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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

happy time in Ryomon

11:00AM 1st April Sunny

Everything tastes good!
It's a very happy time for me!!

Chinese restaurant "Toh-Lee"

1:00PM 28th March Sunny

Nikko Hotel is a short way from Shibaya.
Its 29th-floor Chinese restaurant "Toh-Lee"
You can enjoy the meal with panoramic 360 degree view from 29th floor.


"JOHAN" bakery in Kanazawa

11:00AM 27th March Sunny

"JOHAN" is popular bakery in Kanazawa.
The most popular item is, it's regular product, a crescent roll called "Tsunopan".
A lot of varieties are available in the bakery with reasonable prices.
And, you can get a fee drink.
You can find this store in the underground of a fish market(ohmicho-ichiba).
Why don't you find your favourite!


Asparagus saute

3:00PM 24th March Rainy

Green asparagus and White asparagus and Half-boiled egg

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
Asparagus and egg are good for each other!


Chinese restaurant in Kanazawa

1:00PM 6th March Cloudy

The Chinese restaurant called "Ryuen" takes 5 minutes from Shibaya by car.



3:30PM 15th January Cloudy

This is Japanese styled Bar called "Izakaya Hananomai" near Shibaya which serve many types of foods and drinks .
The English menu has not prepared at this shop.
But there is menu with pictures of the food.
The budget will about 3000yen per person.


Champion curry

3:00PM 30th December Rainy

Champion curry is one of the best-known curry store in Ishikawa prefecture.
Please try!


sushi restaurant

2:30PM 21th December Rainy

This is the next sushi restaurant but six from Shibaya.
This shop is proud of one's upscale selection of goods.


recommendation restaurant (bistro)

11:30AM 13th December Sunny

I recommend this bistro restaurant,
if you want to eat a quiet dinner at HigashiChaya District.


restaurant recommendat

12:00PM 23rd October Rainy

ANA CROWNE PLAZA 19F "KAGA" Teppanyaki restaurant
This restaurant is using locally grown ingredient. yum-yum!
The view from this is so beautiful and you can enjoy a splendid view of Kanazawa city.
It is front of Kanazawa station, and just three minutes walk from Shibaya.


Hotel Nikko Kanazawa

12:00PM 27th September Sunny

Hotel Nikko Kanazawa is a 1-minute walk from Shibaya.
If you want to enjoy the luxurious atmosphere, I recommend there.
Lunch is 1500yen.( include tax and service)


300yen shop

2:30AM 14th May sunny

300yen shop have recently appeared in Kanazawa station shopping centers.
All items are sold for 315yen (tax included).
I think that 300yen shops are very good as everything is foppery than 100yen shops.

Rinto (in the kanazawa station)

11:30AM 7th April shine

It is called "Rinto", it'd be quite expensive-looking.
This is wholly-redesigned fashion zone in Kanazawa station.

Kimono rental shop

26th February  shine  It's fine but very cold.

This is Kimono rental shop called "kokoyui".
It is 5 minutes walk from Shibaya.
Please you walk Kanazawa putting on Kimono.

             http:// kokoyui

Bar in Kanazawa "hitoha"

17th February  occasional flurries

This is a bar I come to with my friends once in a while.
It's in the geisha area location.
The bar is a civilized place to relax and sip a cocktail.
If you prefer a quiet drink, I would recommend this bar.

beef barbecue restaurant

5th February  cloudiness  a warmish day

This is beef barbecue restaurant called "Sakura hanabi".
It is 2 minutes walk from Shibaya.
It's a very stylish restaurant, and it's hard to imagine that it is beef barbecue restaurant.
You may have as many a variety of foods as you can eat, free of charge, with an order of lunch.
This lunch is 1000yen.
you will feel that you are full and content.


27th August  cloudiness  Humidity level is high.





Karaoke began in Japan and spread throughout the world.
And karaoke boxes are all over the Japan now.

The KARAOKE PARADISE is 5 minutes walk from Shibaya.
It is on the third floor of the amusement facility called Homuran.

Let's go to the karaoke to get rid of stress!

Food mall at Kanazawa station "kutsurogikan" 3F

13th Agust  cloudiness  The chance of rain is 10 percent!

"Kutsurogikan" 3F
  Japanese food      grilled chicken

      ramen         Shabushabu


Food mall at Kanazawa station "kutsurogikan" 2F

6th August  shine  possibly turning to rain in the evening

"Kutsurogikan" 2F is supermarket and apothecary's shop and kaitenzushi and donuts area.
          supermarket "100 MART"
*This supermarket's daily dish and susi section drops their prices at the 7:30PM.
This is when you have your chance!!

     apothecary's shop "matsumotokiyoshi"

      sushi boats          donuts

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Kutsurogikan" 1F

30th July  rain  finally got some rain

"Kutsurogikan" 1F is convenience store and cafe and bakery area.
 convenience store         cafe
       cafe            bakery

       cafe             cafe

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Torendokan"

29th July  cloudiness  The precipitation is forecast?

"Torendokan" is fashion and book area in large part.
      fashion          Kimono

     cosmetic           book

       cafe          Doutor Coffee

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Fureaikan"

28th July  shine  have a long spell of hot weather

"Fureaikan" is in Kanazawa station.
And, there is *information center *post office *ATM *automatic locker *cell-phone *cleaner *DPE *contact lens... there.

   MAPLE HOUSE        capricciosa
       (cafe)          (western food)

   german bakery       information center

     cleaner             DPE

     contact lens        cell-phone

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Omiyagekan"

27th July  shine  day of real summer heat

"Kanazawahyakubangai" is in kanazawa station.
And, it consists of five zones, "Ajiwaikan" "Omiyagekan" " kutsurogikan" "Torendokan" "fureaikan".
The restaurant in "Omiyagekan".

     kagaya            saikaro     
    (Japanese food)          (Chinese food)

   rokubeizushi          tumitei
        (sushi)             (Japanese food)

     sakanaya       kanazawamaimonzushi
   (Japanese food)             (sushi)

      Ginrei           yamasan   
   (western food)           (Japanese food)

    sanraizu        kanazawa chitose coffee
   (western food)             (coffee house)

Food mall at Kanazawa station "Ajiwaikan"

25th July  shine  fine day

The "Ajiwaikan" of Kanazawa station is located at 4 minutes on foot from shibaya.
      otafuku          budonoki    
   (noodle/udon,soba)         (pasta,cake)

      lion            wakura
(BEER RESTAURANT)  (deep-fried breaded pork "tonkatsu") 

     kuroyuri         kaimeiken
    (oden/izakaya)         (Western diet)

  hachibanmenya        McDonald's 
  (ramen,dumpling)           (burger)

Restaurant near Shibaya "PORTE"

22nd July  fine  hot! hot! hot!

The hotel nikko kanazawa is located at 2 minutes on foot from shibaya.
There are eight restaurants in the first basement of this hotel.
All these restaurants are reasonable prices.
STORE HOURS. 11:00AM-23:00PM


      saizeria          umaimon
     (pasta,pizza)         (sushi,noodle/udon,soba)

     genpachi            kaga
   (ramen,dumpling)        (coffee,sandwich)

    hatsucyoya         danmaya
  (Izakaya/local sake)          (Izakaya)

     iwashiya         ginnokoban
    (Izakaya/oden)           (Izakaya)


Mont-bell shop

21st July  shine  oppressive heat


Mont-bell-shop is located at 2 minutes on foot from Shibaya.

It is located on the first floor of a rifare-building.
It seems to be able to buy cheaplyer than the shop in Europe.

Japanese facecloth " tenugui"

3rd July  rain  steady rain

This is a tenugui shop that is in the close vicinity of Shibaya.

A tenugui is a piece of dyed cotton cloth, about 35 centimeters by 90 centimeters.
Tenugui have always been very useful.
You can wipe your hands on a tenugui and wash your body with one and also cover your head with one.
People sometimes give tenugui as gifts at the New Year or when they move.
Let's take a look at this shop!

"sushi" vinegared rice topped with raw fish

12th January  rain  Forecast of rainy day all the way through.



  "Sushi Tora": Today's lunch had a lunch here.
This shop is located next to Shibaya.
The lunch of 6 Nigiri Sushi and seaweed-wrapped rolls,cooked dish and miso soup is 800 yen.
This is recommended!!

And,You can eat Kanazawa's local specialties "Jjbuni" at 1,000 yen.

beef barbecue restaurant

2nd December  shine  stay fine for a week or more


      Delicious and Heavy Lunch  700yen

There is a good smell coming from window at the lunch time.
It is smell of the grilled meat shop that is on the back side of Shibaya.
I am invited to that smell and visiting it many times.
This shop roasts meat the old way.
"Korean-style grilled beef" 



Kanazawa Shibaya

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