Ryokan SHIBAYA in Kanazawa - Japanese Style Hostel

at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)


From JR Kanazawa Station to Ryokan Shibaya 

Get the East gate of JR Kanazawa Station, go down the street about 100m,

and you turn right at the corner of the restaurant Takasakiya on your right.
Go down the one way street another 100m. You will find Ryokan Shibaya on your left side.

      This is the train ticket gate you get out.      

        Go right towards East Gate.

This is the veiw from the ticket gate towards East Gate.

You will see the Information Center on your left side soon after.
    You should drop by there anyway.
    You can get some imformation in English.


Now you get out of the Station building from East Gate.

            This is Tsutsumimon Gate.

        This is “Garden Hotel Kanazawa”.
     Just a 1 minute walk from the station!


  Continue to walk down the street another minute

Continue to walk down the street another minite
       and you will see this narrow street of corner.
              Make a right.


  This is the view of the narrow street right after.

Continue to walk down the street another minute
      and you will see “Ryokan Shibaya” on your left side.


“Ryokan Shibaya” is only 3 minutes walk from the Station!


  from JR Kanazawa station  Just 3minutes walk from east EXIT
            by Car

 10-15 minutes from Kanazawa east or west interchange.

 Head to Kanazawa station.

   from Komatsu airport

 40-60 minutes  in the limousine bus. ¥1,100

 Remousin bus is connected to all flight to Komatsu.

 Please get off with  Kanazawa station.


●By train●  
 ◆Tokyo - 3hour & 40minutes - By way of Jouetsu Shinkansen Echigo-yuzawa 
       - Kanazawa  
 ◆Tokyo - 4hours & 15minutes -By way of Tokaido Shinkansen Maibara
                    - Kanazawa
 ◆Osaka - 2hour & 27minutes - Hokuriku line - Kanazawa
   ◆Kyoto - 2hour & 10minutes - Hokuriku line - Kanazawa
 ◆Nagoya - 2hour & 55minutes - Hokuriku line -Kanazawa
 ◆Takayama - Takayama Line - special express/1hour &  25minutes - Toyama
                          - Hokuriku Line/40minutes - Kanazawa
   ◆Wajima - 2hour & 10nutes - Noto central bus - Hokuriku line - Kanazawa
●By bus●  
 ◆Tokyo(Shinjuku) - Highway bus/8hours - Kanazawa
 ◆Osaka - Highway bus/4hours & 40minutes - Kanazawa
 ◆Kyoto - Highway bus/4hours & 19minutes - Kanazawa
   ◆Nagoya - Highway bus/4hours - Knazawa 
   ◆Takayama  - Highway bus/2hours & 10minutes - Kanazawa
   ◆Wajima - Hokuriku Railway bus/2hours - Kanazawa
●By car●  
 ◆Tokyo - Kanetu Expressway - By way of Fujioka J.C.T- Joshinetsu Expressway
                    - By way Joetsu J.C.T - Hokuriku Expressway- Kanazawa east IC    
 ◆Osaka - Meishin Expressway - By way of  Maibara J.C.T - Hokuriku Expressway  
                    - Kanazawa west IC     
 ◆Takayama - R41/1hour & 30minutes - Toyama IC -Hokuriku Expressway/1hour 
                    - Kanazawa 




Kanazawa Shibaya

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