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JR expressway bus

2:30PM 11th May Cloudy

Kanazawa ⇔ Osaka  JR expressway bus


beginning of the Golden Week holiday

9:30Am 28th April Sunny

It is a beginning of the Golden Week holiday!


Golden Week

2:00PM 21st April Cloudy

After cherry-blossom viewing ends, Japanese people's concern changes to Golden Week.
The Golden Week is a group of national holidays in Japan, beginning with April 28 and ending with May 6 2012.
It is expected that accommodations will be very crowded.



12:30PM 7th February Rainy

Kanazawa Sta. (East Exit) Bus Ticket Center

Reservation for buses going to Shirakawago and Takayama is required, you can buy it here.



Hokuriku expressway

10:30 AM 4th January Snow

This is today's Hokuriku expressway.
The cars need studless tires in snowy conditions.

Christmas illumination

3:00PM 11th December Rainy

Christmas illuminations decorate shopping centers.
And the Christmas mood envelops the nation almost.


New year's goods

2:30PM 24th November Rainny

New year's goods already on sale.
Isn't it early?

New year is only just around the corner.


Couple's Day

4:00PM 22nd November Sunny

Do you know that 22nd November is couple's Day?



kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
1:30PM 11th November Rainy

Today is 2011.11.11.
It's unusual that six 1s are located in a line.
It's said to be the phenomenon in a century.


the first day of winter "Ritto"

2:00PM 8th November Sunny

Today is the first day of winter called Ritto in Japan.
However, It was a bright and sunny day today.
Winter continues from today to the day before the spring season(Lichun).


"SHUNDERBIRD" Japan Rail Pass

1:00PM 18th October Sunny

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
"SHUNDERBIRD" is limited express train service operating between Kansai(Osaka・Kyoto) and Hokuriku(Kanazawa・Toyama・Wakura-onsen).
If you go to Kanazawa from Osaka or Kyoto, simply take this express train.
Thunderbird runs 22 round trips a day, and it takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to Kanazawa.
This train is fully covered by Japan Rail Pass.


Free to Japan!

10:00AM 10th October Sunny

The Japan Tourism Agency nailed down a policy which will invite 10,000 general foreign tourists free of charge(travel expenses) to Japan in 2012.

It's a marvelous opportunity!
I will let you know as soon as I get details.


three-day weekend

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
7:30AM 8th October Sunny

The weather will be fine during this period.
The three-day weekend started today.
Have a nice three-day weekend!


fine autumn weather

1:00PM 3rd October Sunny

Today was cool and moderate autumn weather.
In Japan, Autumn is...
*Autumn, a popular time for sports
*Autumn, a nice time to read books
*Autumn, a season for storong appetites
That said.


Three-day weekends

12:30PM 22nd September Rainy

Three-day weekends will start tomorrow.
It is expected that public transportation will be crowded.
Please have a safe trip!


North Korean escapee

3:00PM 14th September Sunny

The North Korean escapee arrived at the port of Kanazawa.
By this little wooden ship...


harvest moon

2:30PM 12th September Sunny

Today is called "cyusyu no meigetsu" in Japan.
We celebrate the harvest moon with some rice dumplings.
In Japan, we were told that a rabbit live on the moon when we were child.
What about your country?


typhoon No.12

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
5:00PM 2nd September Rainy

A typhoon is on its way to Japan!
Please give attention to the path of a typhoon if guests are supposed to come tomorrow.



Loach Prime Minister

2:ooPM 30th August Sunny

Japan has a new prime minister.
He named oneself "Loach Prime Minister".

It's a quiet but rebuild ordinary people's lives being covered with mud.
Do not forget Fukushima.
Political views was declared.


Cucurbita pepo

3:00PM 23rd August Cloudy

What are these?
These are pumpkin for ornamental purposes.
Another name it is known by is "Toy pumpkin".


Winter Cherry

12:00PM 20th August Cloudy

Winter cherries are one of the summer feature in Japan.


Heat Disorder

5:00PM 15th August Sunny

The lingering summer heat is still intense.
A lot of people are transported to the hospital by Heat Disorder in Japan.
We must take care to Heat Disorder.


Obon season

4:00PM 13th August Sunny

From August 13th to the 16th is Japan's Obon season.
Transportation and lodging facilities are jam-packed.
Please have a safe trip!


high school baseball tourney

10:30AM 4th August Sunny

The annual high school baseball tourney will be held at Koshien Stadium from August 6th.
The hanging display to root for the local baseball team is in the town.


Electric cable

11:00AM 28th July Cloudy

Why is Japan full of an electric cables?
Electric cables are not buried beneath the streets of most city in Japan.
Hmm. Is not beautiful!



8:30AM 7th July Rainy

It was steady rain today.
The plant grows up steadily and the potential vitality is felt.



11:00AM 6th June Sunny
The Japanese government has appealed for people to save electricity.
The many companies are already working on ways to saving electricity of 15%.
Shibaya is running business as usual and we don't feel any inconveniences.
However, we are asking guests to eliminate an unnecessary electricity.
Thank you for your corporation!



8:20AM 4th July rainy

When a Japanese person says "rainy season," we thinks "hydrangeas".
You can find hydrangeas quite a few in town at this time.


pyrethrum coil

2:00PM 23rd June Sunny

Japanese pyrethrum coil is called Katorisenkou.
The Katorisenkou used to be a common sight in the Japanese summer (my childhood).
But, nowadays you almost never see that anymore.
I think that it caused phenomenon by the introduction of air-conditioners.


Japanese Chess (Shogi)

3:00PM 31st May cloudy

Japanese Chess (Shogi) was played in Japan in the modern form about 500 years ago.
Japanese Chess differs from other chess variants.
The difference is that players can reuse captured pieces as their own.
Have you ever played Shogi?
Please enjoy Shogi at Shibaya!

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