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Would you like some mugi-cha?

2:00PM 1st June Sunny

Roasted barley tea is a caffeine-free tea made from barley called mugi-cha in Japan.
And cold mugi-cha is popular summer drink.


wrapping paper

1:00PM 27th April Sunny

This Japanese cake is indeed very delicious,
but the wrapping paper is also very beautiful.



compromise between East and West

3:30PM 22nd April Rainy

These sweets are the things of Fukuoka Prefecture.
It creates an atmosphere for mixture of East and West.


Hachi-ban Ramen

9:00AM 9th April Sunny

This is vegetable ramen noodle of "Hachi-ban Ramen"shop.
"Hachi-ban Ramen" is a popular Noodle Shop in Hokuriku region.
Taste try this! yum-yum!


Baum kuchen of Kanazawa

3:00PM 25th March Rainy

This Baum kuchen expresses the trees of Kanazawa city.



10:00AM 18th March Rainy

"Furikake" is a dried mixed seasoning sprinkled over rice for added flavor.
This variety is simple and delicious.


English muffin

11:00AM 8th March Cloudy

This English muffin is cheap and tastes good!
You can find this bread quite a few in Japanese supermarkets.
The cost about 150 yen four-a pack.
Please taste try this! 


Bon Vivant in Yokohama

2:00PM 2nd March Rainy

These are the breads of a bakery called Bon Vivant in Yokohama.
I love bread more than anything!


sakura mochi (cherry flavored soft sweet rice cake)

12:30PM 1st March Sunny

In Kanazawa, there is a 380-year-old store called the Morihachi that boasts of delicious Japanese sweets.

This is Japanese sweets called Sakura-mochi of spring season in this shop.
Sakura-mochi are a moist-type of sweet wrapped in salted cherry leaves.
I keep my eyes peeled for it!


dried bread-like pieces of wheat gluten

1:00PM 19th January Cloudy

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
This is popular souvenirs in Kanazawa.
"Fu", bread-like pieces of dried wheat gluten is very traditional Japanese food.


Bakery Kanazawa

10:30AM 11th January Rainy

This is a bakery called "Native & Nature’s Market Place Bakery".
Though there are many kinds of bread at this bakery, I like baguette bread the most.


trattoria la cala (Fukui City) 

2:30PM 8th January Sunny

We forgot to get pictures of dishes.

Because it's delicious and we focused on eating!




9:00AM 27th December Sunny

This Le TAO's cheesecake is one of the representative sweets of Hokkaido.
It was what I would like to eat for a long time!
I could enjoy their deliciously natural sweet and creamy taste.
Thank you Mr.t.


Baguette and Rillettes

11:00AM 1st December Rainy

These are the bread of a baker called "Native & Nature's Market Place Bakery" in Kanazawa city.
Baguette is best!

with Rillettes on...
Mmm, it's great!    C'est bon ♪



2:30PM 18th November Cloudy

These are the bread of a baker called FAUCHON of a Nihonbashi Takashimaya department store.
I like danish dough which have added chestnuts cream.


Imperial Hotel "Gargantua"

2:00PM 24th October Cloudy

Geographically and pricewise speaking, We can't eat the bread of Imperial Hotel "Gargantua".
*blueberry of delicate sweet taste

*chestnut of moist sweet taste
*orange of fresh sweet taste
*cinnamon of the refined sweet taste
I have a weakness for breads and sweets.



1:00PM 12th October Sunny

"ROKKATEI" is representative confectionery store of Hokkaido.
I especially like the "MARUSEI butter sand" one can find here.


soft serve ice cream

1:00PM 29th August Sunny

I ate a soft serve ice cream because the late summer heat was intense today.
There are gold leaf on top of it.
The gold leaf doesn't taste but I seem to me like beautiful.
Gold leaf is used in a number of different fields including screen making, cuisine containers and edible use and cosmetics and all.


retort curry

11:30AM 12th July Suny


Retort curry sauce is very popular in Japan because it is very easy to cook and tastes good.
And You can buy it at supermarkets or convenience stores.
Just putting it into boiled water and pour it on rice five minutes later. It's ready!
If you take one's retort curry, you can eat it in Shibaya.



8:00AM 1st July Sunny

On 1st July, the people of Kanazawa eat "himuro manju" in celebration of the health of the family.
In red bean paste, there are smooth bean paste "koshian" and mashed bean paste "tsubuan".
I like "koshian" than "tsubuan".
I love it, because himuro-manju include "koshian".



1:00PM 26th June cloudy

This pasta has a funny shape!
This is in-process mistake?


snack time

15:30PM 13th June cloudy

Ankoro is a traditional Japanese cake consisting of mochi covered with red bean paste.
It's wrapped in bamboo leaf and priced at 350 yen per package.
It's sold at Kanazawa station and is my recommendation!

Japanese confectionery "kintsuba"

3:30PM 11th June sunny

Kanazawa traditional sweets "Kintsuba" is made from azuki beans(red beans) and shape is perfect square.
If you have a sweet tooth, taste try this!

noodle shop

11:30AM 10th June cloudy

The Sanuki udon noodle shops are now spreading all over Japan.
It's cheap and tastes good!
The noodle is priced at 280-480yen.

The tempura is priced at 80-180yen.
If you find this noodle shops, don't hesitate to try it.

Sauce Katsudon

11:00AM 4th May shine

This is called "Sauce Katsudon".
Sauce Katsudon is the one served with special sauce that is Japanese brown sauce based.
About this dish, sauce means "Japanese brown sauce" like Bull-dog sauce or Otafuku sauce.

Japanese cake of Kyoto

2:00PM 18th April shine

I got souvenir"yatsuhashi" from a friend, who visited Kyoto.
Yatsuhashi is one of the most popular Japanese cake in Japan.

ramen shop

11:00AM 11th April rain

The well-worn track that the Japanese orders in the ramen shop is the ramen, and meat dumplings and fried rice.
The rich soup is a feature of this ramen

Italian restaurant

6th March  cloudy  a chill climate 


I recommend this Italian restaurant in Kanazawa.
This is very established lunch dishes.
My son is speaking very highly of this shop!

peel of burdock

22nd February  shine  warmth of spring

What is placed on top of this plate?
It's peel of burdock.
It was so yummy!!


Tokyo Asakusa Angelus

2nd February  shine  It's 5 degrees Celsius now.

This is the cake of the famous shop in Asakusa(Tokyo) called "Angelus".
We ate this cake for a snack.
The children were greatly pleased and scarfed it down!

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