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go to mountain stream fishing

1:00PM 20th May Sunny

Guests went to mountain stream fishing.
They fished Japanese char, Japanese dace and rainbow trout!


grilled meat on a electric hot plate!

2:00PM 19th May Sunny

We enjoyed grilled meat on a electric hot plate tonight!


bamboo shoot

2:00PM 25th April Sunny

This is simmered fresh bamboo shoot.
This treat is available from now to May only, when bamboo shoot is in season.


Japanese radish and pork

4:00PM 27th February Cloudy

This is simmered dishes of Japanese radish and pork.
It takes a whole day to making this.


hydroponic cultivation

kanazawa Ryokan Onsen Inn Samurai ninjya geisya cheap Youth-Hostel Guest-House pension Long-stay
3:00PM 26th February Snow

Sugar Pea Vine and Kinjiso of Kaga vegetables
The sprouts are growing from the left-over roots.


Gyoza (pot-sticker)

10:00AM 22nd February Sunny

My lunch was Gyoza (pot-sticker) today .
There are pot-sticker, boiled dumplings, Steamed dumplings and fried dumplings in Gyoza.
I like pot sticker the most!


Valentine's Day

11:30AM 14th February Cloudy

Happy Valentine's Day!


chocolate out of courtesy

4:00PM 12th February Sunny

We were virtually ready for Valentine's Day!


chocolate cake

2:00PM 5th February Cloudy

My daughter made the chocolate cake using French cuisine chef's recipe.


oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture

2:00PM 2nd February Sunny

I received the oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture.
We cooked in basil sauce, and miso flavors ♪


Ten-seconds Cooking

10:30AM 27th January Sunny

This is simple and delicious Chinese Shrimp Crackers.
Ten-seconds and done!


ginkgo nut "ginnan"

2:30PM 3rd December Rainy

Do you know we Japanese eat "ginnan", the nut of the ginkgo?
Do you eat them in your country as well?
This is rice cooked with ginnan.


red pepper

11:00AM 29th November Sunny

We dried red pepper in the shade.
This is older method of preserving.


Japanese-style breakfast

10:30AM 14th November Sunny

This is Japanese-style breakfast this morning.
Let's do our best today!


Japanese pickles

4:45PM 10th November Sunny

Speaking of winter, it's Japanese pickles!
I made Japanese pickles of radishes and turnips today.

The Japanese radishes are 5 days and done.

The turnips are half a day and done.


Mabo tofu souse bowl

8:00AM 20th September Rainy

"Mabo tofu souse bowl" is one of Japanese rice-bowl cuisine.
This is guest's order of tonight.
Soy-Grilled Buri Kama (Yellowtail Collar) and salad are throw-in for you.


white aubergine

12:30PM 11th August Sunny

The white aubergines is called “Shiro Nasu”in Japan.
The white colour is due to the absence of Nathnin.
We ate it as "dengaku"(eggplants with miso).
Will get very soft upon cooking and you can enjoy their deliciously natural sweet and creamy taste.


nourishing food

11:30AM 29th July Cloudy

This is nourishing food of summer.
That settles it!


abalone of Wajima

1:30PM 27th July Cloudy

This abalone was captured by the professional woman divers(ama) of Wajima(Noto Peninsula).
They are a delicious shellfish with a sweet fragrance, a mellow, sweetness and nice texture.
We can accept order of this abalone.
Try the taste!


Chūkadon (bowl of rice with a chop-suey-like mixture on it)

13:00PM 14th June suny

Chūkadon has become an important part of Japanese rice-bowl cuisine(donburi).
It consists of a bowl of rice with stir-fried vegetables, mushrooms, and thin slices of meat on top.
Would you like some shibaya's Chūkadon?!

tofu in spicy Chinese sauce

10:30AM 19th May sunny

This is "Mabo Tofu" tofu in spicy Chinese sauce of a big serving of rice.
You can get it at the Shibaya for an affordable price!

bean-starch vermicelli soup

10:45AM 4th April shine

I made bean-starch vermicelli soup, because it was sunny but cold today.

Isaza from Noto

11:00AM 3rd April shine

This is Gymnogobius isaza.
Isaza is to be swallowed whole, not chewed.

Swallow the whole thing! Don't spit it out!

Oyster from Noto

11:30AM 2nd April cloudy

The oyster of boxful received from Noto.

My son is oyster shucker!?

The texture is really freshly.
kanazawa Ryokan Inn Kenrokuen ninjya Higashicyaya cheap Takayama Shirakawago Matsumoto
The fried oysters are ready. Ole!

frit rice cake

24th March  cloudiness  chilly morning

This is a very popular meal at Shibaya called Agemochi.

Kurumadai - Kuruma sea bream

18th March  shine  a peaceful day

The sliced raw fish "sasimi" of tonight is Kuruma sea bream.
Fresh sea bream has been served as sashimi in Kanazawa city.
Don't you want to try this?

Lepidotrigla microptera Gunther

11th March  snow  
A 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific side of the archipelago on today!
A large earthquake generating tsunamis that causes great damage to a wide range of coastal areas.
Mr. Eugeni, Thank you for your concern. We are OK.

The fish of tonight is Lepidotrigla microptera Gunther "kanagashira".
This fish might look grotesque, but white-fleshed fish and plain.
This fish has many spiny and it was a lot of work making clean fish.


4th March  mixture of snow and rain


The watercress arrived from Okinawa.
I sauted it in some butter with Balsamico Suu.
Sweeter tastes, and convenient to eat, and very delicious!


23rd February  shine  The mercury reached 17 degrees.

This is breakfast menu in this morning.
The fare is 800 yen.
Please enjoy taste of Kanazawa!

Meat Day

9th February  rain  We have a chance of snow.

Today, February 9th is day of meat in Japan.
NI means 2, February
KU means 9, day number 9 of the month
NIKU also means MEAT in Japanese. 
Therefore, dinner of tonight is this!

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