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at home at Ryokan Shibaya (3 minutes walk from the JR Kanazawa Station)

Green leaf in Kanazawa

2:00PM 8th May Sunny

Many guests visited Shibaya during Golden Week and we got too busy.
We finally returned to normal!

Kanazawa is the season of a beautiful green leaf now.


Vacancy room availability for the Golden Week holiday

3:00PM 24th April Sunny

  April 27th 3rooms vacant
   28th × No vacant room
   29th 2rooms vacant
   30th ×
  May 1st 1room vacant
   2nd 1room vacant
    3rd ×
   4th ×
   5th ×
Applications and Inquiries: info_e@ryokanshibaya.com


emergency box

2:00PM 17th April Cloudy

This is Shibaya's an emergency box.
In case you feel sick in our Ryokan, we are ready.
thermometer,headache medicine,stomach medicine,vulnerary,ointment ・・・
Please do not hesitate to ask.


elevator hall

11:00AM 26th March Sunny

This is Shibaya's elevator hall.


new mouse

1:30PM 9th February Snow

I bought a new mouse today.
This mouse feels good for the price! (498YEN)


Hina-matsuri dolls

1:30PM 8th February Sunny

We displayed Hina-matsuri dolls.
These dolls represent the Emperor, Empress, and the court ladies.


Japanese Bath

12:30PM 31th January Cloudy

There is snow on the spot garden of the Shibaya's bath.
The snow is falling lightly now, and it looks so pretty.



3:00PM 20th January Sunny

We just bought a new printer.
Finally, software of printer has been set up.
Way to go!!  We can alsocopy and scan with this printer.



2:00PM 3rd January Cloudy

We placed luck on the altar to wish for the safety of our families and success in business.


merry Christmas

2:00PM 24th December Snow

       I wish you a merry Christmas.


parking space

2:00PM 27th November Sunny

You can park on the first floor of the shibaya's building.
Of course bikes and bicycles also can park.
And it has a roof, so you don't get wet in it even on rainy days, snow days.
"HEAD CLEARANCE 230 meters"



2:30PM 20th November Rainy

The rice of Shibaya is KOSHIHIKARI from Ishikawa Prefecture.
My cousin has been making it.



8:30AM 26th October Rainy

It has become noticeably colder.
We turn on the heaters from morning.


decorative Japanese cord made from twisted paper

3:ooPM 17th October Cloudy

Mizuhiki is a decorative cord that is tied around the gift or an envelope in Japan.
I made dragonfly art with it.


space food

9:00AM 6th October Sunny

We received souvenirs from Nasa.
So, what Would Space Food Taste Like?
Chocolate snack was dissolve on our tongue and strawberry had a strong acid taste.


vending machine

1:30PM 21st September rainy

There are many vending machines in Japan.
All over Japan, you can find it.
Sibaya has also the vending machine of alcohol and refreshing drinks.
Is Japan the only country with this many vending machines?



kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Kyoto
8:00AM 9th August Sunny

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Kyoto
It's time for fireworks!
We set off fireworks in front of Shibaya.


glass wind-chime

11:00AM 2nd August Sunny

I made a glass wind-chime called Furin in Japan.



2:00PM 16th July Suny (city hall)

In Shibaya, every guest room has its own refrigerator.
It's useful for hot summer.


Shibaya entrance

8:00AM 15th July Sunny

This is sight entering the eye, when you come from Kanazawa station.


appearance of shibaya

1:30PM 13th July Sunny

The front face road width of Shibaya is about five meters.
This photograph was taken from parking area across the street.


happy occasion

12:30PM 11th July Suny

The many children always gather at SHIBAYA.
It's from their childhood.
And it's happy occasion for me!


Japanese apricot fruits

2:00PM 24th June cloudy

In the Shibaya's entrance, smell the sweet smell of Japanese apricot.
Umeboshi of Japanese traditional preserved food is made from this Japanese apricot fruits.



1:30PM 22nd June sunny

We cleaned the bath with bath industry.
Cleaning the ceiling was an arduous task that took hours.
But, we have to forestall mold on the bath during the rainy season.



6:30PM 8th June suny
In front of shibaya, there is coin-operated parking.

The apartment of the twelve floors above ground is constructed there.
The construction for it starts on September 1st 2011, and will be completed in September 30th 2012.

New Homepage

11:00AM 7th June suny

Thank you for prompt comment about New Homepage.
We will correct it whenever possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with comment or suggestions you may have regarding New Homepage.

conversational English

1:00PM 1st June rainy

I taked lessons in conversational English of Kanazawa city hotel inn union today.
I have difficulty remembering English.
How can I improve my spoken English?!

"chochin" paper lantern

11:30AM 26th May cloudy

We started preparations for Hyakumangoku Matsuri of the Kanazawa city.
(3rd,4th,5th Jun)


2:30AM 21st May sunny

In Kanazawa, the rainy season usually lasts for about one month from mid June.
We started preparation for the rainy season.
I think that cleaning is the most common way used to protect human body from humidity.

paid seats ticket

11:30AM 20th May sunny

The paid seats tickets of Hyakumangoku Parade(2500yen) is very popular,
and remains is running out.

Hurry! Supplies are limited so act now!

Special Offer   3rd, 4th Jun ONLY! 
    Bed + Ticket    4800 yen per person per night
    Twin bed for 2 people use or One Semi-double bed for 2 people use
                            "paid seats tickets"  


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