 4600 yen

For 2 persons

4300 yen===> 3600 yen

                                                                              *2 single beds ( 97 cm x 195 cm)


 Twin beds room S 

Room Rates

     Stay Only

For 1 person

4500 yen===> 4200 yen

For 2 persons

3900 yen===> 3200 yen

                                                                           *2 single beds ( 97 cm x 195 cm)

 Semi-double bed room 

Room Rates

     Stay Only

For 1 person

4300 yen===> 3800 yen

For 2 persons

3300 yen===> 2800 yen

                                                                    *1 small sized double bed (123 cm x 195 cm) 


Reservation Privileges through this blog:    
   1) Long stay Discount
   2) Group Discount
   3) Free Parking    
   4) 'Free use'
        *"Yukata"(Japanese bathrobe)
        *Face towel, bath towel
        *Toothbrush, Hair dryer
        *Soap, rinse in shampo
        *green tea vending machine service in the hallways
        *Luggage Storage
        *TV, Refrigerator, Air conditioning
        *Web access             

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Accommodation fees are based on its size and type.
Please feel free to inquire the room price when you make reservation.



Kanazawa Shibaya

Author:Kanazawa Shibaya
Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.


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