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This is a snack to go with beer.

8:00AM 28th May Rainy

My daughter made snack to go with beer to me.
Look too good to eat!


introverted personality

11:30AM 18th April Sunny

My son is speaking with guest!!!
I was stunned by this sight.
Because he is introverted personality, and I had never seen that he is speaking with guests before.


arrive from United Kingdom

2:00PM 8th April Sunny

He came back safe and sound from London today.
I'm grateful to you who supported him.


entrance ceremony

9:30AM 7th April Snow

I attended my child's entrance ceremony of high school.
"Let's make your high school life meaningful!"


party for starting school

11:00AM 5th April Sunny

The party for starting school was held.
They are the classmates from a nursery school.


Ishikawa prefecture Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre

1:00PM 4th April Cloudy

I went to the department of motor vehicles to renew my driver's license today.
Next renewal is five years later.
I want to be able to drive again until then.

London life

3:30PM 2nd April Sunny

Dear old-Hideki, Mitsuharu, Eri, Shiori, Chisa,
Excuse us for the inconvenience.
Thanks to your help, my son is enjoying his London life.
I leave him in your hands for a few days left.


nippon tatami

3:00PM 31st March Rainy

Tatami are thick mats made of rice straw and they are used to cover the floor in Japanese rooms.
Japanese people often lie on the tatami and relax!
If you are coming to Japan, We would like you to experience tatami.


Kanazawa local television network

9:00AM 29th March Sunny

They were filmed for a special program on a Kanazawa local television network.
This was first experience for them.
And, that caused a lot of tension.



12:30PM 22nd March

She got an inoculation of cervical cancer.
This was the 3rd time and finished!


busy month

11:30AM 20th March Cloudy

March is a busy month.
The years go so quickly!
such as: *final return, *graduation and fit for school, *my parents anniversary, *my son's birthday, *my birthday...
...and it's also the beginning of Spring!


commemorative photo

10:30AM 15th March Sunny

We took a commemorative photo.
We wish We will be happy forever!
Father:79 year-old, Mother:77 year-old, I:51 year-old, Son:16 year-old, Daughter:15 year-old


girls-only gathering

11:00AM 13th March Cloudy

They enjoyed talking, drinking, taking photos and so on.
There were only girls.
We call such gathering "jyoshikai" in Japanese.

prayer for schoolwork success

8:30AM 11th March Sunny

My nephew who goes on to university and my daughter who goes on to high school.
We visited to the shrine and did prayer for schoolwork success.


graduation ceremony

3:00PM 10th March Cloudy

March in Japan is the season of graduation ceremonies.
I attended my daughter's graduation ceremony.


white makeup

8:00AM 4th March Sunny

My daughter did white makeup for the first time.
It was made white-makeup not only at her face, but from arms and back.

She put on rouge her lips, and wear costumes, and it is done!



3:00PM 25th February Cloudy

My daughter is writing the likeness for classbook!


Japanese dance recital

10:00AM 19th February Sunny

My daughter danced at Japanese dance recital.


Saturday Cooking

9:30AM 18th February Sunny




1:00PM 30th January Sunny

I'm glad that you guys came!
This will be part of being young...


snow shoveling

2:00PM 26th January Sunny

Kanazawa city got 27 centimeters of snow.
We are clearing the road of snow.



3:30PM 24th January Sunny

My son's classmates came over unexpectedly!


What a relief!

2:00PM 17th January Cloudy

My daughter found the high school which commutes from this spring.
What a relief!
Now, she is enjoying cooking.



4:00PM 13th January Rainny

This year as well, the calligraphy of schoolchildren is offered in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.


pastry chef

10:30AM 6th January Cloudy

This is the sweets that my daughter made.
She has dreams of becoming a pastry chef !?


living room

4:00PM 5th January cloudy

This is Scenes from living room (Japanese-style).
Everyone are lying on the Tatami mats and watching TV.
What do you think about this?


first calligraphy of the year

11:00AM 2nd January Cloudy

"Kakizome" is the first calligraphy writing of the New Year.
We write auspicious words with a brush.


New Year's Day

1:00PM 1st January Cloudy

Wishing you a happy new year!
I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.


New Year dishes

4:30PM 31st December Sunny

She was busy getting ready for New Year dishes.
kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
It's ready!


New Year's card

2:00PM 28th December Sunny

My mother was writing New Year's cards all day.


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